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City Hunter Episode 1-20 in one glance

Haha this isn't a recap, no, not really….. but as I was looking through the hundreds of screenshots I took in order to recap City Hunter, I felt that some of the scenes were really so memorable, that I couldn't help but mentally already choose out some of the best screenshots representing some of the most memorable scenes. I've decided to put them all here, so that you(and I) can reminisce about City Hunter in one glance. Lol. Tags of City Hunter Recaps are on your left -indicate to the tags- so do read them if you want(:

Well, if you can't tell yet, yes I do love City Hunter(:

Pardon me if you are expecting more of a City Hunter summary thingy, but this is more like a Yoon Sung X Nana's romance summary lol/ screenshots of leads at their best looking moments:P…. well, it's inevitable:P

Do share with me which are the scenes that you really loved/hated(I hope not!:P)! Haha I've always wanted to do a summary screenshot thingy like this since ages:P Good idea?



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