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City Hunter Episode 19 Recap

Well maybe I should have done those City Hunter recaps when I could, because those videos that I depend on for good screenshots in HD are currently not available right now. Psh. It defies my perfectionistic personality to end the drama recap series with less than HD-and-large screenshots. Besides, the new videos that I found right now, they don't load at one go, which means that I will have to watch through every second and sometimes, wait for buffering. Woes~ 


GOSH I just finished watching the last 2 episodes, and it’s so good!!!! Aaaaahhh I want to cry lol. Lol in fact I cried loads for the last 2 episodes. I wish there would be more romance, but the action was really good. Omggg wow this drama is really one of the better ones that I’ve seen! The last two episodes didn’t kill the drama for me, unlike Secret Garden where I don’t really like the last episode. Aaahhhh. Drama blues drama blues D: And how do you ask me to continue watching rom coms such as Heartstrings (no offense)? Maybe after a while yes, but right now haha it’s very weird to watch dramas with not much plot other than the romance side. Ah, I think City Hunter is successful because of its mix of genres. It focuses a lot on the plot which takes place around revenge, but nothing like an-ex-wife-seeking-revenge-on-cheating-husband. Nope, it’s something that is bigger and more exciting. Add in a heavy dose of romance along the side, and then it’s really good. Of course, …