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I’ve been spending the past ten minutes grinding my brain juices to come up with a new title, but neh, you can see that I didn’t succeed. One of my readers gave a good suggestion of ‘Talk’, and I was thinking of ‘Thoughts’ but both just don’t fit as well as you know…… good ole pure Updates. Hahaha:P We will see howXD 

I always like to tweak certain things on my livejournal layout from time to time, because it gives me a new, fresh perspective on my livejournal…. and I always hope that they are improvements. For one, the note on the Sticky Note has been altered if you realise(: and I’ve also changed the name of ‘comments’ to ‘rambles’ which kind of suit nicely to my livejournal name^^ Yeahh(Y)

As to what I’ve been doing lately… I’ve been coming up with City Hunter trivia and City Hunter Recaps, and updating more frequently than usual (almost as fast as my usual speed last year). This is because I will be quite absent from next, next week onwards because of my studies and commitments, so I wanted to make it up to you guys by posting more regularly these few days!:D I’m coming to a close with City Hunter Recaps, and I foresee dramabluesX2, with the last 2 episodes being such a.. heartbreak. 

I’ve also realised that my Pi Li MIT/The Clue Collector Recaps have come to a hiatus. Indeed, because as I’ve explained last time, I’m not very sure if anyone actually needed those recaps; I’m just writing them for my own entertainment and any readers’ entertainment. I will continue writing them at some point in time, but probably not now. 

I’m watching Prosecutor Princess for a second time right now, and it’s still as lovely and enjoyable as ever! 😀 It remains as one of my favourite dramas ever. I’m also watching Hana Kimi Remake right now, and I’ll probably do a review in the next few days. Look out for it!^^ Majo Saiban’s review is out, so if you wanna read that, please do. 

All right, that’s about it. Remember that yours truly is suckers for comments, so please do leave a comment whenever you come!:D 



  1. “sucker for comment” ~ LOL. who isn’t as long as you aren’t famous. ^.~
    I’ll try to leave you comment, but my online reading about my novel is running and I first have to stand answer and questions there.

    As for writing recaps I feel like only writing for my own entertainment, too, but gee, I don’t mind. There will be also no complain, if I take break.

    I’m about to collect every City Hunter Trivia, too, and enjoy the BTS-Videos. Too bad, downloading from Youtube means getting 10 virus per video as extra, so I’m facing an annoying virus attackt right now.

    Have you already watched some Musicvideos of CH? There are so awesome one, wish I could do that, too.
    Take a look at this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRvjroF_8Cw


    • Haha lol now that you’ve mentioned it, just want to ask: How many visitors do you think a relatively good site will get per day? I have no idea0.0

      Haha sure. Oh your novel? You write too?

      Lol no for me I guess I feel obligated to write recaps for my readers, especially if I’m writing about the more recent dramas. In fact,there are people who have requested for certain recaps before…but due to either a lack of interest or time, I couldn’t take their suggestions up:/

      Thanks for the sharing!^^ I will get back to you once I’ve watched it(am really, really busy… that I’ve not watched a single drama in two days, and that’s saying a lot:P)


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