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City Hunter Episode 14 Recap

Hello I’m finally back with yet another recap!XD

Yay no treats today, let’s just jump straight into this episode:D (Which I love absolutely ahh~)

As Young Joo ran towards his father and covered his mouth in shock and disbelief, Yoon Sung left and went back to his car. He muttered, "Just what have I done.." and hit his steering wheel in frustration.

While his eyes darted around as his mind took in what he just did, Jin Pyo called and said, "Someone who wanted revenge ran back and save the person he wanted to kill… then there’s no meaning in knocking down Shik Joong." Yoon Sung realised what Jin Pyo meant. Jin Pyo sat there calmly when Yoon Sung arrived at his house in restrained anger. "Are you trying to control me? Is that why you let Shik Joong Ahjusshi got knocked down by Kim Jong Shik’s car?" "No, it’s to fake it as if it’s his car." "You…. knocked Ahjusshi down personally??" "Well it sees effect immediately, isn’t it? I want the you right now, with eyes filled with fury and not minding staking everything just to get revenge."

I’ve already predicted that it’s Jin Pyo who was the one who knocked Shik Joong down, but arghhh seriously he’s too mean!! Yoon Sung replied angrily if he must control him that way by making Shik Joong tread between life and death. "If you want to stop me from being crazy, quickly send bullets into their hearts." He reiterated his threat to Yoon Sung about hurting those that he loved and cherished. Yoon Sung looked at him and said, "I thought about it… who is the one person that you cherish, I really can’t think of the answer…but there is one person….." and he looked down at the table, took a table knife, pushed everything away and stabbed his own hand. 
Jin Pyo leaned forward in shock as Yoon Sung continued with pain, "It’s me, that person that Dad treasures… will you feel heartbreak too? You should, that’s the way. No matter how you want it, I will not kill people. It’s only today that I realise utterly that our ways of revenge is entirely different, it’s dirty to the core and will cause only one’s mood to be spoilt entirely." With that, he plucked out the knife again, threw it on the floor and left. 
Omg scriptwriter, you are good. Barely 4 minutes into the show, and you gave me this heart attack??
Kim Jong Shik was quickly rushed to the hospital and Nana saw. She was worried for Young Joo but she left before he realised that she was there. 
Young Joo sat outside the operation room and he took out the mp3 that he had previously put into his father’s pocket. Pil Jae reminded him to check his SMSes which had been ringing non stop and he did, only to realise in shock that it was from his father — "Sorry… the next person that they’ll target is Cheon Jae Man." His eyes widened and taking the mp3, he rushed out from the hospital. 
Nana went back to Shik Joong’s ward and she was shocked to find Yoon Sung inside, with his hand bleeding. Yoon Sung raised his voice, "You should leave too, before you become like Shik Joong, you should leave quickly!" "Yoon Sung Sshi" "It was Dad. The person who caused Ahjusshi to become like that wasn’t Kim Jong Shik, but Dad." 
Nana’s eyes widened as Yoon Sung continued in a softer and resigned tone, "He will control me till the ends of everything for revenge. To Dad, I’m not his son, but merely his tool." "Let me stay by your side.." "Me, I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want to lose anyone… just let me be the only one to suffer this alone, to tolerate this alone." "Yoon Sung Sshi…" "Do you know what I did? It’s me who caused Ahjusshi to be lying here, even though I know Kim Jong Shik will die but I didn’t help —" 
Nana hugged him from the back. 
AWW<333 T.T -touched-
She told him that she also wanted to kill Kim Jong Shik for doing that to his parents and this kind of thoughts became even stronger when she’s lonely, so it’s not only him who thought this way. "So stop blaming yourself, for I understand too." Yoon Sung let down tears of guilt. 
Young Joo heard the recording in the mp3 about the seas where the 21 people were killed and he murmured the name. Then he heard his father pleading with the City Hunter not to touch his son, and his tears started flowing as he realised that his dad still cared about him even when his own life was in danger. Yoon Sung went to Kim Jong Shik’s ward and there were tears welling up in his eyes just as Young Joo returned and saw him. Young Joo rammed him into the wall and said through clenched jaws, "Do not get caught by other people because I want to be the one who catch you." Yoon Sung pushed his hands away and told him not to crumple his clothes. Omg I really love Lee Min Ho’s acting!! I mean, he was saying such nonchalant and indifferent words but his eyes show such a different picture!<3 

Sorreh, have a fascination with eyes during acting. They show so much life gosh! 
He walked away and Young Joo muttered, "You are not a hero, you are merely a murderer."
Young Joo went back to Woo Hyun’s office and requested to be allowed to work again. Woo Hyun told him to get a break and that he wouldn’t allow him to get back into City Hunter’s case. Young Joo calmly requested for working on Cheon Jae Man’s crimes instead. Woo Hyun gave him a Are-you-kidding-me look because Cheon Jae Man was basically an untouchable — he had so many ties with the high ranks that to touch him will almost inevitably mean that you are doomed yourself. Young Joo told Woo Hyun that if he failed, he would personally strip his prosecutor robes. Seeing that Woo Hyun was speechless, he took it as a sign of consent.
Ah, here’s another scene which caused me to really really like Nana! She came to Jin Pyo’s house and with determination in her eyes, she told him to let go of Yoon Sung so that he could live as a normal person with a blissful life. "What to do? Miss Nana, it’s easy to enter, but not easy to leave…" "If I will retreat just for such a few threats, I wouldn’t even come in the first place. I’ve always been working hard to get my own life. Don’t you love your son? How can you let someone you love do such a horrible thing?!" Jin Pyo immediately pulled out a gun on her and told her that he could just kill her then. Nana clenched her fist, looked at him straight in the eyes and continued, "It’s okay, anyway I’m used to being the shield." Jin Pyo smiled and pulled the gun back, saying that it would be a pity to kill her then.

She told him that she would use all her means to stop him if he continued provoking Yoon Sung and she left after cool-ly ending off with, "I should go back. Yoon Sung Sshi is waiting for me." 

Aaahhh gosh she is so strong and determined!!! ❤
She went back to a very worried Yoon Sung who asked her if she’s all right after knowing that Young Joo was the son of Kim Jong Shik. She said that even if she’s all right, there’s nothing she could do to change the reality. Wahh such a sweet exchange! You can totally see the worry that Yoon Sung had for Nana aww.

Cheon Jae Man knew that the City Hunter was someone hunting down the mastermind of The Mission and even though his sidekick asked him if he wanted to escape to America for a while, he said, "It would be rude to be away when the guest comes calling." That’s why he held a conference to tell the reporters that the 21 people who escaped to North Korea weren’t supposed to be heros like what the City Hunter was championing. Instead, they stole South Korea’s secrets and escaped, which was why they were killed at the south seas. Jin Pyo was enraged to hear his version of smearing the twenty one secret agents’ names and he said that it’s time to ‘pay’ Cheon Jae Man back with the dirty money. Yoon Sung muttered, "Who are you calling spies, so you have revealed yourself, Cheon Jae Man President." 
Nana was shocked too and she told him that the hospital should be under Cheon Jae Man’s company. Then, a nurse came running out to ask them if they were Shik Joong’s family. Turns out that he woke up!<3 Yoon Sung thanked him for not dying and not abandoning him in this world.

Shik Joong, after getting his bearings, told Yoon Sung that he had found his mother. Yoon Sung immediately rushed to the temple where the worried Ahjumma told him that Kyung Hee refused to go to the hospital in case her son came and couldn’t find her. Yoon Sung kneeled down by her side and she turned around to look at him. "My child, my son? My son… I’ve never forgotten you. You must be so sad that I couldn’t recognise you for the first time. Sorry, really so sorry, sorry." and she cried while leaning against his chest.

Yoon Sung had tears in his eyes as he hugged her back and finally said, "Mum." Aaahhhh pardon me as my tears start welling up here>< 

The doctor told Yoon Sung about his mother’s condition and that after the blood test, if Yoon Sung’s bone marrow was compatible, they would do the operation immediately. Kyung Hee told Yoon Sung that she wanted to go out but Yoon Sung told her to stay rested. She replied that as compared to living one more day, she would rather cook a meal for her son, because she didn’t know when she would be out of the hospital again. When they reached Kyung Hee’s house, Kyung Hee told Yoon Sung to sit down while she prepared the food. When she walked past him, he gently tugged her hands and said that he had hated her all this while thinking that she had abandoned him. He thought that she should live a good life after abandoning him and was angry that she was sick and ill. "To save your life so that I can continue to hate you, I’m sorry." 
Kyung Hee sat next to him and with tears in her eyes, she said that it’s her who should be sorry. She started crying and telling Yoon Sung that they should lead a happy and blissful life together for the rest of their lives. Yoon Sung wiped her tears and hugged her, saying, "Okay Mum."
This was all seen by Pil Jae who sighed and turned to leave, only to find Jin Pyo behind him. Jin Pyo said that he would forgive him this once for defying his orders ( not informing Jin Pyo that Yoon Sung had found Kyung Hee) and he looked at Yoon Sung and Kyung Hee still in embrace. Later, Yoon Sung ate the meal that Kyung Hee cooked and he picked out all the peas. Kyung Hee remarked affectionately and said that he’s just like his father. 
She asked him if Jin Pyo was a good father and Yoon Sung replied that he was (sighhh), even telling Kyung Hee that Jin Pyo’s leg was damaged because of him. However, Yoon Sung suddenly lapsed into a pensive murmur that those people who brought pain to others’ loved ones would be punish no matter what. Kyung Hee asked him if he would confide in her, but he smiled and said that it’s nothing. Jin Pyo was shown looking at Kyung Hee’s photo with a gentle expression. Cheon Jae Man needed money to buy another company and was informed that someone called Steve Lee was interested in investing 5000billion dollars. Steve Lee aka Jin Pyo went to Cheon Jae Man’s office and he smiled — signalling the start of another line of revenge. Yoon Sung returned back to the hospital to tell Shik Joong and Nana of what happened. "I have already asked about the hospitals in America." Nana was dismayed to hear that Yoon Sung would go to America with his mother to heal her illness. 
In the lobby of the hospital, Nana treated Yoon Sung to a drink and he asked her if she felt happy beside him. She asked him why he suddenly asked her that and he asked if she wouldn’t feel scared. Nana told him that Shik Joong woke up and that person(Kim Jong Shik) would wake up soon too, "So don’t blame yourself." Yoon Sung reiterated that being with him would bring danger to her every single day and she smiled before replying that she had already told him she would take charge of her own feelings. "I won’t ask Yoon Sung Sshi to be responsible." Ah I like. 
Then she let out a sound of shock when she saw Cheon Jae Man…. with Jin Pyo. Immediately, Yoon Sung told her to wait in the car while he investigated what’s going on. 
Jin Pyo was brought around to see the hospital’s facilities and he saw Yoon Sung behind the pillar looking at him. His expression became stony and at the same time, Cheon Jae Man’s secretary saw Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung looked at her and smiled charmingly (ah you switch so easily to become a flirter gosh lol) She nodded shyly. Jin Pyo excused himself for the gents, knowing that Yoon Sung would find him there, which he did. He asked Yoon Sung if he was worried for his dad but Yoon Sung replied that "I’m not worried about you. I’m just warning you not to impede my process." 
Jin Pyo replied that Yoon Sung was becoming more arrogant — "Look carefully, I’m going to show you how revenge should look like." 
Back in the car, Nana asked Yoon Sung if they needed to change Kyung Hee’s ward but Yoon Sung said that sometimes the safest place would be the most obvious place, so Jin Pyo might not find out yet. He wanted to go home but Nana told him to go back to her old house instead. 
She had already moved all her luggage there because her injury had recovered and she needed to go back to work anyway. "Are you angry?" "What are you talking about? It’s better this way because living with you, my fridge is constantly empty." Hahahaha Yoon Sung! Why say this when we all know that you are not happy you can’t live with her anymore:P 
When they reached Nana’s house, Yoon Sung leapt straight onto the couch hahaha and wondered if it’s really safe for her to live alone. "To me, Yoon Sung Sshi is more dangerous." She walked over to pull him up…but got pulled down instead!
He rambled, "Why am I dangerous? What did I do?" Nana looked at him with widened eyes and he continued, "I think of the money I have in my account…. and you are really a tad too expensive." Hahaha Nana laughed and punched his shoulder so that he would let go of her. He immediately asked her for money because of the contract they’d drawn up ages ago. "Ten thousand!"
LOL. Instead of giving him the money, Nana brewed coffee for him and happily said that she would think of Yoon Sung whenever she saw coffee packets or even the aroma of coffee. Yoon Sung’s jovial expression immediately changed and he left without drinking the coffee. Nana was bewildered and wondered if he really wanted the money, while Yoon Sung leaned outside her door. 
"The moment she sees coffee she will think of me?" He sighed and murmured, "That cannot be the case……"
Aww sighhhh just stop being a City Hunter and go lead a happy life with Nana will you!!
Ah this part is so heartbreaking — Young Joo was shunned by all other prosecutors and he ate alone, like a one-man island, because everyone didn’t want to be near him due to the Kim Jong Shik incidentD: Sighh…. later when he returned to the office, Pil Jae informed him about Cheon Jae Man’s take on The Mission and gave Young Joo the newspaper articles related to events 28 years ago. There were Lee Jin Pyo and Park Moo Yul’s name. He immediately went to the Blue House security administration office to find more information on Park Moo Yul. 
Da Hye rannn past Nana even though she’s back at work and Nana tagged along to see what’s up. Turns out that Yoon Sung decided to go back to Blue House to work and aaahhh when he saw Nana, he immediately smiled at her.
And she saw the smile:D
Omg so sweet lollll. Da Hye, oblivious to all this, threw herself next to Yoon Sung and said that they should go to the beach because she had a bikini. Eun Ah said that they should go to a pool instead before adding that she had a bikini too. Ki Joon shouted (LOL) and shooed them out because he couldn’t stand it that Eun Ah seemed interested in Yoon Sung now. Nana smiled happily and left, while Yoon Sung smsed her and asked for the money again. Hahaha. Nana happily told him that there’s a photo of his dad in the administration office. He immediately went there and Young Joo was there already. Young Joo passed him the 1983 book on the bodyguards in Blue House and left after telling him that he wanted to know what happened in October of year 1983. Yoon Sung turned to his dad’s name and looked at the photo. 
If you haven’t realised it, you should have realised now that Young Joo would have seen Steve Lee’s face in the 1983 book as Lee Jin Pyo. Yes. That’s why he went to Jin Pyo’s house and asked him if that’s the reason why he’s getting closer to Steve Lee.

He asked Jin Pyo if he’s finally standing under the sunlight now, but Jin Pyo laughed and said that he had always been standing under the light. Young Joo walked closer and told him that his father had left a message, just like his last words — "The next will be Cheon Jae Man." He was determined to find out what happened at the seas on the October of 1983, but Jin Pyo simply replied with, "Will you like to have a drink?" 
Since Nana didn’t want to return the ten thousand, she decided to buy him a tie instead. 
Yoon Sung happily chose one and checked himself out in the rear-view mirror in the car. Nana said that since she bought him a present, he must include her in his plans now. I knew something is wrong when he has this cheeky smile and says, "Sure, I have something to do later, you mustn’t regret!"  And guess what, he decides to check into a room with Cheon Jae Man’s secretary. While Nana felt offended, Yoon Sung fished information out of the secretary through a series of very skilful ‘flirting’ questions and ‘caring’ questions. He found out that Cheon Jae Man intended to get some documents from the National Bureau and that 5 billion was prepared. After he had gotten all the information needed, he drank with the secretary who happily gulped down the spiked wine, and fell asleep. Lol. Yoon Sung triumphantly fished out her office pass and left the room.
Hahaha Nana marched up to him with a HMMPH expression and asked him how he could go check into a room with a secretary that he only met once. "Well, I just went to the woman’s gym and sweated a little. She was hooked on immediately." LOL it’s amusing whenever Yoon Sung is so confident of his looks and figure hahaha. Nana continued, "How can you abuse your body like this? Use me instead" Yoon Sung maintained his stand that his alibis were all women and that she should leave the plan since she’s not helping.
"You have tired yourself out. I will drive." "What?" "I will continue to do this." and she walked off, with Yoon Sung insisting, "Hey I say it’s enough." 
Hahaha. Okay. Poor Nana, did she just like think that Yoon Sung had indeed done something with the woman??
Cheon Jae Man came to visit Kim Jong Shik and pretended to be sad for his state when he mentioned earlier that Kim Jong Shik should have died. When he left the room, Young Joo happened to return and told him that it was good timing of Cheon Jae Man’s to reveal his stand on The Mission, since he’s interested in what happened in 1983. Cheon Jae Man told his sidekick to get rid of Young Joo. 
Yoon Sung came to Cheon Jae Man’s office and after a series of very cool taekwando/karate/whatever cool actions, he managed to knock the guards out. 
He called the secretary and told her to meet him at the lobby. She happily rushed out of the office, while he used her pass to sneak into the office. He quickly stuck a devise on the door and looked at his handphone which transmitted the visuals from the device. Turns out that Cheon Jae Man had bribed the official to release the document, which I shall term as the Secret Document from now on, that the president wanted to release into Young Joo’s hands in the previous episodes. After the official left, Cheon Jae Man received a call from his sidekick and said that he looked forward to the news that night because the prosecutor was getting too arrogant. Yoon Sung realised that he wanted to murder Young Joo and quickly left, even though he knew that the Secret Document would be destroyed. He called Young Joo’s phone which was picked up by Pil Jae who informed him that Young Joo went home because someone called to tell him of a gas leak. Yoon Sung repeated, "Gas leak…" 
Young Joo checked his house but there was no gas leak. He called the security house who told him that no such call was made. Even though he felt that something was strange, he returned back to his car and was immediately made unconscious by the sidekick. The sidekick turned on a mechanism which automatically locked the door and gas fumes started filling the car. Yoon Sung rushed into the carpark trying to find Young Joo, while Young Joo woke up but he was already half intoxicated by the fumes. He couldn’t find the strength to open the door and instead, he piled his energy into one action — blasting the horn. Yoon Sung heard the horn and he immediately turned towards the sound. 
He located the car almost immediately and tried to wake Young Joo up but he had already collapsed onto the steering wheel. In frustration, Yoon Sung crossed to the other side of the car and smashed the window. 
He pulled Young Joo and checked his pulse. Realising that he’s still very much alive, Yoon Sung immediately turned to leave but Young Joo opened his eyes and grabbed his ankle weakly. Through a hazy vision, Young Joo saw the side of Yoon Sung’s face, and Yoon Sung realised that he might very well be recognised. 
-the end-
I really like this chemistry that Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho have with each other. This is why I totally approve and am in support of how Korean Dramas are filmed — the first few episodes are filmed and then released, and then the following episodes are filmed even as the drama is broadcasted. This allows a nice flow of acting skills to build up and even chemistry between the actors and actresses which make perfect sense in the dramas as well when characters develop from unknown strangers to lovers! I don’t really like how instead, Taiwanese Dramas are filmed such that the whole thing is finished before they released the entire drama. Sometimes, the actors’ hair don’t look the same, like they could have short fringe in episode 1, longer fringe in episode 5, and then short fringe again in episode 7. :/ 
Aaaah I love this episode as well! It isn’t as sweet in terms of romance as episode 12, nor as exciting and heart-attack-a-ful as episode 13, but it has a delightful mix of everything — suspense, touching kinship, humour (Lol when Nana saw that Yoon Sung was checking into the hotel with a woman, her expression was hahahaha priceless.), action and more suspense!<3 Not to forget that initial scene where Yoon Sung stabbed his own hand. Ouch that was super impactful!! I have never seen that coming kay and that’s saying something, considering that I have watched years of dramas haha! Also, I love how they portray Yoon Sung’s character so sharply, that he’s someone who would abhor violence because all he really wanted was to be a normal person and have a happy life. 
Ah I adore City Hunter hahaha. This is seriously quite good!

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