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City Hunter Episode 15 Recap

Haha I’m determined not to drag City Hunter’s recaps longer than is necessary…. but each recap brings me closer to the last 2 episodes which were major heartaches! (Lol if you’d follow me long enough, you’d have recalled how I put off writing Love Buffet Recaps for the last three episodes simply because I didn’t want to rewatch how the stupid Xiao Feng chose Da Ye over Ah Yi. Hrumph.) 

I love the instrumental music playing at the start of this episode — anyone knows what’s the name?:O Please I really want to know!^^

Young Joo fainted before his vision cleared and Yoon Sung left after calling the police. The secretary of Cheon Jae Man rushed in and asked if he’s all right because it seemed like someone had infiltrated the office. Cheon Jae Man knew that the City Hunter was here but wondered why he didn’t stop him. He said, "28 years ago, That Mission shall disappear from now on" as he burnt the book, but little did he anticipate that Jin Pyo had bought over the official. What the official gave Cheon Jae Man was actually a fake. 

The official also told him that Young Joo went to him asking for the document before as well. Later, Jin Pyo called Yoon Sung and told him to be cautious because Young Joo had already found out that he’s Jin Pyo and that the existence of the Secret Document, "Even though his father did so many crimes, but a father is after all a father."

Yoon Sung asked Jin Pyo why he got close to Cheon Jae Man but Jin Pyo told him to guess his plan of revenge. Yoon Sung looked thoughtful while Jin Pyo muttered after the call that Yoon Sung and him "To lead a peaceful and happy life, it’s impossible." Sigh, it’s possible if only you let go. Yoon Sung watched the footage of the surveillance camera and realised that it’s Cheon Jae Man’s sidekick who almost killed Young Joo. Nana entered the study at this time and Yoon Sung wanted to chase her out. She asked in a hesitant manner, "That thing… do you really have to continue?"

Yoon Sung told her that he would continue in his revenge. Something went through Nana’s mind but she didn’t say anything and said that they should go visit Kyung Hee and pick up Shik Joong…. who had decided to come home by himself. Yoon Sung was super happy to see him and said that he didn’t look like someone who almost died, but he answered, "Why should I die? I still have many shopping channels waiting for me." Lollll. 

Yoon Sung and Nana headed for the ward when they saw a young boy trying to take something from underneath a long cushioned couch (what do you call that thing). Nana went over and asked the boy if he needed help, before proceeding to lift up the longgg couch all by herself. The boy took the two coins underneath and Nana put the couch down again, saying happily, "Sis has a lot of strength^^" Yoon Sung scoffed at her.

Hahahaha. Lolll he’s always so taken aback at her strength, way to go Nana! The young boy revealed that he’s heading for the same ward as them, and that his mother was inside (the disinfected wards for chemotherapy patients)

Nana said that they would see each other often and asked for his name. "Kim Yoon Shik." Nana pondered over the familiarity of the name and felt that maybe it’s because it sounded like Yoon Sung’s name. Yoon Shik looked at Yoon Sung, who stared at him and asked him what he’s looking at lolol. Nana asked if Kyung Hee was coping well, to which the latter smiled and said, "I’m fine… but Nana, can you help me convey the message… Mum’s face is going to be stared at until there’s a hole." Lol, that’s because Yoon Sung had been looking at her without saying anything!

Yoon Sung looked away when she said that and Nana teased, "He has always been a little shy." Yoon Sung mocked punch her and told her not to say any nonsensical things. He asked Kyung Hee if she’s all right since chemotherapy’s really tough and Nana continued teasing, "Wow you have done your research?" Hahah. She left after that so that mother and son could talk together. After she left, Kyung Hee took out a ring and gave it to Yoon Sung, who laughed and said that they’re not that kind of relationship. "You obviously like her, why are you still like a piece of wood… It’s blissful to like someone, Mum wishes that our Yoon Sung will be happy." Kyung Hee smiled at Yoon Sung who looked thoughtful. He left the room and found that Nana fell asleep. He sat next to her and looked at the ring in his hand.

Nana jerked awake and looked at him. She told him that she’d thought about it and she would not interfere in his affairs anymore. "But you must remember to take care of your health, take good care of your health, take good good care of your health…. and remember to ask me if you need anything, I’m your best partner, remember?" She smiles and tilts her head.

Young Joo woke up from his coma and Pil Jae was very worried. He told him that he shouldn’t commit suicide even though he had been isolated, but Young Joo knew that he was set up. When he struggled to get off the bed, he received a video showing how Cheon Jae Man’s sidekick attempted to kill him.

He asked Pil Jae to check who was the one who called the police but he said that it’d be quite difficult — when Young Joo recalled the side view he had gotten of the person who had saved him, and he muttered, "Lee Yoon Sung." He immediately got off the bed with a worried Pil Jae (who reminded me of a worried mother hen) trailing behind. Yoon Sung and Nana were leaving the hospital when they saw someone from Thailand who couldn’t convey what his pain was to the nurse. Yoon Sung immediately went over and helped since he knew how to speak the language, and all this was seen by Young Joo, who later instructed Pil Jae to check up on John Lee (the supposed identity of Lee Yoon Sung)’s background.  Pil Jae asked him if he’s so bent on getting the City Hunter because of his dad, and he said, "To say no will be a lie, but since the City Hunter sent Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak to me, I shall do something for him." 

The president came to visit Kim Jong Shik and he went out for a drink with Young Joo. Young Joo revealed that he felt that it’s his fault for not being able to persuade his dad or catch City Hunter. "If he surrenders himself and confess, things will not be like the way it is now. Eung Chan sighed and told him that when he was young, he stole his classmate’s money but he didn’t confess even though the teacher promised not to punish the culprit. 

"Your father is like that… me too… suddenly I realise that to miss the perfect opportunity to confess is such a scary thing." Young Joo went home all tired and worn out, only to find that a very pretty Sae Hee in his home. She told him that she only wanted to give him some food and leave. She told him that she wanted to visit his father, but she thought of how much he hated her and decided against it. "My father…. screwed everything up…. you and I, and himself." Sae Hee’s gaze flickered. Aww! So now we know yet another reason why these two people divorced even though they obviously still care for each other. 

Young Joo described himself to be like a one-man island, but Sae Hee’s hands covered his and she told him that he couldn’t be an island, he was a bridge, one that connected people. 

"A bridge?" He smiled and said that indeed he felt more strength. Sae Hee said with a tinge of nostalgia that she’d always wanted to be his pillar of strength but she couldn’t help but be jealous that as soon as he got his strength he would be back as prosecutor again. She smiled and Young Joo looked apologetic.

Shik Joong asked Yoon Sung if they would still continue with the plan because they should just escape now to overseas, with Nana and Kyung Hee. Nana looked at Yoon Sung, who answered that "If this doesn’t end, I cannot lead a normal life." 

He smiled and said that he had already made it such that it seemed like Kyung Hee went overseas so Jin Pyo wouldn’t know. He left for his room while Nana looked thoughtful (and hopefully realise that Yoon Sung wasn’t going to America at all :D) Back in his room, Yoon Sung looked at the ring and murmured, "When this is all over, if I’m still alive….." Aww</3 Nana came into the room and Yoon Sung quickly hid the ring. She asked him when the surgery for the bone marrow would take place and Yoon Sung sighed that they still needed to wait for the results of the lab tests to see if he could donate it to his mother. Nana smiled and told him that she believed everything he did will be successful. "I like you^^" She laughed and said, which caused Yoon Sung to laugh as well,  "Ah it’s an ability to be able to confess so easily." "Why? Liking someone is good^^" 

During a break, the bodyguards sat down and started talking about City Hunter. Nana was pleased to hear Ho Shik saying that he felt that City Hunter was like a good thief. Since he sent all the bad guys to the prosecutor, it meant that he wanted the law to deal with them. She was dismayed when she heard Eun Ah saying that it should be the City Hunter who killed Lee Kyung Wan and shot Seo Yong Hak, so she quickly cut in with a very righteous statement, "I cannot bring myself to believe Seo Yong Hak." All the other bodyguards+ Ki Joon looked at her, as she tried to cover up her defensive stance by saying that Seo Yong Hak’s someone who would deny his workers the "workers’ injury" claim.  

 Da Hye showed her secret stash of photos of Yoon Sung to Eun Ah and Nana.  
Eun Ah smiled and said, "Poor Da Hye, it’s me whom Yoon Sung professor…" "What does he have towards you?" Nana looked at her with a smile on her face as well, and Eun Ah said it’s nothing. Lol Eun Ah ah~! What makes you think that Yoon Sung will like you and not Nana!:O Eun Ah spotted a photo in the midst of the stash — one of Yoon Sung and Nana laughing away.
Nana said that she would give the photo to Nana since she ‘spoilt’ it and it’s not a photo of just Yoon Sung alone. Lol! Nana took it happily. Yoon Sung tracked Cheon Jae Man and checked up on the sidekick, Doo Shik’s background. At this moment, he received an sms telling him that his credit card had been charged an amount of money — money that Shik Joong used to buy things from shopping channels. Yoon Sung followed Cheon Jae Man all the way to the hospital and saw him enter the ward for the chemotherapy patients. Inside, Cheon Jae Man threatened Yoon Shik’s mother not to push her claim for ‘workers’ injury’ because that would damage the company’s reputation and he’d have to give a big sum of compensation. Instead, if she signed the papers, he would even give her son a scholarship. He left after telling her that he would send Doo Shik back to her the next day, and she cried in frustration.  
Yoon Sung stayed outside the ward but heard Cheon Jae Man when he came out and told Doo Shik that he must get Yoon Shik’s mother consent of not pushing the claim the next day. His secretary came and gave him a list of the chemical ingredients they used in their products, that she would show to the public. He was enraged, "Are you stupid? If these ingredients are made known, then it will be certified as workers’ injury!" He tore the papers up and even muttered that Yoon Shik was a beggar, for he was picking coins again. After he left, Yoon Sung came out of the corner and comforted Yoon Shik. 
He asked why Yoon Shik wanted to pick the coins, and he replied that he wanted to buy a present for his mother. Yoon Sung smiled and praised him, after which he went to pick the remnants of the paper that Cheon Jae Man tore and threw into the rubbish bin. To which Yoon Shik’s eyes widened and he said, "To pick from the rubbish bin, that’s a true beggar!:O"  Lol. Yoon Sung went home and gave Shik Joong the pieces of paper for him to piece. 
Shik Joong told him that Nana’s in his room. Turns out that Nana decided to put the photo of Yoon Sung and she into a photoframe and placed it on his desk. He told her to put it away because he didn’t like photos of him were taken when he didn’t notice. Nana told him to put there for a period of time first and she started asking him about Cheon Jae Man and the workers’ injury claims that his employees were putting forward to the court. Yoon Sung got irritated and told her not to interfere in this matter, when he accidentally swiped the photoframe onto the ground, effectively shattering the frame. Nana couldn’t understand why he’s in such an irritable mood and she herself got irritated. Yoon Sung took the frame from her hands and said that he would throw it. "Whether you will throw it is up to you. I’m going." 
She left the room and Yoon Sung looked at the ring once more, recalling how Jin Pyo told him not to love. When he left the room, he found Nana still helping Shik Joong to piece the papers together and he pulled her out of the house. Shik Joong happily said, "Ah it’s time." thinking that they were going on a date or something. 
 The two of them walked along the bridge and Yoon Sung apologised for what he had done but he really didn’t like people taking photos. Nana said to return her the photo but he said that he’d already thrown it away, even though in reality he hadn’t. Nana saw a piece of gold wire on the ground and twisted it to look like a ring. She placed it on her finger and laughed that it looked pretty. Yoon Sung received the call from the hospital telling him that he could donate the bone marrow to his mother. He happily told Nana, who was very happy for him too. 
Young Joo knew that Yoon Sung wasn’t John Lee, because John Lee had a lot of troubles with the schools he went to in America. There was no way that a kid who got expelled so many times could get a professorship from MIT in just a mere seven years. Then, they passed by a group of drug traffickers from Thailand who got caught. Young Joo looked at them and repeated the word, "Thailand?" He then asked Pil Jae if he had any news of Kyung Hee, and the latter replied that nope, Kyung Hee’s name wasn’t even on the list of the patients who needed to go through the surgery.  
A nurse came in and put a player with old songs for Kyung Hee. Kyung Hee was pleasantly surprised because she thought that the nurse was young and wouldn’t know old songs. The nurse just smiled and after that she walked out of the room….. towards Jin Pyo, and told Jin Pyo that the patient was very happy. Sigh, of course nothing could escape Jin Pyo’s clutches. He smiled and thanked the nurse. I guess other than Yoon Sung, his second soft spot would be Kyung Hee!  
Nana went to visit Kyung Hee who lamented that she had felt so guilty. Instead of taking care of her son whom she had not seen for 28 years, her son had to take care of her instead. Nana told her that she would definitely get well and would cook nice food for Yoon Sung. Kyung Hee smiled and started coughing. A worried Nana quickly gave her water and she asked her if Yoon Sung had passed her the ring yet. "The ring?" Kyung Hee realised that she hadn’t and said that Yoon Sung was a shy one. Yoon Sung had changed into the patients’ clothes but he told Nana that it’s not his style. Nana smiled and said that everyone should wear the same, "It’s quite suitable for you!"
"You look so happy."
Nana told him of course she’s happy because now Kyung Hee could live. She continued telling him that she had a present for him — he would be allowed to sleep in the same room as Kyung Hee that night, just a special offer for special patients! Yoon Sung looked at her gratefully and said, "Thank you Kim Nana." Nana slowly clenched her hand and said, "I…." "What?" "Nothing^^" That night, Kyung Hee and Yoon Sung finally slept on the same bed — 28 years late, but that made it even sweeter. Kyung Hee started tearing and told Yoon Sung that in a short while, she could go out and play with him. Yoon Sung told her that they would be happy and blissful and Kyung Hee sang a song for him.    
Young Joo managed to find out more things about John Lee and he concluded that someone must have faked the documents because "John Lee and Lee Yoon Sung are obviously two different people, but Lee Yoon Sung had been leading John Lee’s life." He quickly called the people at the America side and managed to get the woman who answered to confess that it was someone from the Triangle in Thailand who sent the faked documents. 

Young Joo immediately went to interrogate those drug traffickers from Thailand. 

Yoon Sung and Kyung Hee had the surgery and Nana went to find Yoon Sung giving him the information that he wanted. He thanked her with "Bear Nana" but Nana said that she did more — she found articles which pointed to the strangeness of how only one production line of workers kept getting ill in such a big factory, and that the factory must have poured chemical toxins into the seas when it’s raining. Yoon Sung looked at her and said, "Kim Nana, you will do this too?" "Why? Is it because I did the work that you are supposed to do, so I suddenly seem cuter?" "Yarh, I told you, look into the mirror, have you forgotten? You… chicken Nana." Nana dropped her smile and sulked that Yoon Sung treated her like a farm, first it’s Bear Nana and now it’s Chicken Nana. Lolol! 

Da Hye started working in a cafe and told Eun Ah that maybe she should stop studying and become a barista since Yoon Sung liked to drink coffee. Eun Ah made a face.

And told her that she should drop dreams that wouldn’t come true. Da Hye told her not to tell her mother and she served the next customer who was — Shik Joong.  Shik Joong very cool-ly wanted to buy coffee for himself and Eun Ah, but turned out that all his credit cards were frozen. Instead, Ki Joon appeared charmingly with his own credit card, and Eun Ah was happy. Lol eh you are quite fickle eh?

Shik Joong was immensely, immensely unhappy and he went to the hospital asking why Yoon Sung stopped his cards. Yoon Sung told him that it’s because he’s spending too much unnecessary money on the shopping channels! 

He told Shik Joong to start listing down the money spent and take his allowance once a week. Shik Joong appeared hurt and said, "You, you have really changed" before leaving the room. Yoon Sung shouted "If you dare, you go and shop again!" but laughed after that. Shik Joong went home and packed his luggage. He rebelliously decided not to pick up Yoon Sung’s phone call, and Yoon Sung received a phone call from Nana, telling her that Shik Joong was in her house "It appears like he has run away from home." 

Shik Joong started complaining and weeping to Nana, and Yoon Sung appeared, wanting him to go home. Shik Joong started saying that Yoon Sung promised to give him a good life but now he wouldn’t even let him shop. "I  want to go back to the Triangle." "Where are you going??" Yoon Sung told Shik Joong that he knew he wouldn’t survive without him, and Shik Joong was like what survive without him and that Yoon Sung only said those words now. "I know I know I’m wrong, I will let you use the cards, okay?" Shik Joong nodded, to which Nana cut in and said, "Er… the husband and wife can go home and quarrel." Yoon Sung looked at her, and then Shik  Joong looked at her.

Yoon Sung was like, "See, such a disgrace." and hahaha they quickly left the house lol. This part was so funny! It really felt like Shik Joong was an unhappy girlfriend and Yoon Sung had to console him lolol.

Nana went to find Yoon Sung and realised that he had a mild fever. Yoon Sung pulled her down and rested his head on her shoulder, telling her not to move until he recovered. Nana laughed and asked him about his life in the Triangle, happily saying, "Yoon Sung Sshi you are in deep trouble. Isn’t it very hot there? Korea’s winters are really cold^^" Yoon Sung laughed, "I’ve lived in America before okay." She laughed at her own mistake and turned to look at Yoon Sung.

Who said, "I bet you are looking at me now with perverse gaze." Nana quickly looked away and Yoon Sung leaned up, "Am I really that good that you must grab every opportunity?" Nana muttered that it’s true the first person who confessed would be at a disadvantage, but she conceded, "Yes I like you, so?" 

Yoon Sung laughed that she really could confess in such a righteous tone and then he proceeded to pinch her cheeks, "Thick skin."

Nana finally said the thing that had been naggling at her for the past few days — "Why have you not say I like you before?" She pretended to be in a jovial mood but Yoon Sung told her seriously, "I like you… these words I cannot say to you, so don’t wait for them." Nana laughed it off and told Yoon Sung that he must grant her a wish this winter; she would think of the hardest thing to do. She quickly left and she said to herself, "Kim Nana, it’s not like you didn’t expect it, so don’t be upset." 

-cues the lyrics  "So goodbye, don’t cry and smile"~~-


After she left, Yoon Sung changed his clothes and put on his cap. He looked sadly at his reflection and murmured, "I have to live like this… how do you want me to tell you… that I like you…" Aww!

The sad music comes to an end and got replaced by the exciting chords as Yoon Sung sneaked into Cheon Jae Man’s factory and knocked the security guard unconscious. He quickly went to get samples of the chemicals in the factory while other people in the surveillance room realised that something was wrong because the guard wasn’t picking up the signals. When Yoon Sung quickly capped all his bottles of liquids, the three other guards came down and they turned on poisonous gas fumes into the underground room. Yoon Sung sniffed much of those fumes but he managed to snatch the mask of the first guard and put it over his face. Two other guards came and fought him but he managed to defeat them and escaped., not before pulling off the mask of the third guard.

With much difficulty, he managed to escape the factory and off in his car, he went. After he made sure that he lost the other guards who came running after him, he tumbled out of his car onto the pavement to breathe. At this time, Nana called him and told him that she had thought of it — that they would go to the temple to hear the bell chime.

I really like the colour combination here! Nana’s clothes fit the setting so well<3 I love it when, no matter intentional or accidental, characters’ clothes complement each other or with the set, it’s so pleasing to the eye!

Yoon Sung listened to Nana’s happy words and his face showed hopelessness. 

He didn’t reply and he dropped his hand to the ground, with a tear escaping from his eye. Nana said his name repeatedly, while Yoon Sung gasped weakly for breath on the pavement — a very nice juxtaposition here. 

But Yoon Sung was one strong City Hunter as we all know, and he managed to drag himself all the way home…. when Young Joo appeared behind him and said that he’d been waiting for a long time.

Yoon Sung turned around and put on a strong demeanour, "I went clubbing all night, you know the air isn’t very good" when Young Joo commented on his pale face. Young Joo told him that he really must thank the City Hunter who sent the video to the man who was working so hard to nab him. Yoon Sung replied, "I will pass on your thanks if I see the City Hunter." He turned around and continued climbing the stairs. 

Young Joo smiled and said, "You looked quite tired…have a good rest…. Poo Chal."

Yoon Sung’s foot stopped as he realised that Young Joo just called out his Thai name, the name he used when he was in the Triangle. 

-the end-

omg so sad!! I don’t know I just feel that it’s was such a poignant scene when Nana called Yoon Sung and she’s happy to tell him of her plan — something to be done in the future with him, but it juxtaposes with Yoon Sung’s situation, that he’d almost lost his life, he’d almost lost a chance to have any future, and then when he dropped his hand to the ground and let out a tear, it really just shows how he feels inside! Aahhh this episode has such an amazing mix of sweetness and sadness. We have the nice banter between Yoon Sung and Nana about chickens and bears, and also the leaning on the shoulder…but it then leads on to Yoon Sung pushing Nana away because he knew that his life will be in constant danger, and he cannot give her a future…. There’s something about a future which is kinda the main point in Yoon Sung’s life — he has no future. As a City Hunter working on revenge, his life centers around danger. 

Yet another cliffhanger here, and unexpected! I knew that Young Joo would probably come again to tell Yoon Sung that he’s hot on his heels, but the "Poo Chal" from his mouth was really just :OO. Well, it did take the slow me a few seconds to realise the significance of the name, but when I finally realise it, I was like EUGH OH NO! 

Hur hur and pardon me while I say — I’m really quite proud of the screenshots! So clear and huge lolol.   

Hope you enjoyed the recaps! Do comment hahaXD

Ooh and I realise that this must be the first/one of the rare dramas where I have nothing but good things to say every episode. :O But I just like this drama so much! And you have two amazing couples here — Sae Hee and Young Joo, Yoon Sung and Nana! Yoon Sung and Nana must be one of my favourite couples everrrr. 



  1. Anonymous says

    He truely lived that role as if it was written just for him. *____*

    can’t look in, but I’M from pipu.lj. ^^
    I SO loved this episode because of YS’s relationship to ajusshi. I wish them to take of all the time to live a normal happy life and always hold my head when YS says no.XD
    I already finished ep 17 and don’t want to continue either. I’m abroad couple of days so I’m taking forcefully a break, but I’M SO IN LOVE with City Hunter! XD Can’t wait to write about it on my blog. This way I can enjoy rewatching an rethinking. I’M already afraid of Lee Min-hos next drama coz I want to remember him always as Yoon-sung. He truely lived that role as if it was written just for him. *____* It’s also the first drama for me that keeps up being awesome and that deserves the hype for all the good reasons. Even You’re Beautiful wasn’t that good to deserve so much attention. This drama really prooves to me HOW good Lee Min-ho can act. I just hope he won’t be called to the big screen soon (like Lee Byun-hun and Jung Woo Sung) BECAUSE he’s such an charismatic actor. I want to spend more drama minutes time with him every week instead of just 90minutes every 6 month of a movie…

    Thanks for your recap! I liked it 🙂


    • Re: He truely lived that role as if it was written just for him. *____*

      Yes I agree with you, he really acted out the role so well!! And yes while I’m half waiting eagerly on his next drama choice (this shows that Lee Min Ho really has an eye for dramas after BOF, Personal Preference and City Hunter were both great hits, though obviously I loveeee City Hunter much more) but at the same time, I don’t want to stop remembering him as Yoon Sung! It’s like almost as if Yoon Sung = Lee Min Ho lol.

      Lol I always forcefully take a break when I’m doing recaps:PP It’s too hard for me to ahh rewatch it a second time and then have drama blues another time again:OO I love this episode too!:D Lee Min Ho acted really well. Ah yes me too! A movie is way too short, we need like one hour of quality time with him once/twice a week!

      Well thank you!:D I had a great time writing it:D


  2. Anonymous says

    HELLO! 😀 Yes your screenshots are lovely I LOVE LMH’S FACE HAHAHAHAHA he is so good-looking!! Whoo you’ve done a really good job with this site keep it up! ((:


    • Hahaha thank you:D I’m glad you like it:D

      Whoo yes he’s so good looking right! I love his hair, and the clothes he wear! The colour combination is so awesome aah and he looks so good in straight brown hair:DDD


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