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Well it seems that Livejournal is up again -crossing fingers hoping that I did.not.jinx.it- 

Even though it’s up again, it’s unfortunate that I can’t post any recaps yet:P because of my busy schedule and everything, but they will come soon, I promise! City Hunter Recaps Episode 12 and 13 are out from here, do read it and tell me what you think of it(: 

Busy schedule = often finding times to relax one’s brain. I’m currently watching Majo Saiban, a jap drama starring Ikuta Toma! It’s quite good and quite satisfactory in terms of the genre considering that I’m still in a post-City-Hunter phase. Haha! I will perhaps do review on it when I have some timeXD 

Haha just visited dangermousie.lj a day ago. It has been such a long time since I caught up with her livejournal!! Reading it makes me feel like time passes super fast! Because she’s one of the first people I know on Lj here. Ah… time is short. No, I did not just sprout three words that made me sound like I’m going to die soon or something. 

Yes you can see that I’m in this totally random rambling mood. Shall spare you from further torture; see you soon!


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