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The Graveyard Book

Was what I've finished in one sitting yesterday. This is my first Neil Gaiman book and I was expecting more angst, more dystopian elements but I didn't realise that the book I was holding was probably a book tailored for the younger audience. Which is fine, because I love this book(:

Neil Gaiman's writing style fits my liking and while I'm never one who believes in good introductions (I mean, how many good books you know actually have good introductions? That's just a theory but not many acclaimed books can actually hook the readers in within that first two pages, whom everyone claimed is the most important part of a story ), the Graveyard Book opens with a man called Jack who killed three members of a family and he couldn't wait to kill the last member — the toddler. 

Now, that's what I call a good introduction with its fishing line, bait and hook all ready. 

It's all about a boy called Nobody Owens who grew up in a graveyard with ghosts for parents and friends, and he had a guardian called Silas. He really wanted to step out of the graveyard to discover his own world but a man called Jack would kill him if he did so. 

What I like about this book is that even though the story elements are probably for children, it aint a happy ending per se. I would think it's more a bittersweet ending, which you will understand if you read it. 

Sigh, I abhor turning the last page of my favourite stories. 


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