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City Hunter

OMGG okay I’m totally working on City Hunter Recaps:D But I’m also watching Behind the scenes and NGs of City Hunter (I LOVE WATCHING BEHIND THE SCENES, just sayingXD Who’s with me lol. ) and and and ah okay I know that Lee Min Ho didn’t use a stuntman for his actions, but still it’s so cool to watch the behind the scenes and see Lee Min Ho personally doing all the turns on the cars and props HIMSELF!

I mean obviously, I know that his fist is not so strong in real life that he could smash a window/a mirror, and that even though the City Hunter could defeat so many opponents, in reality, they are not even fighting, but it’s just very cool to me to see Lee Min Ho running on cars and leaping from here to there in reality :DD 



  1. no stuntman???!!!

    What?!!!! He had NO stuntman?! Can’t believe it! The fights look waaaay to professional to be done by a trainee with onnly 3 month practice. When I was rewatching ep1 today I totally recognize the stuntman when Yoon-sung is jumping over the boats on the river (the figure was smaller and had more black hair).
    I’m dwelling over the fights, they look so awesome and feel even better than any Hollywood production *___*
    I’m dying to get my hands on the behind the scene – could you PLEASE tell me your source? I’d like to see them in good quality and not just on youtube. And watching the BTS-pictures on the korean homepage of City Hunter it wouldn’t even load it and let me save it…


    • Re: no stuntman???!!!

      Hahah which is why I’m so amazed! I didn’t really pay attention to episode 1 because I kinda half skipped half of it lol. They look so awesome right!!:D

      Wow hahaha such a coincidence! I’ve just posted a post on the behind the scenes — do have a look! Oh, my source is YoutubeD: but it’s in quite a good quality for me I guessXD Yep I went before to the official website. It loads for me but I couldn’t save it the last time I went.


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