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Gosh sometimes I wish that I think it through more carefully haha. I’m currently in this dilemma…. of thinking if I should go forth and make a decision. If I do, it comes off as hypocritical because after all, I’ve voiced out my opinions about why I dislike it….and to accept it now, wouldn’t it seem as if I have two sides? And I don’t like that, because one shouldn’t be hypocritical at all…. but while my opinions still remain the same, it doesn’t mean that I have to restrict myself just because of my opinions right? Besides, if I don’t ever try, I won’t ever know…

Haha yes you can see that I’m stuck. Brilliant. 



  1. LOL I laughed when I saw your reply hahahaha because I realise that I do sound extremely vague and a little confused in the head lol!

    How’s your busy life! It’s great whenever I hear from you^^


    • Anonymous says

      lol. glad i made you laugh. ^^
      Literally, I was like “Huh??!! LOL.
      I’m extremely fond of your blog and you even though we dont get to talk as often as before…

      My busy life… well, busy busy… and getting busier too. sigh.
      Whenever I have some off time, I squeeze in a bit of Super Junior comeback, and almost not time for drama (I basically just fastforward them and use my deduction to figure out the plot. lol). You?
      Also, my late obsession is the show Leverage, one of the best American series I’ve watched. It’s BADASS. ^^

      Love you much. and tell me if I can help. ^^


      • Aww you are so sweet!:DD

        Haha yes I find myself missing those long convos that we had last time over dramas, but sigh we both have busy lives lol! I can’t post updates as frequently as I want to either, because if I want to watch the dramas, then it takes time from writing.

        Oh yeah Suju comeback ^^ Wow that busy? Haha I’m watching dramas when I’m supposed to be focusing on my studies:P but oh well I can’t help it, die-hard drama fan = me. Lol^^

        Oh yes I’ve heard of that American series before!Was quite tempted to watch it but I rarely take a liking to American series. My favourite ones remain Prison Break, and probably Ghost Whisperer lol:P

        Love yah too!^^ It’s okay, my dilemma is for now, not bothering me but thanks!!:D


  2. Anonymous says

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