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Lol I really should come up with a special name for these kind of posts other than a plain old ‘Updates’ Haha! 

Anyway, lately I’ve been watching Majo Saiban, a jap drama which I will probably do a review on in good time… recapping City Hunter’s episodes (Episode 14 is out, have a look!), trying to start on Hayate the Combat Butler but I’m rather unused to watching nonsensical elements hahah! Well it takes some time to get un-used to City Hunter/ Majo Saiban’s kind of plot, so I guess…. yep I will try to get back into the rom-coms again lol. Thinking of getting restarted on Heartstrings as well, especially since Yong Hwa looks really good there together with Park Shin Hye but I really hope things pick up soon, or I will just die at the end of episode 3 again.

Any good dramas to recommend?XD



  1. caught up!

    wohoooo – I caught up with City hunter yesterday and I’m fnished Ep.15 – AWE.SOME. Drama. XD Can’t wait to write about it myself, but first I can start reading your recaps. 🙂
    For random posts I title them as “Talk”, if I may suggest for you.
    I’ve heard of Majo Saiban, but need to look up what’s about or who’s acting in there. But my list of K-Dramas is so long, I’d probably need 10 years till I get to the j-drama list… But what I want to watch next is Muscle Girl starring Hongki. *g*


    • Re: caught up!

      Whoo you are finally back on track with City Hunter!!

      It’s an awesome drama rightXDDD I love it! I love it even more when I’m rewatching now to do recaps and I get even more reminded of why I love this drama haha!

      Oh great suggestion, I’ll think about it haha^^ Majo Saiban starring Ikuta Toma! I will probably do up a review on it, so if you can wait till then, you will know more about it(: Hahaha my list of kdramas and twdramas and jdramas are mixed together, I rank them according to interest lol^^ Ah, HongKi as in the FT Island guy?


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