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Lj scribe, and mini scoops of updates

Hello guys!

My week is slowly ending and entering yet another week of insanity. It will be crazy with my studies and hence, recaps will come later, but I will still post regularly. 

I'm currently watching Heartstrings now, finally I get some sense of what's going on and am finally interested in the characters. Phew. I thought it had lost me. It really depends on various factors if I will do recaps for Heartstrings, because as you know, (well if you don't I'm telling you now:P) those take lots of timeD: but it will be so fun to do the recaps… so we shall see how!

Was planning to come up with either a City Hunter recap or a Hana Kimi one today, but somehow, Internet's not on my side, and hence the videos wouldn't load, and then I can't rewatch it (even though I have a pretty good memory for what happened in dramas, I'd rather watch it again so as to avoid any possible discrepencies in recaps) and then you don't have the recaps. ><. Lol. Since today's my only free day in the upcoming days, I must apologise that the recaps might come late! 

Oh right, and out of some fun, I've decided to partake in this lj-scribe contest. This is one of the livejournals that are probably owned by the Livejournal people, I don't know, and they have weekly contests, which you might have heard of. So I'm participating in this week/month 's theme where we had to write a limerick based on the social media, and here's my entry! http://lj-scribe.livejournal.com/256533.html It will be really great if you could take some time to help vote for me, as finalists are chosen based on the number of +1s they have. 

Please do vote only if you think it's good! So read it haha, it wouldn't take long, it's only five lines. 



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