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YongSeo couple

I must say that I never was, and still am not, a fan of Kpop. It is not that I particularly dislike that genre of songs or anything, neither is it due to some weird adversion simply because it's korean (hello, here's someone who adores kdramas with its osts)… it's just that those kpop songs don't make me feel anything and most of them (I note the generalisation) are dance songs that are tailored to show off more looks rather than emotions. 

Okay that introduction was kinda off-topic…anyway, here's what I've been obsessed about for the past few days! 

credited to:http://static.allkpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/100829_Korean_Wave_Yongseo_6.jpg

It has only been about 3 days since I've got hooked on this very awkward and cute couple, and I've just finished 29 episodes. 


Okay sounds a bit crazy, don't you think?:P I was already interested right from the first episode, because these two people are just soooo awkward… it's so funny and cute to watch 😛 Not to mention that Jung Yong Hwa/C.N.Blue is one of the few kpop people that I have a better impression of (link to introduction), after listening to some of their songs, and watching YongHwa appears as both likeable characters — Shin and Shin Woo-  spiked my interest already.

It is fun watching how the relationship between YongHwa and SeoHyun grows as they become closer and less awkward. And SeoHyun is just so cute!^^ 

Telling myself that I should stop watching, or this relationship will be over within like… one day.

Any of my readers has watched YongSeo? Share! 



  1. Yay! Welcome to the early stages of the YongSeo fanclub. You should go check soompi and it’ll blow your mind how much people love them. The whole concept of We Got Married is a winner for me so I love more than one couple. But my ultimate bias are YongSeo and Khuntori. You should try that Khuntoria if you have the time.
    Btw, didn’t you just love how Seohyun said she would say “goguma” in a sentence if she liked her virtual husband? And then she did. Randomly. It was hilarious because YongHwa was like”what?what? you like sweet potatoes… um..okay.”


    • Indeed the concept of WGM is very interesting, though I must admit that I didn’t really like it (at first) because I couldn’t understand how a relationship can be developed when two parties are ‘forced’ to be together in that sense….hahaha now I knowXD

      Oh yeah I’ve heard about Khuntoria as well!(: Saw them in the special horror episode alongside with YongSeo.

      Yep! It was really hilarious she was so cute and awkward! And Yonghwa was totally like “oh wow she’s very random” hahahaha. They suit each other^^


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