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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 9 Recap

This is by far my favourite-est episode of Hana Kimi (pardon my poor English, it seems like it's the best word to describe this episode)We have loads of moments where there are determined smiles, nods, and very nice speeches:D

Sano stormed out of the school before he let out a frustrated expression, "How could I have said those things to her?" Nakatsu told Mizuki that he knew she liked Sano. He had always noticed Mizuki and that was why he could tell, but whenever she's sad, it's always because of Sano. Nakatsu turned Mizuki towards him and he asked, "Can't I do?" Mizuki replied, "But towards Nakatsu…" The words along the lines like -I have no feelings towards you- hung in the air, unspoken. Nakatsu smiled and said, "I see" before walking off, but he turned around and while trying to contain his tears, he said, "Let me continue liking you for just a little while more. To become back to friends, I will need a little time." 

He smiled (forcefully) and left. Mizuki looked at his back with tears. Nakatsu leaned on the wall when Kayashima returned and saw him. He said that he got rejected and Kayashima replied with a simple, "I see." Nakatsu left to vent his frustrations near the track when he realised that Sano was sitting there as well. Sano asked what he's doing there, and Nakatsu returned the question. "I quarrelled with him again." Sano said and Nakatsu told him to just say the truth. 

Sano looked at him, before confessing, "I like." (Note: In Japanese, you don't actually need to write the pronoun for the person to say I like him/her, so it was possible for Sano to say that he likes Mizuki without mentioning the gender…and thus the translation sounded a bit weird.) Nakatsu nodded, "I know."

Kayashima, the ever nice guy, gave Mizuki a drink and Mizuki said that it's her fault for not realising people's feelings, thus hurting both Nakatsu's feelings and Sano's. 

Kayashima told her that people carry spikes, and even when they tried to get near each other, they would hurt each other, thus they could only care from the side…"It's no one's fault." The next day, Mizuki carried her gym bag and motivated herself. Nakatsu steeled himself to be strong again and told Kayashima, "I didn't cry yesterday!" They entered the common hall and Nakao told them that Mizuki slept in his room the day before. Both Nakatsu and Sano looked thoughtful. 

Mizuki ran along the track before disappearing into the equipment room with her clothes. Looking around and finding no one, she started changing her clothes. The camera zoomed out to show someone looking at her back view. Oh oh. 

The students gathered and they realised that even the petition they had collected didn't seem to have moved the directors. One of the students realised that they still had a triumph card — if Sano won the high jump competition. 

Sano left the discussion because he didn't believe that he could win. The creepy director (the female) got Umeda to massage her limbs while she said that she didn't think that those students could have been so determined. Umeda replied that it's because of her and her statement that if they didn't want them to shut the school down, they would need to show them results. The creepy director replied in a deadpanned manner that that wasn't what she meant, "I want the students to do something for themselves, and not for the adults. I wanted to see children who don't welcome adults."

Oh.my.god. This woman is just plain creepy!!!!!!! Ahhh.

At one of the practice sessions, Sano jumped over the pole and his dad told him that he could try with 5cm higher, but if he continued the way he was, Sano would never beat Kagurazaka. Sano walked off without saying anything. One of the students came to tell Sekime of a new rumour circulating the school — that there's a girl in their school because someone saw a girl changing in the room. This was said so loudly that a couple of students from another school heard it. See guys, this is why you should never discuss your secrets in the open! Walls have ears, you know? 

The St.Blossom girls came because Kanna wanted to pass Tennoji her handmade amulet. They ran into Mizuki and Juri explained that  "When you care for someone, you will make an amulet personally for that person to wish him/her –" Her speech was interrupted when Mizuki stepped forward and looked at Kanna's amulet with interest. Juri narrowed her eyes. 

Thus, Mizuki decided to sew an amulet for Sano, and Nakao sighed while doing his amulet for Namba, that he didn't want to see Namba-senpai's education halted before he even graduated, and that's why he wanted the school to stay. He realised that Mizuk wasn't listening and he went to her side, asking her whose amulet she's making for. Upon learning that it's Sano's, Nakao asked why she sewed "Health" instead of "Victory" and Mizuki replied that she didn't want to give him stress. Nakatsu came in wanting to know what they were doing and Mizuki instantaneously put the amulet on her lap beneath the table. Nakatsu pretended that he didn't see the jerky action and told her that she could return to her dorm that night.

The reporter asked Sano's dad to give a comment on Sano's performance, and even though he declined initially, he accepted the interview. Sano returned to his dorm and Mizuki was already sitting up there, welcoming him.

They apologised to each other for what they had said, and when Sano went to wash up, Mizuki clutched the amulet in her hands. Nakatsu lay on his bed and murmured, "I really want her to be happy, but realising that her happiness is in the hands of someone else, I — " He let out a strangled cry, saying that he's such a petty person. Kayashima looked at him and said that, "It's usually like this." Nakatsu looked back at him and said, "Kayashima" before sitting up. Hahaha Kayashima let out a panicked look, "Stop!" and took the bolster that Nakatsu was holding. "I can't stop!" and Nakatsu wanted to hug Kayashima, who warded him off with the bolster. Hahaha! I really like this Kayashima:) 

Oscar wanted his dorm people to sing Hallelujah to cheer Sano on but no one could sing it properly. Nakatsu shot up when he heard a female voice singing it perfectly — it's his mum. He clapped  

but stopped almost immediately, "What are you doing here!" His mum was here to take him back, but while he was almost convinced, one of his school mates came to say that the school was going to be torn down. Nakatsu ran off with his friends, after looking at his mum apologetically, "Sorry." His mum smiled acceptingly. Mizuki received a call from the reporter that Sano's dad had collapsed and she quickly told Sano, who was with Sekime. Sekime immediately ran off to hail a cab while Sano said that he couldn't go, "I've already broken all ties with him." "Who cares in this situation! A dad is a dad!" 

Sekime came running back in and pulled Sano to the cab. Mizuki ran after him and clutched his hand, saying, "I will pray for your father's health." Sano nodded and sat in the cab. It was only when he was inside and well on his way to the hospital, when he opened his clenched fist and looked at the amulet in his hand.

Nakatsu and the rest joined Namba senpai in putting a stop to the director's decision to tear the school down prematurely.

I love this scene. I'm suckers for scenes where everyone worked together for a common goal:P 

The director said that their attempts were futile and one of the cranes started moving. Nakatsu put himself in front of the crane and looked at the director, with a determined look in his eyes, "I will not budge from here." 

He promptly sat down. Tennoji joined him, followed by Oscar and Namba and soon the whole group of students sat themselves right in front of the crane.

Ah so cool! Suckers' moment number 2. 

The director knew that he couldn't do anything and he left, but even the students themselves knew that even if they had stopped it that day, the school would still be torn down in three days.

Sano was at the hospital with his brother and the reporter told him that his father told her, "Sano had a lot of potential that he hasn't reached yet, but if I tell him that, he will sure to rebel…what to do…?" She told him that his father said not to tell him what he'd said, and not to tell him that he'd fallen sick too, "So you must keep this a secret okay?" Sano nodded. The doctor came out to tell them it's a relapse, and both Sano and his brother realised that their father had collapsed before. The reporter decided to leave and Sano thanked her with a bow. She laughed and was very pleased, telling him that she's not only curious because she's a reporter, but it's also because, "I'm your fan!^^" Aww~ 

Sano entered the room and his father, who just woke up, told him to get back to practice. Sano said that he's a patient and he still said those things. Sano's dad laughed and pulled himself into a sitting position. He told them that he couldn't jump anymore after their mother died, and it was wrong of him to impose his dreams on his sons. "Even though I'm the one jumping over the pole, but having someone that you want to protect, you will jump over that pole for that person." Sano's dad looked at the amulet in Sano's hands and asked, "Do you have such a person by your side?" Sano looked thoughtful. 

When they left the room, Sano apologised to his brother for abandoning him. "It was because of you, that I could quarrel with Dad and leave the home at my own whims." Sano's brother started crying and said, "I used to really hate Brother."

Hey he looks fine for once!:O and wow this young actor can act quite well right in this scene(: 

Sano smiled and walked over to punch his shoulder, "You finally called me Brother." Sano's brother laughed and said that he couldn't give up. Even though he said that he wanted to leave at his prime to spite his dad, but he wouldn't now. In fact, "I would jump better than you." Sano smiled and said nonchantly, "You can try~" 

Sano looks cute haha!:P

Sano came back to tell the rest that he felt like he could jump successfully. 

One more smile! He suddenly looks so, I don't know, pleasant:P And more like a guy that I would crush on, as compared to Oguri Shun. 

Everyone all joined in this festive mood as they're happy that Sano was confident. Namba said that since Sano's putting in his effort, then the three of them should too. The next day, Nakatsu wanted to lead the students on a strike but the three leaders appeared in their white uniforms and said that they would do the necessary. Nakao passed his amulet to Namba who accepted it. As the three leaders walked cool-ly across the grass and towards the directors' office, Kayashima explained back in the school that the white uniforms represented the only student force that had enough authority to oppose the directors. 

"But it comes with a risk" The risk was that if the school faced with any scandal, the three who had staked their future, would have to be expelled. Mizuki looked pensive. 

The three directors were shocked to see the three leaders.

They look cool, I will give that to them.

They asked them just why on earth they were so fixated on the school, but Oscar said that it wasn't the school, and they weren't fixated on anything. Tennoji continued that they just wanted to do something for the students of the school, and Namba continued, "That's why we are staking our future." He looked straight into the director's eyes(who didn't look so creepy at that moment, phew) and said, "Please redraw your proposal for tearing down the school." The director smiled. 

And that's how the three leaders got their school back!:D 

As everyone celebrated, Namab motivated them that since now they'd their school secured, everyone should try hard at their areas. While everyone cheered, Sano and Mizuki exchanged smiles and nods, and Nakatsu watched with a faint smile. Later, Nakatsu told Sano that he had no intention of competing with him, "We have a common person that we both want to protect, that's all." Sano smiled and Nakatsu smiled too.

Back in the dorm, Sano thanked Mizuki, for if not for her, he wouldn't be able to get back on good terms with his dad and his brother. He asked Mizuki the meaning of the amulet, and Mizuki tried to evade the question at first, but in the end, she just said that it's merely an amulet. Sano turned her towards him.


Okay fine, I thought he was going to do something illegal, such as kissing Mizuki, but I let my thoughts run ahead of me. Of course, what Sano did was he looked sincerely at Mizuki and asked, "What do you think of me?" Mizuki stuttered a bit and replied that he's a friend to her. Sano smiled (somewhat sheepishly to me) and he went back to his bed while Mizuki headed back to her own bed. I mean hahaha come on, Sano, what else can she say to you? Since she doesn't know that you know that she's a girl, so it will seem weird for her to just say "I like you" when she will appear like a gay right~ Ooh how complicated. 

The next day, Juri came with her own amulet but she saw the one that Mizuki did for Sano. Sano saw her glance and rejected her amulet. Nakatsu smiled in approval and joked that Juri's amulet could be given to him instead. 

Sano headed over to the fields and Kagurazaka said that he's purely excited. He's envious that Sano could grow up with a father who could train him already, but he understood that Sano had his own problems as well.

Sano thanked him for it was Kagurazaka who made it possible for Sano to return to high jumping. Kagurazak said that he would not go easy on him just because he said that and Sano replied, "I accept the challenge." Kagurazaka smiled and replied, "That's exactly what I wanted." Sano smiled and walked off before Kagurazaka followed. Ah, I love these kind of moments, when enemies are kinda like friends too:P 

The director watched them from the stands, when 2 students from another school came up to him and said that they heard a rumour which was upsetting. Gah, mind your own business! 

The students were celebrating and Oscar insisted on using Hallelujah as the song to cheer Sano on. Everyone couldn't really follow with his dramatic piano playing and so Mizuki offered to find the CD of the song. While she went into another room, one student played a remix version of Hallelujah which everyone agreed was much better and immediately, the bunch of guys started on synchronised cheerleading moves and shouts. Lollll~~~ 

Mizuki climbed up a ladder to get the CD when she fell backwards. Looks familiar?? Yes that's the scene where the students found out that Mizuki was a girl in the previous Hana Kimi! She crashed to the floor admist the tapes and the box and Nakatsu heard the crash, which was kinda muffled by the loud remix music. He moved hesitantly towards the sound and was shocked to see Mizuki lying on the floor. He quickly rushed forward and felt that she had not enough air to breathe, so he started unbuttoning her shirt….and his fingers jerked to a stop when he saw a white material under another white singlet. 

Moving forward, he peered at the white material and felt it, before his eyes widened in shock as he realised that was a bra.

And he quickly snapped the folds of Mizuki's shirt together. 

-the end-

That was good isn't it! I really like the edit done to this scene. In the previous version, all the students found out that Mizuki was a girl and thus she sort of became an outcast, but here, we have only Nakatsu (and Sano way back in Episode…2?) who found out that she's a girl. Though it was kind of awkward that he leaned so close to look at Mizuki's uhm bra, the impact of the scene turned out very well…and I like it that he's the one who found out(: So now, what will he do? 

It's precisely the question that is burning in my mind that I was like ARGH when the ending song started playing. Tch. Oh well, those scriptwriters got to write in their cliffhangers haha. 

In this episode, as I've mentioned, haha it seems like I'm taking a liking to Nakamura Aoi! He looks cute when he smiles haha, and so does Miura Shohei, who did a pretty good job with Nakatsu as well. Even Maeda Atsuko seemd cuter:P Perhaps it's because her hair is longer or something. 

Even though it was a pity that this series isn't going to end with a big bang, I'm glad that they did a Remake. It's up to par with expectations in my opinion (or maybe that's just because I didn't really rave about the previous Hana Kimi:/ Didn't really like the female lead and how Mizuki kept dumping Nakatsu haha) Time really flies, and it's going to be the last episode next Sunday, if I'm not wrong. Aren't you guys going to miss the leads, the characters, the setting? 

Well, I will.



  1. Anonymous says

    Episode 9

    Thanks for the recaps!!!
    Awesome as usual!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    In the last scene…Nakatsu discovering that she’s a girl is the same in the manga version (I read it fron somewhere)…He’s the only one who saw Mizuki’s binding chest after she fell down from the ladder…

    In the Taiwan version, The others didn’t found out yet about the true gender of Mizuki not even only Quan (Sano), Mei Tian(Umeda) , Ying Hua (Io), Qiu Ye (Akira Hara) and the model/makeup artist Abby…

    I agree that Aoi and Shohei are both cute and also are great actors…and Maeda i think I find her cute too and a fine actress…

    Many still don’t like the season 2 cast but for me I like them…
    The whole season 2 cast tried their best to portray their respective roles and they did it very well!!!
    Thumbs up for that!!!

    I’m getting sadder… It’s like De Ja Vu all over again …
    I missed the original then I’m going to miss the remake too…

    Anyways, I’m going to watch this series till the very end …
    I still hope there will be a special episode…(Keeping my fingers crossed)

    Mmmm…I wonder… Will there be another Japanese remake of Hana Kimi …
    If there is would you still want to watch it?


    • Re: Episode 9


      Ooh I see, so each version is a little different then. Well from what I can remember, I think I like this version the most^^ I mean, it will be interesting to see how Nakatsu reacts:D

      Yep the three of them are rather ‘unknown’ per se, thus they give me the feeling of rather newbie actors (which they are, kinda) but it fits the setting and the script well, plus they did their jobs well, so no complains^^Haha I guess that’s because they really like the first version:/ which I didn’t like very much haha.

      Lol yes of course I will still watch itXD but I doubt that there will be another Jap remake, not when the Korean one is coming up!It will be nice for a special episode where they set Nakatsu up with the friend:D

      It’s okay, we all go through drama blues, I understand. :P.


  2. Anonymous says

    another reply

    episode 10 is not yet the last episode… there’s still one more…. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says

    episode 10

    episode 11 is the final episode …

    I found 2 videos of episode 10 for you with chinese subs:

    (please don’t show these websites on screen…just reply on my previous comment if you have read my message…Thanks)




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