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City Hunter Episode 20 Recap

Oops yes I've finally gotten down to writing the last recap; more as an obligation to finish what I've started out doing:P

After Yoon Sung dropped Young Joo's body, he rushed to the place which Young Joo had told him. However, he was too late — Jin Pyo had already killed Cheon Jae Man. Later in his car, Yoon Sung read the Secret Document…. and found out that the last target for him to finish off was Eung Chan. He was stunned and he muttered, "So this is what you have been planning all along." He went to Jin Pyo, who was wiping the blood of his sword, and he told Jin Pyo that he would not do what he wished for him to do –"Kim Young Joo's and Cheon Jae Man's blood, I think you will have to wipe for a long time." Kim Jong Shik awoke from his coma.

Seo Yong Hak, from his jail, revealed that the whole Mission thing and that the City Hunter's next target would be Eung Chan, but the president had a press conference to say that he's innocent and Yoon Sung saw the news. 

At the wake, Sae Hee cried and she couldn't believe that someone could just pass away like that.

Kim Jong Shik cried in his wheelchair as well. Woo Hyun swore that as long as he's still a prosecutor, he would protect the justice that Kim Young Joo believed in. Everyone stood up as the president came to pay his respects. When facing with Kim Young Joo's photo, Nana's eyes welled up with tears and she looked conflicted. I mean…. the last time she talked to Kim Young Joo, she didn't forgive him… 

Eung Chan looked at Kim Jong Shik who gave him a pained look. 

I guess the scriptwriters revived Kim Jong Shik to give him the harshest punishment — his son was dead and his career was effectively gone. 

Yoon Sung appeared and Pil Jae rushed up to him, asking him mockingly what he's doing there, since he'd caused the death of Kim Young Joo who was hunting the City Hunter. He swore that he would arrest Yoon Sung and was brought away by others.

Yoon Sung murmured that he came because they lost a precious prosecutor, but it seemed like he shouldn't have. 

Eung Chan got suspicious and he found out more about Yoon Sung. He even talked to Pil Jae who revealed that Young Joo was finding out about Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung — who was a child from Moo Yul and Kyung Hee. Upon hearing Kyung Hee and Moo Yul's name, Eung Chan clutched the arm of his armchair. Later, Yoon Sung walked towards the president's office and Nana told him that the president might have suspected something because his particulars was requested. Yoon Sung made no response and entered the room, pretending that nothing was wrong. Eung Chan asked if he'd seen the press conference, and Yoon Sung nodded, asking if what he said was true. Eung Chan said that it's the truth, and Yoon Sung looked conflicted — after all he knew that it's a lie. 

The president expressed his determination for the Private Schools' Reform Bill to be passed in a few days, and Yoon Sung interluded with, "Is this still for the greater good? Even when the means you use aren't correct?" 

When Yoon Sung returned home, he was notified that Nana came. Nana told him that Kyung Hee had confessed who his father was and she said that Jin Pyo was cruel for wanting a son to punish his own father.

Yoon Sung told her that Lee Kyung Wan, Seo Yong Hak, Kim Jong Shik and Cheon Jae Man were all corrupted people, if not, he would have forgiven them. "So if the President is corrupt as well, will you punish him?" "… if he's corrupted."

Nana told him that she's the President's bodyguard and that they might meet — "I don't want you to do anything that you will regret." and she left. 

Sang Gook told Yoon Sung that Eung Chan needed this member of the assembly to support him in order for the Bill to passed. Yoon Sung deduced that Eung Chan would meet this guy. On the day of negotiation, the bodyguards were left outside of the room. Nana saw someone who looked like Yoon Sung running up the escalator and she quickly walked towards the suspicious guy. 

Eung Chan managed to strike a deal with the assembly man and after he left, Yoon Sung opened the door from another room with no expression on his face.

He said sarcastically that he didn't know Eung Chan was so good in making deals. Eung Chan told him that he wouldn't regret because many people would benefit if the bill was passed. Yoon Sung asked, "Then let me ask you a question. Is it okay for an orphan to steal so that he could eat? Is it okay to cover up corruption for a great cause? I have the Secret Document… and the decision you said you wouldn't regret… I would make you regret it." 

He left, and after a few seconds, Nana barged into the room asking if Eung Chan was all right. He blinked and told her that he was just about to get up from his seat. 

Yoon Sung deduced that Eung Chan must have kept a ledger book somewhere to detail his accounts, and Eung Chan got hold of the news that a 'tall and good looking guy who claimed to be a reporter is asking about the election campaign money." Knowing that that person was Yoon Sung, Eung Chan murmured that he's coming soon but he hoped it would be after the bill. 

Eun Ah was worried over Da Hye but Ki Joon told her not to worry about her;instead she should look around herself and see if anyone was looking at her with loving eyes — "I love you." LOL. 

Da Hye remarked that there's no one trustworthy and then she sighed. Sigh. She gave Eun Ah some clothes for her to give Ki Joon. 

Yoon Sung pretended that he's there to give Da Hye tuition, but when the guard went away, he slipped into Eung Chan's study. A second later, Eung Chan walked by and looked at the study, before walking away. Yoon Sung started searching the study for the ledger but couldn't find it. Instead, Eung Chan was shown taking the ledger book out of his pillow case. Yoon Sung still searched frantically for it, when Eung Chan appeared behind him and asked if he's looking for the ledger. 

Eung Chan asked Yoon Sung why he's doing all this for, and Yoon Sung replied that it's for trust — "The trust that the newly fledged solders have that the nation will take care of them, the trust that the workers have that the factories will stand by them, the trust that the universities will nurture the best talents, the trust that the agents in the Nampo waters have that their love for the country is right, the trust of the 21 men."   Eung Chan replied that there wasn't a day in the past 28 years that he had forgotten about the 21 soldiers and he gave Yoon Sung the ledger, saying that he'd be grateful for whatever he's doing with it. Yoon Sung took it and was about to walk off, when Eung Chan murmured, "You living like this…. your father is sorry." 

Yoon Sung's eyes flickered at the realisation that Eung Chan knew who Yoon Sung was (his son) but he still walked off. Later, he examined the ledger and with a sense of resignation, he placed photocopies of the Secret Document and the ledger into different envelopes. The Bill was passed by the ministers, at the same time that reporters got envelopes with the photocopies of the Secret Document and the president's accounts. 

Very soon, the news hit the reports and the Congress decided that Eung Chan's presidential role would be impeached. Eung Chan nodded calmly and said that instead, he felt free. The City Hunter dumped all the people who accepted bribes in order to pass the Private Schools Reform Bill at the Prosecutors' Office and he even provided evidence for Woo Hyun (aww sad that it wasn't Young Joo receiving these bad people anymoreDD:) The news reported of this event, and Yoon Sung stood up, telling Shik Joong that he's going to his father. 

Jin Pyo loaded his gun and looked menacingly at his gun.

Nana was informed that she would have an off-day but she might be required to come back for work to guard Eung Chan. She checked her schedule and told Ho Shik that she had duty that day, but Ho Shik told her that no, it was supposed to be an off day. Nana left the office and looked at her gun for assurance (while we deduced that it's the work of Jin Pyo…meaning someone is manipulating the timings such that Nana will be there). Yoon Sung started loading his gun as well with an expression. 

Now… knowing how adverse Yoon Sung is to guns… and combining with that expression above, is a big clue to what is going to happen nextD: 

Jin Pyo called Eung Chan and told him that he's coming to get him, hopefully he would face no resistance or he would have no qualms killing any innocents. Eung Chan told Ho Shik to let the important guest in without a body search and to leave him alone for some time. When Ho Shik left the room and Eung Chan walked off to one side, Nana darted into the room. Jin Pyo came and was let into the room, but he found it empty. 

Then Yoon Sung appeared.

He told Yoon Sung that he had no use for him anymore, but Yoon Sung replied, "Have you forgotten? I've said that I will block you with my own hands." "My 28 years of revenge, you can't block it." A moment of silence, and as Jin Pyo reached for his gun, so did Yoon Sung and they pointed their guns at each other.

Yoon Sung told him, "The kind of revenge where I have to shoot my real father, do you think I will live well afterwards? To have the woman I love pointing a gun at me, do you think it wouldn't matter? The dad who lost a leg for me, to have to shoot him, how do you think I feel?" 

I adore the script. 

Yoon Sung's expression changed as he said, "I just wanted to live a happy and normal life with Father…but now, I realise…. it's all a dream." And Yoon Sung pulled his gun back… to point at his own head.

Jin Pyo's eyes widened

as Yoon Sung murmured, "If this is my destiny… I will end it with my own hands." Yoon Sung's hand tightened on the trigger, just as Nana's voice rang out, "Stop." 

They turned around to find Nana pointing the gun at Jin Pyo. "You can stop now… so please, just put down the gun." Yoon Sung looked at her with tears in his eyes.

We have the weirdest of triangles here — Nana pointing the gun at Jin Pyo, Jin Pyo pointing the gun at Yoon Sung, who was pointing a gun at himself. Jin Pyo muttered, "The life that you promised me, I've come to get it." Eung Chan smiled acceptingly…and he apologised to Nana, before pushing her away. He braced himself for the gunshot, undoubtedly aimed at his heart, and Jin Pyo fired…only to have Yoon Sung jump in the line of fire. 

And got shot. Nana realised what happened, and she fired at Jin Pyo -at his heart- as well. As Yoon Sung collapsed to the ground in pain, the other bodyguards swarmed the room.

The president was brought away for his safety, while Nana contained an expression of disbelief. She kneeled by Yoon Sung's side and started crying.

Jin Pyo started in this confession (almost like the one that Young Joo did before he died :'() that he's the only survivor of the Mission. "Lee Kyung Wan, Cheon Jae Man were killed by me. I'm the one who made Kim Jong Shik fall off and send Seo Yong Hak to the office. Now I've come to kill Choi Eung Chan. I'm…the City Hunter."

Yoon Sung's eyes widened as he realised that Jin Pyo was absolving him of any crime that the City Hunter did. Jin Pyo unloaded the gun and pointed the empty gun at the bodyguards, who fired away instinctively. He lurched as the bullets pounded at his body and Yoon Sung watched helplessly from the side.

Omg they are going all bloody on me and I'm crying aah.

Nana cried and shook her head at the heartbreaking way this had to end. Yoon Sung reached out in pain, for Jin Pyo's hand. It's like his nightmare materialising, except it's not Nana but Jin Pyo. Jin Pyo reached out for his hand and gave a smile, before the both of them held hands….and the scene faded out. 

Da Hye became almost a barista, Ki Joon and Eun Ah were getting married and Nana's father finally passed away. Shik Joong and Kyung Hee decided to go to America to start a new life, and she mentioned that Eung Chan had written a letter to apologise and said that he was thankful of her. Shik Joong cheered her up. Nana walked along a travelator….and she saw Yoon Sung on the neighbouring one. She quickly walked over to take a look and was disappointed to find that there's no one there. 

This all happened while I'm screeching for a sight of YOON SUNG OMG PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HE DIED NO WAY. 

When the camera turned and Yoon Sung was standing behind her. 

She turned and saw Yoon Sung standing there. She broke out in a smile,

while Yoon Sung gave a smile back too.

And Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung played in the background. Signalling the start of the end.

AAH I LOVE THIS COUPLE. (Though seriously Yoon Sung can't you give this poor girl a bigger smile?:PP She has after all been waiting for you for ages!:O)

Then, the scene changed to show a tombstone erected in honour of the twenty one people who died for the nation — Moo Yul and Jin Pyo's name helmed the list. Aah this is so sad… it's like, the whole point of the show… the revenge…and the twenty one people finally got their honour back. T.T 

The drama ended with Yoon Sung driving through the night. 

-the end-

Well, this took me long enough to finish:P Any thoughts do share with me! 

With regards to the ending, I really think that it's quite suitable. Even though when I first finished it, I was rather confused — so did he die or not? But I mean, it's rather obvious that he didn't die, and that scene with him smiling at Nana was apparent enough…so the theory of Yoon Sung's spirit was kinda amusing:P I think it was a rather good ending, though I wished that they would have a tighter closure towards Young Joo. Young Joo died for the sake of justice; he died so that Yoon Sung can be the City Hunter and help him deal out the justice that he, as a prosecutor, couldn't. Shouldn't there be more relations to this in the ending? I guess… I just felt that it's really wasted for Young Joo to die T.T I mean… he DIED, I just wish that they draw one final link between Yoon Sung and Young Joo. 

This is a fantastic drama and I love every single bit. Nana and Yoon Sung is the favourite couple. I love the action, the romance, the acting and the plot so much, I missed it so much when I finished watching. The OST was really awesome with It's All Right and Suddenly and Goodbye holding the front, alongside with really awesome instrumentals (For your info, I'm someone who places a lot of emphasis on the soundtracks. Music is very important!) 

Lee Min Ho acted really well for this drama, no doubts about it at all. I'm really looking forward to his next drama of choice, though I will be sad to bade final goodbyes to Lee Yoon Sung. It seems undoubtedly that Lee Min Ho fitted the role of Lee Yoon Sung so well (and Park Min Young with Nana) that the drama simply came alive for me. The script was really really good as well, and I adore the scriptwriter — who could fit in almost as many cliffhangers and heart attacks for me as in Prison Break (hahaha:P). 

The final scene was also impactful… I knew that Yoon Sung was going to do something with the gun, and himself, but it was still rather shocking when he pulled it to his own head. To have Jin Pyo taking all the crimes and charges as the City Hunter was really touching and heartbreaking at the same time. It was like… Jin Pyo fulfilling his task as a father, showing his love to his son…and ah I cried thinking that they would never have the life that they wanted to have. 

Now, the ending is just really suitable for a season 2 don't you think? If they ever do, please use the same scriptwriter and director. They are awesome. Though some things are better left with a good ending. Perhaps a special episode would do…because if you start a whole new season again, people are going to have really high expectations, and you have the added burden of not wanting to destroy the good name you have built up. 

Great work, all in all. Great drama. 

I really had a great time recapping City Hunter. It was a really good watch for me and I'm not kidding when I say that I'm very much in love with the whole thing. I've started out being dubious, and only willing to attempt to watch this drama because of Lee Min Ho (I mean when you mention a revenge plot, all I think of was Temptation of the Wife and brr no way.) but look at how the drama has managed to win me, and many others, over. While it is regrettable that I couldn't finish the drama with awesome HD screenshots (check out my other recaps to see what I'm talking about) it has been yet another good and awesome journey for me, and I hope that you've enjoyed yourself too.^^



  1. Just recently finished City Hunter and I loved it! It was so awesome! I got obsessed with it towards the middle and couldn’t stop thinking about it even when I wasn’t watching it. Thanks for telling me to watch it 🙂


    • Hee hee right!!! Told you it was worth a watch I’m so glad you like it!(((: I had some serious blues after watching it and I was totally addicted after Episode 12. Gah too bad Yoon Sung and Nana didn’t have more relationship developments:<


  2. Sorry for this late reply! YES I KNOW haha, I think I didn’t watch any dramas for about a week or two, which is saying a lot…but I remembered that at that point in time, it was so hard to find another drama that felt as good as City Hunter, because it had all my favourite elements — plot, suspense and romance.

    Yep I realised:P that’s why I deleted my comment about Haruma Miura^^


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