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LADY~Saigo No Hanzai Profile~

Based on my limited understanding of Japanese, that meant the profile of the last criminal/suspect. Or something. 

Yep so this is Kitagawa Keiko!

This drama gave me creeps for a couple of days because the criminals are just damn pyschotic. I can't believe I cried over one of the psychotic cases   Some of the pyschos are actually portrayed in such a pitiful manner that I was kinda touched. Okay, actually only one. There was this pyscho who killed three people because he believed that their blood would bring his dead girlfriend to life again, and I don't know, his grief (oh wait, this is wayyy beyond grief) and his love for his lover combined with how Kazuki (Kitagawa Keiko's role) managed to get him relinquished his hold on the dagger was sad and touching. 

I'm currently on Episode 6, but this drama is taken a bit slowly because I can't really bring myself to watch this in the wee hours. Am not afraid of ghosts, but give me pyschotic killers any time, and I will run screaming faster than you can imagine. I mean, admit it, how many of you guys pull open your bathroom curtain expecting to see a killer there? Hah, caught ya. Lol. 

I wouldn't say that this drama is excellent. I'm one for good characterisation, but for this drama, its plot is more interesting than its characters, which doesn't work as well for me…because you fangirl over characters right? I mean who fangirls over pyschotic killers seriously. But it's definitely a good watch, with its fair share of pyscho-ness and killers and dead girls. Hey, it just occured to me — why are all the victims girls hmm. 


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