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Lee Min Ho in action

Lol I’ve been wanting to do this post for quite a long time, because I’ve been watching so many behind the scenes and funny NGs that I wanna share with you guys here! 

So in relation to the previous post, yep Lee Min Ho leaps around the cars, especially in the junkyard scene, HIMSELF:DDD So exciting to know that hahahaha. 

credited to: http://www.askactor.com 

"   City Hunter’s” martial arts director Yang Kil Young stated, “While Lee Min Ho’s tall height is a disadvantage for stunts, his agility and reflexes help him create superb action scenes. Additionally, he puts in a lot of effort and does not spare himself. Working with him was a rewarding experience, and I enjoyed it.”  " 

Aahhhhh allow me to fangirl for a while:D I mean I have nothing, absolutely nothing I think, against actors/actresses who use stuntmen/women because after all, actors are meant to act, in a sense, not fight but this is why it’s so amazing to see actors who are so professional in their jobs ( I don’t just mean Lee Min Ho here, I refer to Park Min Young and Lee Joon Hyuk as well, and all the other past actors whom I’ve seen) that they don’t mind getting thrown about or risking injuries just to present the best visuals or plot to their audience!(: 

credited to: woraluck 

And this is the behind the scenes I refer to for junkyard scene! If you can find one with better quality, feel free to tell me and I will add it to my post anytime:D 

Hee I’m not that surprised that he didn’t use a body double because…okay I don’t know why I’m not….probably because Lee Min Ho always strikes me as an actor with a lot of determination and perseverance to succeed. But to see it in action is really awesome! I’m pretty that it’s not that easy to do rotations and kicks and runs on cars right0.0 and with just a few months of training, he could act out the punching/taekwando/judo/karate/whatever scenes so well! (I don’t care that some people say it’s too exaggerated, go away shoo) Ooh and just for your information, I cried again while watching this behind the scenes where Young Joo had a lot of blood and got hit on the head. T.T Lol. (Advanced tear tap)

If you will like to take anything, such as but not limited to: photos, videos, quotes etc, regarding behind the scenes and NGs, or simply trivia about City Hunter (in fact this applies to any dramas thanks), please credit to thoughtsramble first, and remember to credit the source I’ve stated as well. I’ve a really bad experience with someone, a total random stranger, who took my personal entry and changed a few words here and there to publish it as her own. So well, I trust that you guys won’t want to inflict the same -insert dramatic tears flowing out- trauma to me again right?! Hahaha neh I’m joking….but not about the credits.


I might do this kind of posts again, if I find any goodies to share! In fact I did view a few more videos with Lee Min Ho doing the kicks and rotations himself, but the videos are mixed in with other kinds of behind the scenes, so I won’t put them in here. Maybe in other posts. 

See yah! Any commentsXD



  1. Actually seeing this vid, I’m more amazed by the guy who shows him.

    Thank you for the post!!! XD I totally love BTS material since doing a minimovie on my own it’s so fun how things turn out or didn’t. *ggg*

    Actually seeing this vid, I’m more amazed by the guy who shows him. I’m into martial art for severel years now and can see that he is GOOD. His awesome body is already a clue.
    Some of the very fast and complex fights you can see that it was a stuntman like the fight between Young-ju and Yoon-sung on the stairs. The jumps were bit too risky for an actor. If you don’t have enough practice it’s easy to break a leg when making parcour jumps. Also the free climbing action when he was falling down the wall and holding on the windows legde THAT was definitly a stuntman, coz you can’t practise a hardcore parcour jump like that in only 3 month. Or maybe he had strong arms to begin with.

    But it’s makes me already happy that he did MOST of his stunts (like the car stunts) himself. ^^ I also don’t mind actors using stunts, hey those do need a job, too!

    I also thought that Lee Min-ho body height is his disadvantage for stunts, but it’s not necessary a handicap. My boyfriend is about 1,91m (6”3) tall and had no problem with the wing tsun moves. But it needs lot of more training for someone tall.
    I’m proud of Yoon-sung *g* He always looked realistic and GOOD his fights. (Who said it’s exxaggerated? Do they say it based on their own experience of martial art? I can tell you that it’s more realistic than every other Hollywood movie you’ve ever seen! Exepts for the jumps, I need to admit.)
    You know, no posing like “ah, I’m so cool when doing this kick”, the camera focus was on the moves and the fight and that’s why I also adore the director. I mean, we’ve got plenty of chances to see Min-hos attractive face and to make 1000s of screencaps, so I really wanted to enjoy only the fight once in a while. *___* Except it was HARD to get a good screencap of the fights.


  2. Yesterday I started collection all BTS-vids from Youtube, too. XD And there’re also some sub *___* and there are so many good fanvideos, awesome!


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