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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 5 Recap

Haha yes I’m insanely busy these few days, and for many more days in the impending future, (yes and City Hunter Recaps are naggling at the back of mind, making me feel guilty. Hmm. ) But I thought it would be fun to do a recap on this drama, which would not take me much time!:D 

Mizuki worries about Nakatsu’s confession to her but Sano gives no advice. The Dorm 2 students realise that the Chef is out for holiday yet again, and he wants them to pay for their own electricity and food. While they worry over their predicament, the Dorm 1 students are nonchalent about it — after all, they have their weapon — muscles! Dorm 3 fears not either, because they depend on their looks. When Mizuki returns to her dorm to take her piggy bank, she notices Sano’s worn out shoes. Dorm 2 pools their money together but they could only come up with a pool of coins. Umeda promises someone on the other line that he will get things done. 

Dorm 2 continues to worry over the money and Mizuki asks if they need money to fund their club activities as well. Nakatsu replies that they all have to buy their own equipment and Mizuki looks thoughtful. At this moment, Umeda bursts in announcing that he has a good deal for them. Nanba brings his uncle aside to ask him what tricks he has up his sleeves but Umeda continues his proposal — offering them a job on the beach (and Dorm 2 immediately associates the beach with girls clad in bikinis.) They volunteer happily and Mizuki puts up her hand excitedly, "If there’s money to be paid, I will go too!" Nakatsu announces that if Mizuki is going then so will he. So this is how Dorm 2 gets roped in to work…except that instead of working with girls clad in bikinis, they are made to work at the baths operated by Nanba’s mother. 

Nanba’s mother, Io, starts to size up Nakatsu’s and Sano’s muscles hahah by touching their shoulders and chest. She passes them and moves on to Mizuki, who gives her a startled look. They are distracted by the arrival of another part-timer called Makita Io looks closely at Mizuki and tells Makita to teach her how to set the towels since she has not much muscles. The rest enters the baths with Io and suddenly Sano is ‘attacked’ by this female, who turns out to be Sano’s greatest fan and also Kagurazaka’s sister. Kagurazaka asks what they are doing there and Nakatsu smugly replies that they are working for the summer. 

Later, Nakatsu sees how close Mizuki sits next to Makita and he gets angry and suspicious of Makita, thinking that he has a motive. He thinks that something is wrong. Makita asks Mizuki if she can cope and asks why there’s a girl among the boys. 

Mizuki is stunned but answers hurriedly that she’s a guy. Io-san comes in to give more tasks to do and Mizuki assures herself that her secret was not found out. She asks Io-san if she can have more shifts and Io-san agrees. Dorm 2 complains that Io-san works them really hard but Mizuki says that she’s still going back, though on the pretext that she wants to make herself useful for the summer. Dorm 1 returns all haggard but claims that they did well, and so did Dorm 3, but one can tell that they must have suffered throughout the day trying to earn money. 

The next day, Dorm 1 tries to teach some kids judo/taekwando but scares them away instead. Dorm 3 has to use Oscar to attract old aunties who will pay to watch him sing and accompany them to dance. (Poor Oscar!) The St.Blossom girls (once again behave rather eerily like brainless bimbos, I’m sorry:P) are arranging the flowers and thinking of Hibrai’s instructions for them to encourage the male students. Sano leaves the room because he wants to go running and Mizuki happily says bye to him. She goes to the laundry room to wash her clothes and after she does her job, she looks at the magazine showing the catalogue of sports shoes. Nakatsu asks if she’s buying that for Sano, and she answers yes, without realising that Nakatsu feels sad. 

Nakatsu emos alone in the small corner and Kayashima comes to cheer him up.He tells him that everything should be fine if Nakatsu remains as who he is. Nakatsu is grateful for his kind and sincere words, and gives him a big brotherly hug. Then we have yet another scene of the St Blossom girls exclaiming brainlessly over fireflies (Lol don’t get me wrong; they do create the necessary comic effect, but they are so…brainless!) which are actually nothing more than lights on Dorm 1 students. Well, they do get some thing out of it — bentos prepared by the girls themselves, and they gulp the bentos down right in front of Dorm 2. 

A Dorm 2 student observes that Sano’s pretty popular with girls lately, causing Mizuki to look down. The next day, a group of big burly guys comes to exhort money from random workers, but they are chased away by Makita, much to the admiration of other boys. Sano witnesses this. Nakatsu hears about this incident and has a thoughtful look on his face, but this is interrupted by Io’s announcement that as a reward for their hard work, they can use the baths. Mizuki avoids going in with them and Kagurazaka’s sister comes in to tell Mizuki that she’s going to confess to Sano. 

Later, MIzuki goes to the baths alone and she gets a shock when she hears the outside doors closing. She quickly uses a towel to cover herself but drops it in another bout of shock when she sees Io. Seeing everything, Io realises that she’s a girl. As a mother, Io disapproves of Mizuki entering a boys’ school just to help Sano, but as a fellow woman, she can see that Mizuki likes Sano. Mizuki doesn’t agree with her (well, she thinks that she’s not in love with Sano… right…) but she ponders over Io’s suggestion. She sees Sano outside the baths and wants to go home with him, when Juri appears with a cake that she had baked. 

Sano rejects her present, claiming that he doesn’t like sweet stuff but Juri murmurs that if it’s something that Ashiya had made, then he would accept it. Sano recalls himself accepting the snacks that Mizuki made for him, and he runs up to Juri, telling her that he will accept it since she has gone to the troubles of baking it. They walk back to their schools together, much to Mizuki’s unhappiness. Mizuki waits for Sano to return and after Sano says that the cake is actually nothing, she shouts ( in the demure Japanese girls way) that he leads the girls on simply because he doesn’t know what’s going on. Both of them mutter under their breaths, "You simply don’t get it at all."

The three leaders of the dorm gets into trouble for selling the antiques that Nakatsu found a few days ago, because they actually belong to the school. Nakatsu requests for Sano to watch over Mizuki, before he gets carted off by the three leaders to help them get the antiques back. Sano takes over Nakatsu’s shift and when he leaves to dump the rubbish, he sees Makita talking to the three burly guys (that bullied Mizuki). He goes back into the room without a word but Makita feels the hostility when he returns, especially since the other day, Sano remarked in irritation for Makita not to call Mizuki ‘Mizuki-chan’. Sano says that indeed, he does not have the rights to care who Mizuki goes out with, but "with you, that’s different." Makita asks mockingly if those were the words of a friend, or as a male. Sano stares at him and he leaves the room. 

Sano waits by Mizuki’s locker so that he can be assured that they are leaving together, but he gets pulled away by Tanami, who is bent on her confession. Mizuki is dismayed and runs off first. Makita follows in his car and invites Mizuki in for a drive. When Nakatsu observes that Mizuki is not back yet, someone replies that he saw Mizuki getting into Makita’s car. Nakatsu turns to Sano, "I thought that I asked you to watch over her." Sano realises that something is wrong and runs out of the school, with Nakatsu following behind. Mizuki answers, "We are just friends, " to Makita’s question about her relationship with Sano, and that’s like oh-no-more-obstacles to Makita, who proceeds to unbuckle his seatbelt and attempts to force a kiss/do something worse than that on Mizuki. 

-the end-

Wow I like this twist in the story. I don’t think I can go on watching yet another Nakatsu get dumped because he didn’t confess early.0.0 Ah well, thought it’s still sad that Nakatsu has to watch Mizuki worries and emos over Sano. My poor second leads~~

I hope you enjoyed that recap that I gave, it ended up longer and taking a longer time than I thought, but oh well, I’ve enjoyed myself(: I like the changes in the story’s plot while still remaining faithful to various characterisation. Besides, I find this Oscar more acceptable than the previous one in 2007 lol! Though I must say Shirota Yu makes a better looking Kagurazaka!:D

Well here’s a question that does seem a little mean, but I’m truly curious — I have this notion that AKB48 girls are supposed to be really cute and pretty? But the actress for Ashiya Mizuki is not that… kawaii ne?

I’ll see if I have time to come up with Episode 6 Recap any time.


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