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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 8 Recap

Really busy with things so this is the fastest I could get the recaps up~ Rather an emo episode we have here.

Mizuki and Sano went back on good terms after the dance they'd. One day, Mizuki happily gave Sano lemons soaked in honey and while everyone teased how loving they looked, Nakatsu had a loss of appetite. D: His friend told him that it's time for soccer and he suddenly put on a smile, happily saying, "Oh it's time to play soccer, I'm so happy! I will be happy with just soccer." Mizuki didn't notice anything wrong and even told him, "Ganbatte, Nakatsu!"

Sano left for his practice as well and Mizuki encouraged him too, giving rise to teasing cheers by other dorm mates lol.

Mizuki went to request for permission to learn taekwando from Tennoji, but from the first practice, she was totally just flattened by one of the Dorm 1 students (since she was punched in the stomach. Ouch) Nakatsu was playing the soccer when he recalled about the Dance and stoned out.

A woman got off the cab (and knocked her head on the edge of the door lolol) at the school. When Namba tried to exercise his charm on her, she stared at him and said that she's here to find Shuichi. Nakatsu Shuichi. She disappeared into the school and Namba and company tagged along in curiosity. Nakatsu appeared very quickly and turns out that this woman was his mother, who wanted to bring him home to succeed the family business. His mother showed them the letter from the school, saying that the school would be torn down in a week.

The door at the side of the place (I still have no idea how to call this…. space?:P Garden?) suddenly unhinged itself, thus proving the unspoken thought that the school was falling apart.

Mizuki returned to the school with a pile of clothes, which on a closer look, revealed to be the Taekwando outfits. She met with Kagurazaka who requested for her to pass Sano the letter detailing the changes to the practice sessions' times. She noticed the guy standing next to Kagurazaka and he introduced him to be Sano's brother, who would be attending those high jump sessions as well.

(He behaved/acted rather weirdly:/)

The 3 Dorm Leaders went to find the creepy directors and the woman told them that if they didn't want the school to be torn down, then do something to change their mind -this speech was punctuated with a slice of peach sliding out from her mouth-. (Gah one of the director was eating his watermelon in a deadpan fashion, and digging a hole from the middle of the melon. Gahhhh!)It's official — I dislike the directors. Strange to the core!

Dorm 2 was trying to fix the door and Nakatsu said that he didn't want to give up just yet. There's still one more week for them to try. Sano appeared with a stronger tape and Mizuki handed him the schedule, informing him that his brother would be attending as well. As the discussion among them suddenly lingered upon the subject of Sano's family, Sano suddenly shouted, "What did you guys say?!" Mizuki was taken aback and Sano stormed off/

Later, Mizuki treated Sano to ice cream and Sano apologised for his outburst. The Dorm Leaders motivated everyone to do the best they can in the upcoming competitions, to prove that the school was worth saving. Mizuki was interestingly sitting at the Dorm 1 table hahaha, who would be having a taekwando competition the next day.

Dorm 3's Oscar would be having an acapella competition while Dorm 2 would have various sports events.

The rest of the students whom did not have anything to do combined with the girls from St. Blossoms to get a petition from the public. The students from other schools laughed at this attempt. Namba employed his charms to get the signatures from a few girls, much to Nakao's displeasure. Kayashima dressed up as a monk, and did his walks, in the hope that the school would not be torn down.

Lol, I love this Kayashima haha!

One of the directors asked if it's all right for the creepy female to say such misleading words, and she was like, "That's right…those kids do not know when to give up." GAH. Sano met his father at the practice session but they didn't acknowledge each other. It
was only later when Sano's father requested for him to jump, but Sano knocked over the pole.

Mizuki had to wash all the Taekwando costumes by herself, even though one of the dorm members offered to help.She found Tennoji in the gym after that, and he told her that "The real strength can only be obtained when one is facing his or her own fears, facing their own flaws. To be like a tree, swaying to obstacles." Mizuki listened to his words with rapt attention.

Nakatsu was told by two of his club mates that they would not be joining in future soccer sessions because they had already transferred to another school. Nakatsu pretended to be unaffected but in truth, one could tell that he was dismayed by the news. Later, Nakatsu's mother told him that it's good for him to be chasing his dreams and be happy, but she wanted the best for him as well. He sat on the stairs back in the dorm and Mizuki came along, telling him what Tennoji had said and her determination to become a strong tree.

He murmured in response, "What a short tree."and smiled.

Sano found out that he had an injury on his arm and Juri appeared, handing him a plaster. She said that she would compete fairly and openly. After she left, Sano's brother came along and Sano told him not to listen to their father. Sano's brother said mockingly that now Sano behaved like an elder brother after leaving them. "I will become the best sports person, and then at the peak of my performance, I will leave." He says, drawing reference to Sano's own 'betrayal'. Back in the dorm, Mizuki told Sano that he could confide in her if he wanted to, and Sano murmured that he would never forgive his father for breaking up the family.

Tennoji sprained his back when he practiced Taekwando D: Mizuki was very worried and down when they carted him off.

Umeda told Mizuki that family problems could only be understood by the parties involved, "But it will become worse if you treat it ever so cautiously." Mizuki brought lemons soaked in honey for Sano again, but she accidentally crashed into Sano's father. Upon hearing that he's coach Sano, she helped him wash off the stains and he chatted with her, saying that he should have communicated better with his sons. He also said that it's his fault for how the situation was like then. Mizuki returned the cleaned clothes and he told her with a smile, to do the lemons soaked in honey again (it's spoilt because it got soaked too long or something after crashing into Sano's father) "My wife used to do that for me."

Mizuki saw Nakatsu practising soccer and she sat down with him. Nakatsu was very frustrated because those people who said that they wanted to hang on till the end, "They are thinking of themselves right now." He stood up and yelled, before turning around and putting on a smile when he noticed the lemons. Mizuki told him that it's for Sano but it's spoilt, yet Nakatsu still happily ate it and said, "I've always wanted to eat those lemons." Aww~

He told her that he didn't want to give up yet, "No matter what others say, I don't want to leave here." Mizuki agreed.

When Nakatsu returned to the dorm, he noticed Kayashima blowing bubbles

and he joined him.

Haha! Such a… bittersweet image.

Namba and company were out at their rounds for petition again.

This time, students from other schools came up and said that they were just wasting their time and effort, when they should be thinking of transferring to other schools. With this demoralising statement, things got even worse as the students gathered in the hall — all defeated. Oscar lost the first round of competition and resorted to binging on food to make himself feel better. Tennoji couldn't even participate in the competitions and the basketball club of Dorm 2 lost their competition as well. Namba asked, "Have you guys forgotten what day today is?"

They ended up watching the fireworks, not in their respective dorms but in a mix and match of students.

Hahaha Mizuki was once again standing with the Dorm 1 people. What is the meaning of this~ You should be standing next to Nakatsu!:P The students observed sadly that the mood this year was different from last year. Sano was not among them — he's busy lifting weights at the gym. His father came in to give him information about the school with the best high jump equipment to nurture his talent. Sano didn't want to listen to him and continued lifting weights. In the end, he had an outburst, "To you, the most important is for your son to get excellent results in the sports, isn't it?!"

And Sano's dad said, "Yes." !! Oh dear. Sano was damn angry and he stormed out of the place, leaving his dad.

I get the feeling that Sano's dad actually meant more behind his words but Sano could only hear the surface of what it meant. D:

Mizuki watched the fireworks till she cried and Nakatsu saw. She quickly wiped her tears away and went back to take drinks for everyone. She met with Sano and told him that she's going to tell everyone not to give up so he should do the same. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding between him and his father. Sano muttered, "It's none of your business." just as a magnificent spray of fireworks lighted up the sky, thus Mizuki didn't hear him.

She went on saying that he should face his father and that maybe they were just missing each other because of how they misunderstood — "Shut up! Father, father, you don't know anything about my father so stop pretending like you know about the situation. Stop trying to get into people's hearts!"

Nakatsu who came back to help Mizuki with the drinks heard this. Mizuki cried as Sano stormed off and Nakatsu told her to cry as much as she wanted. He came behind her and hugged her saying,

"If you are crying so hard over him… then leave Sano, and come to my side."

The fireworks continued to light up the sky, as they were reflected through the glass panes of the collapsed door. Mizuki continued to cry.

-the end-

Hmm, so how do you find this episode? I find it rather like a transition episode… with its more downs than ups. I don't really like Sano's temperament here ( as in with regards to the character, and not the script per se). :/ He's so short tempered! Gah, that's no way to treat a girl's heart Sano~ Though it was kinda sweet at the start of the episode when they were on very friendly terms hahah and he didn't mind how their dorm mates were teasing the both of them. 

Nakatsu, doomed to suffering, as a second lead. Well, nothing much to say on that. I really like it though, that this Nakatsu made his move earlier than the previous Nakatsu and gah, even though I know that she's going to end up with Sano anyway, it's …easier to accept if he had tried at least. 

Sorry for the blurry screenshots; the best I could manage. 

After watching so many episodes of Hana Kimi Remake, I kinda am missing Mizushima Hiro. He was such a good Namba senpai!



  1. Anonymous says

    Episode 8

    Yay!!! Episode 8 !!! Awesome!!! Thanks so much!!!!
    I love your recaps … ♥♥♥

    About Sano, That’s really personality …
    If you watched the first version of this series… Sano did that to Mizuki …
    But we know he didn’t mean to hurt Mizuki …
    He’s just having tough times especially with his dad …
    His dad doesn’t open much what he feels to his sons that’s why it leads to many misunderstandings between them …
    But it will be settled in the upcoming episodes.

    One of my favorite scenes of this episode is the bubble scene with Nakatsu and Kayashima …
    I agree…It’s bitter sweet … I felt that moment too…
    I was smiling and sighing at the same time while watching it …

    I was also sad for Nakatsu … My heart breaks for hinm too eventhough I’m happy that Sano and Mizuki will end up together.
    I just hope that he ends up with someone in this series…

    Anyways, Thanks so much again for recapping…
    I really do appreciate this a lot …
    I hope that you’ll recap the upcoming episodes … Arigatou!!!


    • Re: Episode 8

      Hahaha thanks!(: You’ve made my day with this comment:D

      Yep that’s why I’ve mentioned that I had a problem with his character as Sano, and not of the script of the 2011 Remake…

      In the other versions, I vaguely remembered Nakatsu liking Mizuki’s friend? or something…? Hahaha I agree with you, it will be good for the dear second lead to get his heart mended at the end of the series.

      You are welcome!^^


      • Anonymous says

        Re: Episode 8

        It’s in Taiwan Version… Xiu Yi(Nakatsu) ends up with Julia, friend of Rui Xi (Mizuki) …
        There will be a Chinese version of Hana Kimi but it has “Gossip Girl”(American series) style to it …
        I think they will air that series this September …


      • Re: Episode 8

        I think for the first version of Jap’s Hana Kimi, Mizuki’s friend appeared in the special episode too if I remembered correctly^^

        Oh seriously?:O Haha wow I can’t imagine Gossip Girl+Hana Kimi together:P


      • Anonymous says

        Re: Episode 8

        Yeah,In Japan version she’s just visiting for a short period of time… in Taiwan version Julia participated in a student exchange program studying for few weeks.

        I don’t know if she will appear in the version 2 because in episode 9 Nakatsu will know that MIzuki’s a girl …
        I love to watch the scenes where Nakatsu is jealous of Julia (that time Nakatsu didn’t know Mizuki’s a girl and Julia is pretending to be Mizuki’s girlfriend) and they always bicker and fighting over Mizuki …
        I hope there will be a special episode … I’m not sure if they will have one because of their ratings…

        About HK and GG …I’m not sure how would they combine those two series…but I’m going to try to watch it first to see how it goes before judging.

        And there will be also a Korean version … I’ve read somewhere that their version will be different …
        Hana Kimi with a twist … It’s a guy in a girl’s academy…
        Male Mizuki? Female Sano? Female Nakatsu? I don’t know about this …
        I would prefer to stick with the original plot… Mmmm… But Let’s just wait and see…


      • Re: Episode 8

        Oh yeah those scenes are always sure for comedy and laughterXD When Nakatsu gets all jealous:P

        Hmm true… they usually only have specials for the really good ones that hit about 17.0 for ratings.

        Yeah I’m going to watch the Korean’s version with an open mind, but hopefully they won’t produce a show that’s just good with its famous lead actors.

        As for your the other message, thanks so much for the links! BUT unfortunately, I don’t understand Japanese…


      • Re: Episode 8

        Hey I got your the other link(: Thanks for the effort, but I’ve already put up the latest episode’s recap! Enjoy(:


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