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City Hunter Episode 19 Recap

Well maybe I should have done those City Hunter recaps when I could, because those videos that I depend on for good screenshots in HD are currently not available right now. Psh. It defies my perfectionistic personality to end the drama recap series with less than HD-and-large screenshots. Besides, the new videos that I found right now, they don't load at one go, which means that I will have to watch through every second and sometimes, wait for buffering. Woes~ 
Yoon Sung and Young Joo looked at each other, when the police caught up with them. Then, Young Joo said something surprising. He told Yoon Sung to quickly go. Without asking any questions, Yoon Sung escaped. The police didn't suspect anything, thinking that Yoon Sung got away because he got a gun and they chased after him. They tried to find him, and described him as the suspect who was wearing black, but smart Yoon Sung walked behind a pillar and threw his coat and mask into the bushes, thus successfully escaping. 

Someone came to help Seo Yong Hak get out of the detention room, and he happily got out. Young Joo was livid that Seo Yong Hak got out and he ran out of the office, only to find no traces of him. He quickly asked Pil Jae to go warrant an arrest order. Shik Joong was reading things to Dong Shik, regarding you know philosophy of life and everything (hahaha) and he scolded Dong Shik for looking at him with The Eyes. 

Yoon Sung said that he had something to tell Shik Joong and he was shocked to hear that Young Joo saw his face. He immediately whipped out his phone and said that he would go fetch his mother; they would leave at once,

but Yoon Sung said that Young Joo actually let him go. "He saw your face and he let you go just like that?" Shik Joong was dubious. Ki Joon, Eun Ah, Ho Shik and Nana were listening to the news about Cheon Jae Man's escape and Eun Ah lamented that City Hunter had a hard time bringing Cheon Jae Man to the office, only to find his efforts wasted. Nana looked worried. 

Later when she's at home, she looked at her phone and wanted to call Yoon Sung. Talk about telepathy. Yoon Sung looked at his phone, wanting to call Nana….but while I thought the scriptwriters were going to use the old trick of having both leads call each other and then the lines would be busy, both of them put down their phones.

Nana murmured in a determined tone, "He will come back for sure." while Yoon Sung murmured, "I will come back… alive."

Young Joo was reminded by Woo Hyun to catch Cheon Jae Man before the City Hunter do, and he was about to leave when Woo Hyun asked a question, "Did you really not see his face?" Young Joo said that because he had the mask on, he couldn't tell. "Then what about your gun?" "I found it nearby…but without fingerprints." Young Joo replied expressionlessly. Woo Hyun dismissed him, and Young Joo left the office, only to find Yoon Sung waiting for him outside. "Why did you let me go?" Young Joo told him that as a son of Kim Jong Shik, he would have arrested him immediately and send him to jail, "But as a prosecutor, I can't because what the law cannot do, the City Hunter has accomplished them…. you have won the law."

Yoon Sung told him to do what he's supposed to do the next time this situation arise again (I suppose he means catch him, not let him go?) and Young Joo asked why he didn't kill him. "It's the same reason as you." Yoon Sung replied, and he turned to leave with a "Thanks to someone, I will have to work overtime." Hahaha I like how he can insinuate things openly. (okay that sounds like a paradox to me. Oh well. You get my point.)

Young Joo said that he wanted to know about what happened in 1983 and Yoon Sung smirked, saying that he would have to work over time to find "Cheon Jae Man and the secret." 

Yoon Sung received a phone call from Cheon Jae Man who offered to give him the Secret Document in return for his escape. Yoon Sung replied that he would go find him instead. Yoon Sung murmured that the Secret Document was not destroyed yet and Dong Shik muttered that it was definitely not destroyed. Yoon Sung asked for information. "If I told you, would you promise me something?" Dong Shik wanted Cheon Jae Man to be gotten rid of. Yoon Sung promised him, and he was shocked when Dong Shik told him that Cheon Jae Man wanted to find Lee Kyung Hee, immediately after he'd seen the president. 

Young Joo had the search warrent for Cheon Jae Man's house and Pil Jae returned with a box full of things that looked like it would help. Among them, Young Joo found a drawing of a flower, which had another name as the sunflower, and he found a document with Lee Kyung Hee's name on it. Eung Chan was drawing the same flower and later he asked Nana if she could tell him who gave her the hankerchief. Nana remained num, but Eung Chan took out the exact same hankerchief. 

Nana walked out of the office with a worried look and wanted to call Yoon Sung but didn't. Yoon Sung visited Kyung Hee and told her if nothing would go wrong, she could leave the hospital in about four months. Yoon Sung asked if the hankerchief that she'd embroided was given to people she liked and Kyung Hee nodded. "Nana has one too right?" Kyung Hee smiled. "Then…does Father have one too?" Kyung Hee was hesitant in her answer but she nodded as well. When Yoon Sung left, Kyung Hee asked, "If, and this is only if, your father was still alive, it should be a good thing right?" Yoon Sung asked why she's asking that, and she said it's nothing. 

Yoon Sung met with the woman who knew Kyung Hee since a long time, and learnt that Kyung Hee married a man when she was pregnant with another child. "But the man soon disappeared, and the child too, after a month." Yoon Sung's eyes widened. When he left the place, Nana called him to tell him that the president was looking for Kyung Hee and that he said he'd owed her many favours.

Yoon Sung requested her not to tell Eung Chan anything, and after he put down the phone, he started linking things up — the other time when Da Hye remarked that both Eung Chan and Yoon Sung didn't like to eat peas, Kyung Hee remarked that his habit of not eating peas was exactly like his father, and his eyes showed comprehension of the new-ly found fact. 

He went to Kyung Hee and apologised. "I know who my biological father is… it's President Eung Chan right?"

Kyung Hee admitted, and told him the story of how she ended up with Moo Yul, who saved her from Cheon Jae Man. She asked if Yoon Sung was ashamed of her for being that kind of woman, and Yoon Sung hugged her, saying that, "I don't feel disappointed, nor ashamed…instead I feel thankful for being alive." Kyung Hee cried into his chest.

Yoon Sung went to Jin Pyo and said coldy, "Why did you raise me up and let me believe that I was someone else's son? I am obviously Eung Chan's son." Jin Pyo's eyes narrowed in alarm and Yoon Sung slammed his necklace on the table. "I will get to the bottom of this. You broke my life apart, and I will make you pay the price."

He turned around and walked away with his eyes glistening…. with tears from anger? hatred? or a tinge of regret… 

Yoon Sung sat in his car in deep thought, and when Ki Joon drove up in a car in the exact same model as his (oh well Ki Joon I know you can't wait to be like Yoon Sung right!) he didn't notice. Ki Joon was showing the car off to Eun Ah and he realised that Yoon Sung's car was next to him. He went up gleefully to say hi to Yoon Sung, who ignored them. Nana had a look of worry. Young Joo went to find Sae Hee and Sae Hee was like, "The only time you come and find me since ages, and you ask about another man."

Young Joo told Sae Hee that he knew everything but Sae Hee protested, "I said I don't know, why do you like to keep persisting??" LOL. 

Young Joo told her that he's so adamant on finding the City Hunter because as a Prosecutor he was super angry but yet he couldn't do anything. Sae Hee said that she felt like staying by his side that day, even though she left him. Young Joo looked at her, while she commented happily on the sunflowers. "Sunflower…Sunflower!" Young Joo muttered under his breath. He went to Eung Chan's blog and saw the scan of the painting he just did — sunflower. Young Joo realised that it's the same drawing as the one found in Cheon Jae Man's appartment. 

Welllll extra screenshot cos he looked great^^

Yoon Sung listened to the recording of the phone call that he had with Cheon Jae Man over and over again but he couldn't guess where Cheon Jae Man was hiding.

 Young Joo met up with Yoon Sung and said that he's just curious about something — "If the revenge that you had worked so hard for… if you realise that you are not part of it, what will you do?" Yoon Sung looked at him calmly and replied that he didn't regret doing the things he did, "Looking at those people suffering because of corruption, I would have helped them all the same."

Young Joo smiled and said, "Just like Yoon Sung's style." Young Joo went to Jin Pyo and told him that Yoon Sung's answer gave him great satisfaction, "But your method of revenge is merely blood revenge, abducting a child when he's only merely one month old, that I cannot forgive." Jin Pyo asked mockingly why he had to look for his forgiveness, and Young Joo said that he wanted to know the truth behind the 1983 incident. "Go ask your father… the truth that you are looking for is in the Secret Document, and inside, there's the ugly truth of your father." Jin Pyo reiterated that he's protecting the nation he loved and Young Joo said that he would catch him, but Jin Pyo remarked, "I'm afraid then you will have to prosecute the whole nation." 

Yoon Sung was super stressed out and he shouted at Shik Joong for talking too much, "I have to find out where he's hiding. I need to find that Secret Document, and determine one thing!" Later he apologised, but Shik Joong said that it's his fault. Cheon Jae Man told his henchmen that he'd sent something important to Young Joo but now he wanted it back.Sae Hee went into Young Joo's appartment to take the jacket that she left on his sofa and Young Joo called her if they would have lunch together. Sae Hee agreed happily (aaah I love this couple) when the bell rang. Sae Hee went to open the door, while the music built up a little. But it was only the postman who delivered a parcel. Sae Hee opened for Young Joo, who was shocked to hear Sae Hee reading the title of the book, "Containing secret documents secured until 2030." Young Joo immediately sped home. 

The bell rang again, and Sae Hee went to open the door. She gasped when the group of henchmen stepped towards her, and cornered her at the wall. She refused to hand over the document, since she knew it was important, but she got slapped instead. When Young Joo ran past the lift, the group of henchmen left and the leader even smirked at Young Joo. Feeling that something was wrong, Young Joo quickly ran to his home, and tried to find Sae Hee. He found her gagged and bound in one of his rooms and quickly took out the cloth in her mouth. Sae Hee told him worriedly that they'd gotten the Secret Document but Young Joo hugged her tightly and ground out, "They actually drag you into this." 

Yoon Sung suddenly realised, while listening to the recording, that Cheon Jae Man was at the junk scrapyard.

He found the car plate number of the car that Cheon Jae Man had escaped in, and traced it to one of the junkyards in Seoul. 

Later at the hospital, Sae Hee assured Young Joo that she's all right and Young Joo apologised again.

He said that she's always like that — claiming that she's all right when she might not be. Sae Hee told him that…. "I feel like giving you a chance… taking care of Young Joo makes me happy."

Young Joo's eyes lit up at what she said, and she smiled, "If I give you a chance again, will you do your best this time?" Cheon Jae Man sent an sms to Jin Pyo, telling him that the Secret Document was in the Seoul junkyard and come and get it. A moment later, Yoon Sung got the sms, except it said that it was from the City Hunter.

(ARGH THIS JIN PYO I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE) Sae Hee saw how his eyes widened at the sms and knew that he wanted to go off somewhere again.

Instead of feeling pift, this time, Sae Hee smiled and said that she'd get a good sleep at the hospital.

Young Joo clasped her hands

 and said that they would have lunch together when he's back, and "Your promise to me, consider it done." He left and Sae Hee smiled prettily while waving goodbye,

and Young Joo turned around to give a contented smile before walking off, dashing and cool. 

Okay you would have noticed that there's a lot of screenshots for this part! That's because I really, really adore this setting and script. Really.   To be honest, everyone I knew all cried at the end of this episode. For me, I started crying from the hospital part, because I could guess what was going to come later (when you have this kind of sweet moments and script like, wait for me to come back kinda thing, that's it, something bad's gonna happen and no one's coming backD:) and all I was thinking of was, "Oh no don't go Young Joo." Besides, the both of them are so sweet, I cried partly because I was touched! Sae Hee finally wanted to give Young Joo another chance, and Young Joo was so grateful for it. Sighhh. 

Young Joo went to find Cheon Jae Man, and found himself surrounded by henchmen. Cheon Jae Man was like, "I've asked Jin Pyo to come, and yet you turn up."

Young Joo realised that he was set up by Jin Pyo and he tried to run after Cheon Jae Man told him that the Secret Document was in a car that's going to be scrapped. The henchmen started beating him up and he lay on the ground. Yoon Sung arrived at the very same junkyard and fought his way through. 

Pardon those crappy blurry screenshots, but I really couldn't resist:P 

Cheon Jae Man heard those beating-up-flesh sounds and muttered, "City Hunter." Immediately, Young Joo got up from the ground and ran towards the door. However, instead of escaping, this guy locked the door and waved the bat in his hands to ward off the approaching henchmen.

He quickly smsed Yoon Sung to tell him where the Secret Document was and Yoon Sung saw the message. Young Joo threw the phone on the floor and declared that no one was getting out of there. The henchmen started beating him up while he tried his best to guard the door. 

Yoon Sung saw where the car was and he ran there. The huge block of metal was slowly making its way towards the car, when Yoon Sung darted into the car and looked frantically for the document. He knew that the metal was crushing down, and suspense built up as he desperately tried to find the document.

At the very last moment, he found it under the cover and he pulled out of the car, just when the metal started crushing the car.


Cheon Jae Man walked past Young Joo, who grabbed his leg and said that he wouldn't let him go just like that. Cheon Jae Man commented that he had a boat waiting for him, and he would escape by the seas. There's no way he could stop him in his condition. Young Joo pulled himself up, by using Cheon Jae Man as a 'pole' and started listing out the crimes that Cheon Jae Man was out for,

and he continued, "for the jail term of a maximum punishment of 22 years and 6 months –" Cheon Jae Man smiled at his henchman, who heaved the bat up, and hit it down on Young Joo's brain. 

Okay I started crying. 

Young Joo's face slackened in shock and pain 

as he loosened his grip on Cheon Jae Man's shirt and collapsed to the ground. Cheon Jae Man left the room but was afraid when he saw Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung grabbed a bat and managed to deal with all the henchmen in his way, but Cheon Jae Man escaped. Yoon Sung ran into the room instead, and he was shocked to see Young Joo lying there in a pool of blood. Young Joo was glad to see that he had the Secret Document and told him to use that to reveal the truth to fellow people.

Yoon Sung reminded him not to talk because his life was in danger, and Young Joo told him to go catch Cheon Jae Man — "He's at the harbour. I can't go." Omg more tears came. Such a poignant line — I can't go now. AAAH DD: 

He smiled at Yoon Sung and said, "My father, I hope you can forgive him." and he closed his eyes, before his head lurched to the ground.

Yoon Sung shouted his name, and shook him. 

–the end–

OMG okay you should have noticed that this recap is extra long, with much more screenshots. But this episode was really soDDD: I wanted to capture more screenshots of the sweet moment between Sae Hee and Young Joo, knowing that it won't happen ever again. Haiz. I've watched that scene where Young Joo died thrice, and all times I cried. I mean, even though each time, I lost less tears, but the sadness was still there…because I find the script absolutely amazing, and Lee Joon Hyuk was amazing here! He carried off that moment of being hit, to the point of death so well. I'm so glad that he had exercised his potential in this great drama:DD 

Of course, it remains a pity that Nana and Yoon Sung's relationship sees no progress at all. Other than the part at the front where both expressed their faith that  Yoon Sung would return alive, there's a halt. But it's okay! Because I really see no way that they can develop this romance line of plot other than sacrificing the revenge, and that will not be good. at all. Instead, I really like how a lot of attention in this drama is focussed on developing Sae Hee's and Young Joo's relationship. (Sigh, join me in sighing once again.) I guess I'm quite hung up over this because I've rarely seen a drama where I like the lead and the lead died (don't quote Iris for me, because I didn't watch it(:) so it was awfully sad for me! 

I think it's partly because I've guessed that he'd die that it makes the hospital scene really, really touching. Imagine…. if you will never see the person again, what would you have done? Hold on to that person and never let go?  It's also very poignant that Young Joo died as a Prosecutor. He didn't die as Sae Hee's ex-husband, not as Nana's long legged Uncle, and not even as Yoon Sung's 'rival'. He remained as a Prosecutor till the very end. I was wondering at first, if Sae Hee had refused to let him go, then would he be safe? But… my conclusion is that…Sae Hee would never NOT let him go, because she likes that side of him — focussed as a Prosecutor…and perhaps Young Joo even placed being a Prosecutor over everything else.

I also really like Yoon Sung's understanding towards Kyung Hee. He's not ashamed of his mother, despite knowing how he came about, and how Moo Yul married Kyung Hee… because he appreciated the very fact that he's alive. He is someone whose future is constantly jeopardized, and I guess this makes him understand the meaning of life even better. 

One last recap to go, and I miss this drama loads. 



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