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Hello readers(:

It has only just occured to me that……….. since a long long time in history, I'm not rushing to recap something:P Feels kinda relaxing actually~ I've always found myself in the situation whereby I have to 1.recap let's say 3 series at the same time 2.drama-marathoning and hence causing a backlog of updated recaps 3.okay that's about it. 


This time round, I'm not going to take up doing recaps on a couple of dramas, one being Heartstrings (which I still haven't finished, due to me picking up YongSeo couple on We Got Married, and thus not as motivated to finish watching ShinHwa….can you believe it, I'm already at the last episode… fine, I think I will finish it soonXD) and another being LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ with Kitagawa Keiko. However, I will still be doing reviews on these dramas (Do you know^^ thoughtsramble starts out as a site for reviews and not recaps, because I felt bad whenever an episode recap gives spoilers:P oh well, it has now progressed to a stage where I like to share what I think and hear about what you think…) 

Ah~ And I'm still loving YongSeo couple<3 Such a cute goguma couple!:D It was so sweet when they finally held hands after exchanging birthday presents, and the duet performance on their 200th day anniversary was really awesome as well(Y) Hahaha I found it really hilarious when one of the MCs was like, "I feel like I should start crying!" Everyone in the studio was so happy that they finally had what they called 'skinship' hahaha^^ I'm currently on their 32nd episode with them having a date in Japan! (in a struggling state to control the number of episodes I watch a day:P)

Oh well. I will definitely miss this couple when it endsD: 


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