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City Hunter Episode 16 Recap

Ooh let us start with one of my favourite screenshots of the this recap:

Sigh but my favourite couple didn’t get their romantic kiss in the end. Oh well. 


Young Joo saw how Yoon Sung stopped and pressed his point, "Heard that the City Hunter used the name of Poo Chai in the Triangle… it can’t be that he has forgotten this name after so many years right?" Yoon Sung told him to only arrest him when he has concrete evidence that he was the City Hunter. Young Joo replied, "Don’t worry. I will catch you on scene. Goodbye, Poo Chai." Yoon Sung was putting up a strong front and after Young Joo left, he stumbled back into his living room and fell unconscious. He woke up and the first thing he thought of was Nana shooting his shoulder. He pushed himself up as Shik Joong came in and gave him soup to drink, so that the toxins could be gotten rid of. 
Yoon Sung gave Shik Joong all the important documents and Shik Joong was like "…why are you giving me this?"

Yoon Sung gently reminded him that there should be enough money for him to have a good life in his later years, "Remember not to gamble, and don’t spend so much money on shopping channels… when you have time, take care of Nana, please take of my mum too." Shik Joong got worried and asked him why he was talking as if he’s going somewhere. Yoon Sung looked at him with sad eyes and resignation and murmured, "This period of time… I’ve forgotten who I am." He got up to go somewhere. 
Nana was brushing her teeth when she heard someone come in and she got a shock when she saw Yoon Sung standing there. Not knowing what had happened, she was still very happy and didn’t realise that anything was wrong. She started to get bewildered when Yoon Sung asked her if she could throw away the tablecloth her parents left for her, and "How long do you want to have memories of the dead?!" Nana’s eyes widened and Yoon Sung told her in softer tones that he’d never thought of liking someone in his life, "but I can’t tolerate how you make me do the unusual things, you make me tortured. All the memories that I have of you, I don’t want them……Kim Nana………I like you……but I don’t have the confidence of letting you go…… so ….. please let me go." 
Immediately after saying this, he pulled the necklace off Nana’s neck — the one that Nana had been holding on to ever since Yoon Sung saved her life during the Seo Yong Hak’s shooting. Nana got a shock and asked him if he’s like this because he felt stressed from her confession — "If it’s like this, please forget what I say –"
"It’s too late… I’ve already said that I like you…." He told her that it’s the first time, and the last time, he’d be making a request from her. Nana didn’t want to agree to his request and he said forcefully, "Listen up," before continuing in a soft voice, "Please." He told her to reject him if he came to find her, and if they met each other coincidentally, she must ignore him. "For you to break me…. Kim Nana…. I’m sorry… for letting you meet me, for moving you."
"Why did Dad tell me not to love anyone…. I understand it now." With that, he left and Nana broke out into tears. She collapsed onto a chair and cried, while Yoon Sung drove home with a broken heart too.

Haha I’ve no idea if it’s intentional or not, but I just love it that it’s raining when Yoon Sung was driving home</3 
Nana (and Yoon Sung perhaps) recalled all the times they had together.

In the end, she told herself not to cry anymore and that she would forget him. "It’s better for me to suffer……than him." Aww! 

Young Joo was thinking hard about the City Hunter case when Mi Ok came in to give him more information. He was touched that Mi Ok would continue helping him and Mi Ok told him that even though he’s the son of their enemy…but it’s not his fault and "Let’s work hard together." Young Joo looked at her, touched, when Pil Jae came in with other information and Young Joo was angry to find out that on the official documents, the leader of the Triangle was a random dude, and not Lee Jin Pyo’s photo as the previous drug trafficker had pointed out. 
He immediately tasked Mi Ok and Pil Jae to find out more. Eun Ah was telling Nana that it’s better now that Da Hye worked in a cafe, because they had easier jobs as bodyguards. Sigh, who else but must they meet in the corridor? Yoon Sung. Nana’s expression flickered and she walked past Yoon Sung without greeting him. 
Sang Gook told Jin Pyo that since now they had the Secret Document with them, they should just reveal it to the public — immediately, the 21 people would get the justice they wanted. But no, Jin Pyo had greater plans and he said that Yoon Sung was needed to be the last ornament. 
He went to find Cheon Jae Man and asked him if it was the truth he said during the interview — regarding the Secret Mission. Cheon Jae Man said yes, and that those twenty one people not only betrayed the nation but were also like tumours to the nation. Jin Pyo’s hand clenched in anger but he pretended to be nonchalant. Cheon Jae Man asked for Jin Pyo’s assistance in helping him push for the approval of a proposal that he’s giving to the government. Later, Eung Chan told Cheon Jae Man to own up about the workers’ injury claims but he told him that he wouldn’t, and that he had something to threaten Eung Chan with. He left and Eung Chan was shocked. 
Nana went to visit Kyung Hee who asked her if something was wrong since she rarely came to visit her Yoon Sung. Nana pretended that nothing was amiss and Kyung Hee thanked her for accompanying Yoon Sung. Nana had conflicted emotions. When she left the ward, she saw many doctors rushing to save Yoon Shik’s mother, and Yoon Shik sitting outside the ward alone. 
She assured him that his mother would be fine, and later, his mother waved to him weakly from inside the ward. Yoon Shik took his jar of coins and told Nana that he wanted to buy something "like that… it will make Mother look better." Nana said that he should have enough money to buy and she brought him out. Yoon Sung went to tail Cheon Jae Man as he shopped and he disappeared before Doo Shik could see him. Nana happily chose lipstick with Yoon Shik and they went to pay at the cashier, but the woman there had bad attitude when she saw the coins and she said she had no time to count the coins. Nana saw a point there and wanted to count instead, but the woman was like, "We don’t have anything priced with that denomination. Even if we collect all these coins, we would have nowhere to use it." 
Nana stopped smiling and told her to settle the bill. Yoon Sung happened to walk by and saw the scene.
While at the same time, the woman scoffed, "Still bring a child and come here to create trouble." Nana’s eyes widened as she said, "What did you say?"
Ooh I like this fire in her eyes, go Nana! 
Okay but before she could ‘go’ anywhere, Yoon Sung came in and handed the woman a big, fat check. She sheepishly told him that they didn’t have any money that big a denomination as well. Yoon Sung told her that she should have the basic courtesy and that it’s shameful to differentiate treatment according to what kind of people. "Sorry, I will change." "Not to me, say sorry to them." YES. 
However, after they left the shop, Yoon Sung immediately took Yoon Shik’s hands and he told Nana not to visit Kyung Hee anymore. ARGH. He went back to the hospital and realised that Doo Shik was in the ward, threatening Yoon Shik’s mother to sign the papers of consent that she would not push the workers’ injury claims. In the end, Doo Shik’s succeeded and Yoon Shik’s mother wailed because all those other workers protesting at the factory were depending on her for the lawsuit. Yoon Sung heard Doo Shik instructing other henchmen to beat up the workers protesting — they had nothing to fight with now. 
So it was a very bitter scene as black henchmen came out from cars and beat up the workers till they bled. Sad music, sad scene. Lalala, then guess who turns up? The City Hunter, who cool-ly did all his judo/taekwando flips and punches and he managed to defeat all the henchmen. Then he turned around, just as the chorus of It’s All Right started playing, and there was Doo Shik.

-cues another bar of It’s All Right~~~-
As the camera settled for a while on Yoon Sung’s face, and you could see the hope on the workers’ face, he started fighting Doo Shik, succeeding in making him fall to the ground, defeated. He walked over to Doo Shik and took out the papers that Yoon Shik’s mother signed. "Please pass a message to Cheon Jae Man President, that he must acknowledged the injury." 
Cheon Jae Man got the call from Doo Shik about City Hunter snatching the documents away and he was angry. Da Hye used the money that she’d earned from working at the cafe to buy a birthday present for her father. Eun Ah commented that she had more and more anti fanclubs and it might be dangerous. Yoon Sung sat in a cafe, quietly drinking his coffee and reading something. 
GOSH. This image<3 Can you imagine, seeing someone like this in a cafe, quietly reading something?:O I will fangirl to no end. No idea if this is a stereotype, but it seems so hard to find a good looking guy who actually likes to read lol:P 
Da Hye’s car drove up to the cafe and Eun Ah looked around before escorting Da Hye out of the car. She ran off to buy bread for her, while Nana accompanied Da Hye up the steps, when someone shouted her name. The two of them turned around to see a bunch of mean looking women who shouted, "Do you think you are so great just because you are the president’s daughter?!" Nana saw one of them holding an egg, and three things happened at once. 1. Nana put out her arms and stood in front of Da Hye 2.Da Hye hid behind her 3. The (stupid) woman launched the egg at them. 
It didn’t matter that the one they were hitting was Nana. They just continued throwing the eggs, tomatoes, flour etc. Yoon Sung looked up from his book and was startled to see Nana in such a situation. He immediately came out to the entrance while Eun Ah came back and shouted at the women, who ran off in a scurry. Cowards. Da Hye asked if Nana was okay, and she said, "I am. Don’t worry." Yoon Sung looked at her with worried eyes.
He wanted to help her wipe off the food, but she pushed him away and went off to clean up. Later, throughout the tuition session, he kept looking at Nana, who saw him looking at her and she looked elsewhere. Da Hye asked a question which brought Yoon Sung’s mind back to the books but then a second later, he gave an answer which was totally off what Da Hye was asking and continued looking at Nana. RARH since you are worried about her, just get back with herD: 
Kyung Hee asked Yoon Sung if anything was wrong. Honestly, she felt that it’s weird that she had to live in the hospital under another name and that Jin Pyo lied to her that her son was dead. "Can’t you tell Mother?" "When all this is over… I will tell you." "Can’t you tell me now? Mother is worried…" Yoon Sung assured her that everything was all right and that he’d be busy the next few days — "Ahjusshi will take my place." "Yoon Sung…" Yoon Sung quickly left the ward, and outside the ward, he murmured, "Mother….liking someone… doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a blissful thing." 
As he sat outside the ward, Yoon Shik came towards him asking for storytelling. Yoon Shik called him "100 dollar" as a nickname and he agreed to reading the storybook to him. He suddenly recalled his conversation with Nana (back in Episode 12, I still remember, it was such a sweet episode<3) about her having big ears and liking to be touched by him. He murmured, "Big ears… like to eat… a lot of strength." He smiled and then he turned to Yoon Shik asking him if he’d liked him to punish the man who stepped on his coin last time. (Cheon Jae Man) Yoon Shik nodded. 
Jin Pyo and Cheon Jae Man met up with two prosecutors and Yoon Sung took a picture of this. He quickly found out what was the identity of the two prosecutors and he sent the photo…… to Young Joo, who got a shock when he saw this. Turns out that Jin Pyo provided Cheon Jae Man the money to bribe the two prosecutors regarding the workers’ injury claims. Yoon Sung heard from another room as the two prosecutors accepted the two bags of seaweed (but in the bag there’s obviously loads of money). Young Joo came into the room and demanded for the two prosecutors to leave behind the seawood. Both of them got super offended as they pretended that they weren’t even bribe. "Did you arrange this Cheon Jae Man President? To humiliate us when we are just having a simple meal?" They left in a fury. (oh good riddance)
Cheon Jae Man told Young Joo that he’s really stepping overboard but Young Joo told him that it’s meaningless to set up a fake suicide attempt because that would only provoke him. 
"The moment I mention the south seas.. it seems like I’ve obstructed you?" He continued, " I can’t help but think that…. not everyone died that night -eyes flicked to Jin Pyo-. Whether Cheon Jae Man President can still act like nothing is wrong even when I know the whole truth, I will be watching."
When he went back to the office, Woo Hyun came in and scolded him for not telling him about the warning that City Hunter gave (but I think that was Jin Pyo, not Yoon Sung) Young Joo told him that it’s the City Hunter’s plan to see if he could nab his own father! 
Woo Hyun retorted that he failed because he not only didn’t catch the City Hunter, his father was trapped as well. He instructed Young Joo to be pulled off Cheon Jae Man’s case and accept any punishment that the top wanted to deal out, regardless of suspension or change of office.
Eung Chan had a meal with Da Hye and Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung quietly picked out all the peas in his food and Da Hye observed that if her mother was there, both Eung Chan and Yoon Sung would be nagged at, since Eung Chan didn’t like peas too. Lol. Eung Chan asked for Yoon Sung’s honest opinion regarding Da Hye’s chances of getting into university and Yoon Sung smiled apologetically before replying, "Honestly… it will be difficult."


Da Hye told Eung Chan that actually, she had no wish of going to the university but she didn’t mention it because she knew that it would be embarrassing for his father — the first president with a daughter of not a high education, but she really wanted to be a barista. She liked working for her own money. Later, Eung Chan said that Yoon Sung was quite courageous for telling a father that his daughter couldn’t make it. Yoon Sung smiled and apologised, "I don’t know how to beat around the bush… Sorry." Eung Chan said that he used to be like that, but now he’s totally an old fox. He told Yoon Sung that if he had time, "Let’s have coffee one day. I feel ashamed picking out peas in front of my subordinates, it’s good to have a comrade." Yoon Sung laughed. 
When he returned to the Blue House, he saw Nana in the corridor, with a bruise on her face. As she walked past him, he said, "Kim Nana. Didn’t I tell you to be more cautious in taking care of your face, like a woman? To put something on your face, and put a band-aid on it, is it that hard?" Nana looked away and said that she would do that. That night, Yoon Sung recalled how Nana rejected him 
and he looked at the photo, the one in a shattered photo frame. He went out to walk alone…. and he saw Nana. 
As he turned around to leave, Nana happened to see him and called out his name. She ran towards him but he told her to stop. He told her that he should be the only one who escaped cowardly with memories, "It’s only like you to love to laugh and be cool. How long do you plan on being sad?"
Nana told him that it’s his fault for making her not being able to laugh that much anymore. Yoon Sung told her that he regretted every day for meeting her — "It’s a nightmare that I don’t want to remember." He told her angrily that he wanted her to forget him, to find a better man than him, and to live on happily. "To live on.." 
Aww! That’s like stressing that he has no future T.T 
As he turned around, Nana ran up towards him and turned him around, "Can you only say this? Say that we should break up, say that I should give you up, say that I should forget you.. I can understand… but how could you say something so cruel? How could you ask me to find someone else?" She told him that she would wait for him to come back when it ended, "If you say that, I will forget what you said just now…. Please…. say that… can’t you say that you will come back to my side when it ends?" She looks at him with tears and he looks back in tears too, but in silence. Nana let go of his arm and he turned around to walk away, leaving a broken hearted Nana.
And a broken hearted himself. Sighhh. 
So goodbye, don’t cry and smile~
Pil Jae found out who was the official who was the one dealing with the Secret Document and Young Joo went to his house to take a look, only to see that the guy had collapsed on the ground. While Pil Jae called for help, he told Young Joo that the authentic copy of the Secret Document was with Steve Lee. 
Sang Gook implored once more for Jin Pyo to just reveal the Secret Document so that everyone could know the truth, but Jin Pyo told him that the last opponent was someone he couldn’t imagine. "If you can’t fight with me, then leave." 
Yoon Sung was looking at the photo of Nana and him when his phone rang. It was a call from Sang Gook who told him that Jin Pyo had the Secret Document in his safe and that he’s not at home right now. He told Yoon Sung that he’s helping because he didn’t understand why Jin Pyo would corrupt other officials as well — that’s just the same thing as the other four members of The Five had been doing. Yoon Sung pondered for a while and decided to go to Jin Pyo’s house.
Jin Pyo came into the car and Sang Gook tried to start up the car. The car had some problems and Sang Gook told Jin Pyo that they would need to call for help. Yoon Sung came into Jin Pyo’s house and put the device on his safe, so that he could obtain the lock number. At the same time, Jin Pyo realised that it was Sang Gook who put a plug into the car’s mechanics so that it wouldn’t start. His eyes widened as he realised another thing — that Sang Gook had told Yoon Sung about the Secret Document. Yoon Sung waited impatiently for the numbers to click, 
when someone entered and walked towards him. The numbers clicked and Yoon Sung wanted to open the door of the safe when Young Joo said, "Let’s view the contents of the safe together, shall we?" Jin Pyo worriedly sped home in the car, muttering that Yoon Sung couldn’t look at the Secret Document, not yet. 
Yoon Sung turned around and asked Young Joo what he’s doing there, and Young Joo told him that he could be arrested if the Secret Document was found in the safe. "The only person who survived… and Lee Yoon Sung, the one who sent Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak to me, and caused Kim Jong Shik to commit suicide… City Hunter." 
Yoon Sung told him to have concrete evidence before accusing, but Young Joo said, "Isn’t the evidence right inside the safe?" 

There was a stalemate for a few seconds, and Jin Pyo shouted, "What are you two doing in my house?!" He asked why Professor Lee Yoon Sung was there, and Young Joo asked if they’d still wanted to continue acting — "Why did you two come back with fake identities?" He pushed Yoon Sung aside and opened the door, while Jin Pyo took out the sword…..but all three of them were stunned to see that the safe was empty. 

The Secret Document was in Cheon Jae Man’s hands. He’d successfully guessed that Jin Pyo was the survivor of the twenty one people and he knew something was up when Jin Pyo approached him so soon after his interview with the press. Yoon Sung told Shik Joong that it must be Cheon Jae Man who stole the Secret Document and it’s a pity because he wanted to confirm the Mission himself, what was it that made the twenty one people died. He asked Shik Joong if the shopping channels sold photoframes and Shik Joong asked if the sun had risen from the west. Turns out that Yoon Sung wanted to buy one for his mother, because there were no more photos of his dad after a flood. "Aigoo you filial son, okay I will buy the best photo frame." Yoon Sung smiled but didn’t forget to remind — "Don’t buy other stuff!" Hahahaha. Shik Joong held his head lol. 
Later, Jin Pyo told Sang Gook that it didn’t matter, because "It’s better for it to disappear… than for Yoon Sung to see it." He recalled the scene of Lee Kyung Wan telling Eung Chan about forgetting the Mission.

Yoon Sung went back to read the documents of the bodyguards of the Blue House, but found the book of 1983 missing. Someone asked, "Are you looking for this?" and he looked up to see Eung Chan, handing to him the very 1983 book. 

-the end-

How do you like this episode? I loveeee the part where Yoon Sung was fighting Doo Shik and It’s All Right was playing in the background! I mean, when City Hunter fights it’s already so exciting, and then they pair it up with one of my favourite tracks from the OST, that’s just… -clap hands and dance around- ( Lol I’ve observed that lately, my writing has taken towards a slightly crazed trend. Hahahah ) 

And on a side note, I really love Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung as well! Not to mention that I’m in love with the instrumentals in this drama, especially two. I’ve figured out that one is called City Hunter, so if anyone is interested, yep that’s the title. But I really want to know what the instrumental at the end of this episode is called…. help from anyone? Please? Other than dramas, music is one of my other loves, and I always get so hung up over finding out tracks. Lol. 
This episode isn’t that action packed. Instead, it takes a more emotional tone, with Yoon Sung trying to stop Nana from liking him, and yet he himself couldn’t stop liking and going towards her. Aaah, and the scene with Nana getting hit by all the eggs are sad D: though of course the winner of sad scenes of this episode should be the one where Nana asked him to ask her to stay, and yet he walked away. Sighhh. What a conflicted City Hunter. 
I guess I’ve raved enough about Lee Min Ho’s and Park Min Young’s acting (whoo though I must reiterate why I’m happy that Lee Min Ho did most of the action scenes himself — that’s because I’m happy that such a young actor has such great potential in him! He has amazing charisma on the screen, he has the skills in acting, and he is not even restricted in terms of physical capabilities ) 
I love City Hunter. 

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