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City Hunter Episode 18 Recap


Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung started fighting the bad guys. One of the henchmen took Jin Pyo’s sword and plunged it towards him, who was lying on the ground. Yoon Sung saw that and quickly ran over to beat him up. He helped Jin Pyo up while the rest of the henchmen escaped frantically. Jin Pyo wanted to chase after them, but he stumbled over in pain. Yoon Sung quickly took him to the hospital.

Cheon Jae Man wanted the other company’s president to wait for a while more. After all, Cheon Jae Man had lots of money. It was only because they had to spent loads trying to buy another company, that he had a lack of funds then. But the president wouldn’t wait. Cheon Jae Man was enraged that it seemed like he’s going to go bankrupt just from a mere thirty billion. Dong Shik was sure that Yoon Sung was the guy who beat him up at the staircase at Nana’s house. He muttered that he needed to be the first one to make the move, or he might not be the one to survive.

Nana walked to the rest area in Blue House, and was amused to find Ki Joon and Eun Ah in a state of murmurs and gestures.

Eun Ah told her that they saw how Yoon Sung flipped Young Joo at the carpark and they were still shocked that that could happen. Nana immediately told them it’s because she’s a good instructor. Eun Ah looked sadly at Ki Joon, "Then is it because I’m a bad teacher, that’s why I end up with this kind of student?" Haha! In the end, Eun Ah insisted on finding Yoon Sung to hear the truth. Nana was going to stand up to stop her, when Ki Joon shouted at her and said that she’s only making an excuse to find Yoon Sung. He ran off with her bag, and Eun Ah gave chase, leaving Nana with a worried expression.

She went back home and looked at her handphone, murmuring, "I wonder if something happened…" The camera turned to show Dong Shik hiding at the balcony. He smiled (creepily and evil-ly) and he quickly walked out of the balcony to stuff Nana with chloroform. Jin Pyo was taken to the hospital where the doctor said that he had damaged his shoulder because the impact was very great. Yoon Sung received a phone call from Nana, but when he picked it up, it was Dong Shik, "So.. the City Hunter’s name is Lee Yoon Sung." He told Yoon Sung that he felt like he should have one last chance at seeing Nana, and he put the phone next to Nana. Nana’s eyes were glistening from tears of agitation, and she shouted into the phone, "Don’t come! I’m very fine, so please don’t come, it will be dangerous."

Yoon Sung turned around and told Sang Gook to take good care of Jin Pyo, before running off. He went to the aquarium, as Dong Shik had instructed and he tried to find him… when he saw Nana’s legs in the waters. He quickly ran up and pounded on the glass, "Kim Nana! Kim Nana!" Nana couldn’t hear him. Instead, she was gripping tightly to a piece of rope — the only thing that was holding her above the waters.

Dong Shik appeared behind Yoon Sung and told him to put on the handcuffs, "You do know what will happen if I press this?" He showed Yoon Sung the trigger button. Yoon Sung quickly snapped the handcuffs on and Dong Shik started beating him up. He took out the knife ( after lots of showing off, you know twisting and flipping the knife around. Tch!) and started lunging towards Yoon Sung, who brilliantly dodged and managed to fight him off even with handcuffs on. Dong Shik accidentally flung the trigger outwards when he was pushed to the ground, but he immediately grabbed it, looked at Yoon Sung… and pressed the button. Yoon Sung looked towards the aquarium in shock as the rope was cut off and Nana plunged into the waters, unable to swim. But as we know, Yoon Sung always gets this incredible strength, both emotional and physical, when his loved ones were threatened. He immediately fought Dong Shik, causing him to lie on the ground and Yoon Sung quickly took off the handcuffs. He muttered, "Wait for me Nana," and he ran up the stairs, before plunging into the waters to save Nana.

They sat for a while by the railings to get their breath, and Yoon Sung asked Nana if she could breathe. 

Nana pushed him away and was very cold towards him when Yoon Sung offered to help her up. "You almost died today," Yoon Sung said in a louder voice. Nana asked him why he didn’t just let her die then, and Yoon Sung said in a softer tone, "Kim Nana." Nana had tears in her eyes as she told him that, "Do you think that I would not wait just because you don’t make any reply? Me… I will keep waiting for you. I will wait for Yoon Sung Sshi forever." "Are you going to continue putting me in a spot?" "Let’s walk together… even though the end remains unclear, but at least… you won’t be lonely if we walk down this path together. I won’t let Yoon Sung Sshi be lonely anymore… I can’t live without you."

She admitted, with tears streaming down her face. She turned around and walked away, when Yoon Sung said, "Just wait for a while more." Nana’s eyes widened.

"Just wait for a while more… I’m already beginning to see the end." Nana walked away, leaving Yoon Sung. After that, Nana sat at home with a warm drink in her hands, as she recalled the sweet moments with Yoon Sung.

She murmured to herself, "I must continue waiting. He promised that he would return when this ends." She looked up determinedly. Yoon Sung was driving in his car, as he murmured, "Just wait for a little while, when this ends…. I will definitely return alive." Yoon Sung returned home and Shik Joong knew something was wrong. He calmly said, "Ahjusshi, I have something to show you." The next scene shows Shik Joong all wide-eyed.

"Wow this one grows to be very fierce0.0" Shik Joong remarked. Hahaha, I couldn’t help but laugh when the camera showed Dong Shik’s face.

Turns out that Yoon Sung had tied Dong Shik up and brought him back to the basement of his house, wanting to keep him there. Dong Shik’s phone rang and Yoon Sung picked up the call. Cheon Jae Man asked who he was, and Yoon Sung asked him back, "You should know who I am." Upon realising that he’s the City Hunter, Cheon Jae Man told Yoon Sung that he could have the man if he wanted. Later, Yoon Sung told Dong Shik not to be too disappointed. After all, Cheon Jae Man was someone who abandoned Lee Kyung Wan, who was his friend for thirty years.

Yoon Sung left the basement and Shik Joong good-naturedly offered Dong Shik food. But all he had in return was a death stare from Dong Shik, which greatly startled Shik Joong. Yoon Sung changed into his casual clothes (which included a leopard print pants, just saying) and Shik Joong came in, complaining of the man that he kept captive. Yoon Sung told him that Jin Pyo was injured and it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to join in the plans this time. Shik Joong told him, "A father is a father after all! You cannot let an enemy bully your father, okay?" Yoon Sung deduced that Cheon Jae Man had probably guessed Jin Pyo’s plan, that’s why the attempt to take his life. He printed out the accounts detailing the company’s finance, and knew that his hunch about Jin Pyo’s plan was correct.

Young Joo returned to his office and Pil Jae inquired about City Hunter. He was dismayed to hear that Yoon Sung got away again. "Again? Again? Again?" However, Young Joo told him that he’s quite satisfied because Yoon Sung’s façade had been spoilt. Pil Jae said that he’d be going to the courtroom to listen in on the hearing regarding the workers’ injuries, and he told Young Joo that he had organised all the information which City Hunter had sent. Young Joo realised that everyone, on the documents that City hunter had sent over, was staying in the hospital. He went to the hospital to find out more and happened to run into Yoon Shik and his mother. 

Yoon Shik’s mother had to be turned out from her ward and stay in a normal ward because of the lawsuit. However, she’s determined not to back down and that they would win the lawsuit. Young Joo gave her his namecard and told her to contact him should he required any help. At this moment, Yoon Shik asked when the City Hunter would ever come. He gave Young Joo a 100-dollar coin and said that he must give it to the City Hunter, "Tell him to come quickly!" Young Joo smiled and promised to do so. He returned to his office to find Woo Hyun for the permit of Cheon Jae Man’s arrest and was irritated because Woo Hyun said that the evidence collected so far was not enough to detain Cheon Jae Man. 

Pil Jae brought yet another piece of bad news — the hearing for the workers’ injuries didn’t go through. This means that there wouldn’t even be a trial for those workers. Young Joo was determined that he would use his law to bring justice for the workers. Jin Pyo insisted on carrying on with his plan but Sang Gook tried to stop him. 

"Didn’t you say that you want to carry out the cruellest revenge on Earth? Who… is the fifth person?" Jin Pyo didn’t answer and Sang Gook tried again, "Leader!" Jin Pyo answered that Sang Gook was right, but no matter what, he would have to hang on till Cheon Jae Man’s company was declared bankrupt. He wanted Sang Gook to help him make contact with the stakeholders, bankers and members of parliament. Cheon Jae Man was fuming mad that things turned out this way. His secretary informed him that the bank called to say that it’s already preparing the procedures for bankruptcy. Cheon Jae Man told her to prepare the plane tickets to LA, and he muttered that he would definitely not wait for his death to come.

The next day, news of the impending bankruptcy hit the news. Eun Ah was worried for her brother, because he’s working in the company, and Ki Joon took his chance of promoting his truly, "When you are looking for someone, you must look in the vicinity." Eun Ah smiled, but she was obviously NOT thinking of Ki Joon, but Yoon Sung. Then, Yoon Sung appeared and Ki Joon, Eun Ah, and Young Deok rushed up towards him. Young Deok asked about his relationship with Young Joo, seeing that Young Joo kept asking about him the previous day. Yoon Sung said that it’s because he knew his ex-wife, that’s why Young Joo was very sensitive. Eun Ah pitied Da Hye, murmuring that she would get a huge emotional blow if she knew that Young Joo had a wife before.

Ki Joon was sure that Yoon Sung had gone for crash courses on martial arts, that’s why he could flip Young Joo over. Yoon Sung told him that it’s somewhere where even Ki Joon’s entire salary wouldn’t be able to get him past the doors. Eun Ah looked at him and said that she had learnt judo to a high level, "It’s impossible to be able to do that within such a short time." Yoon Sung looked away and looked at her again,"Have you been drinking the green tea?" LOL what a good distraction Yoon Sung!(Y) Thus Eun Ah got distracted from her question and Yoon Sung was saved. After Ki Joon stormed off and Eun Ah followed him, Young Deok informed Yoon Sung that the president wanted to see him.

As Yoon Sung walked towards the office, Ho Shik came out from it, and he stopped Yoon Sung, telling him that no one should be allowed to use the Blue House for other means. "Why are you telling me this?"

"If I find out that someone faked his identity and came in here… it seems like my imagination has overstepped." Ho Shik looked meaningfully at him and left. Yoon Sung entered Eung Chan’s office, and Eung Chan asked if he’d time after work. Yoon Sung said that he could always have the computer lesson now if that was the case, but Eung Chan replied that he wanted to bring Yoon Sung to the good place he’d mentioned before.

Young Joo read about the impending bankruptcy from the newspapers as well, and he said that it’s impossible for the company to stop crumbling. Taking out the coin from his pocket, he had a thoughtful look on his face. Cheon Jae Man tried to save his company by calling on his ‘friends’, i.e various directors, stakeholders etc….. but Jin Pyo had the first step of convincing those people not to help Cheon Jae Man. In the end, Cheon Jae Man budged into one of the meetings that Jin Pyo was having with a group of officials, and he knelt down, begging Jin Pyo to let him go…but Jin Pyo refused to.

Eung Chan brought Jin Pyo to his favourite fishing spot, and thanked Yoon Sung for accompanying him to that place. Eung Chan answered a call from Cheon Jae Man who asked for his help in gathering thirty billion, but Eung Chan refused to. Cheon Jae Man threatened, "You do know that many people will lose their jobs if I go down too?!" Oh too bad Cheon Jae Man, don’t you dare use this method in guilt-tripping Eung Chan. Eung Chan told Ho Shik not to pick up calls from that man in the future. Yoon Sung offered to treat everyone to drinks and Eung Chan wanted Nana to accompany him. However, while they were walking out, Yoon Sung told Nana that he would go alone. Nana recalled him saying that he’d started to see the beginning of the end, and she returned quietly.

Ho Shik started to be on his guard, and as the music built up with chords leading to the heightened suspense, Ho Shik pulled up his gun and whipped around…. He found himself pointing the gun at Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung motioned at the bag of drinks and said that he had indeed went to buy drinks.

Nana asked Ho Shik what’s wrong, and he answered that, "I cannot hear that person’s footsteps." I really like this added information in the drama because it creates more suspense as more and more people find out about Yoon Sung’s identity. Besides, the idea of Yoon Sung’s noiseless footsteps… adds another dimension of mystery, and yet at the same time, unveils yet another cover of Yoon Sung. 

Yoon Sung returned home and Shik Joong asked if it was impossible to save the company. Yoon Sung replied that it would be difficult to avoid huge downsizing of human resources even if someone was willing to buy over the company. "Then, are we just going to watch those people be jobless and wander on the streets??"

Yoon Sung answered determinedly, "No, of course we cannot."

Pil Jae contacted the bank and said that it’s finalised — Cheon Jae Man’s company had been declared bankrupt. The three of them sighed over the tens of thousands of jobs lost in this crisis. Young Joo knew that Cheon Jae Man would try to escape and instructed Pil Jae to get an order of retaining Cheon Jae Man in the country, while he told Mi Ok to try finding out Cheon Jae Man’s problems with taxes. Young Joo left his office after looking at the coin once more.

He went to find Yoon Sung and said that he’s worried about the fate of the workers. "I feel that the City Hunter feels this way too." "Why are you telling me, you should tell that to the City Hunter." Young Joo passed the coin to Yoon Sung, and told him that a child who was a fan of the City Hunter wanted him to pass it to the City Hunter "and ask him to help punish the bad guys." "Then you should give this to the City Hunter." Young Joo told him that he would use the law to protect the workers, and Yoon Sung left after saying, "My lover is waiting for me." 

Young Joo gave a small smile before taking in a deep breath, knowing that he had a long way to go before him. 

Cheon Jae Man’s secretary informed him that someone was waiting outside to discuss about the company. She opened the doors to let Yoon Sung enter but she didn’t recognise that this was the man whom she was attracted to a few days/week ago. Of course she couldn’t, lol look at Yoon Sung!

Hahaha~ but he does make a good looking nerd yeahXD

Yoon Sung cut to the chase and told Cheon Jae Man that he’s willing to buy over the company, despite its huge debts. "If you want to stay a few years lesser in jail, the least you should do is to get rid of your burdens right?" Cheon Jae Man asked how much he’s willing to pay for it, and Yoon Sung put down… the 100-dollar coin. "Are you joking?!" "Your company has huge amounts of debts, we might end up in bankruptcy if we buy it over. You don’t want the offer? It’s fine." He stood up to leave — "Sign it. The contract." Whoo~~

Allow me a few moments of relish that Yoon Sung’s ‘company’ is called the City company. How..symbolic lol~

Enter heartwarming background music as Yoon Shik’s mother exclaimed over the good news. The workers all now shared some stocks in the company. It meant that they needed to pay a part of the debt, but it also meant that they would now have a part in the company. All the workers who had cancers/injuries because of the factory, would be compensated as well. Kyung Hee heard this and walked away, but she stopped when Yoon Shik’s mother gushed, "This is all because of City Hunter, City Hunter!" 

Sang Gook said that this must have been done by Yoon Sung, but Jin Pyo ground out, "These people… cannot be punished just at the footsteps of the law. They must die." Ouch. 

Mi Ok gushed over the miracle in the office — that the company was saved, and bought over by only 100-dollar. Young Joo heard this, "100-dollar? So it is Lee Yoon Sung." Pil Jae came in and told him that there’s something strange, "The order of restrain has not been passed down to us yet." Young Joo immediately called them to demand for the order, and he instructed Pil Jae to call the airport. The scene switched to the airport where Yoon Sung was decked in his City Hunter clothes. He called Young Joo and told him to wait by the office at 4pm. Young Joo muttered, "The City Hunter would come." 

Yoon Sung tagged behind Cheon Jae Man and henchmen but they didn’t notice. They entered the lift and Yoon Sung joined them, only making his move when the lift moved to lower floors where no one could look in through the transparent doors. He punched the two henchmen senseless, and looked at Cheon Jae Man.

Cues It’s All Right<333

When the lift door opened, Cheon Jae Man was unconscious and Yoon Sung carried him to the cart. He quickly drove the cart off, with Cheon Jae Man lying on the seat behind. With It’s All Right still playing, the scene switched to the prosecutors’ office, with the police lying in ambush for the City Hunter. Young Joo waited for Yoon Sung to turn up, and when a man in a black mask appeared, all the police (with the guns and everything, seriously0.0) ran towards him, only to find that it’s not Yoon Sung. The man claimed that the City Hunter instructed for anyone who wished to see him to don a black mask and appear at the office at 4pm. Soon, more and more people turned up in black masks, and Young Joo realised he’d been tricked. Then, one of the police saw a lying body on the ground a few hundred metres away and they realised it’s Cheon Jae Man.

The policeman turned around to look for Young Joo, but everyone realised that Young Joo had disappeared. He had gone on a chase for the City Hunter in his car. He tagged closely behind Yoon Sung’s car and drove faster than him so that he could turn his car sideways and block Yoon Sung’s car.

Yoon Sung looked at him as Young Joo winded the windows down and glared at him. Yoon Sung quickly reversed the car, but Young Joo grabbed the gun by his side,

and shot the tires. The car stopped moving. Knowing that he was trapped, Yoon Sung left the car and stood there, as Young Joo walked closer with the gun. Within a split second, Yoon Sung snatched the gun over and held it firm in his hands.

Young Joo was undeterred and he kept walking forward.

To the point that his forehead was resting on the mouth of the gun. He looked at Yoon Sung and his expression flickered. In one swift motion, he pulled the mask down, revealing Yoon Sung’s face. 

-the end-

Everytime I start on a new recap for City Hunter, the first thing I would do is to look at the ending, and then I’d be like OH YEAH THAT WAS THE CLIFFHANGER. Yes hahaha City Hunter has almost made it a point to have a cliffhanger every single episode, and I find myself classifying each episode by its cliffhanger! When I watched this ending for the first time, I was literally going AHH OH NO!! For this episode, we have the face off between Young Joo and Yoon Sung, it was almost like Young Joo VS Yoon Sung, Prosecutor VS City Hunter, kinda thing. I love it how Young Joo pretended to be putting his head near the gun, as if daring Yoon Sung to shoot, but what he did in the end was to pull down Yoon Sung’s mask (though it did occur to me, why on earth didn’t Yoon Sung wear the mask that was worn from from the top, instead of tug behind the ears??) 

If you follow thoughtsramble, you’d have noticed some of the trivia that I’ve posted in earlier entries. Wow! It’s amazing because now, after reading what Lee Min Ho mentioned about the thoughts behind the drama, and how he wanted to portray the character Yoon Sung, I can feel what he’s talking about since I’m rewatching it a second time, especially pertaining to the loneliness that Yoon Sung feels. 

It’s so cool and creates a strong impact to have Yoon Sung (from the City Company^^) to buy Cheon Jae Man’s company over for only a hundred dollars. Way to go Yoon Sung! Again, this episode focuses more on the development of the plot, as compared to action and romance per se. We have Yoon Sung telling Nana to wait for him…. I mean, that’s definitely an improvement from telling Nana NOT to wait for him.  

Well, I’m down to the last 2 episodes…. I’m kinda dreading it. D:


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