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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 6 Recap

Lol even though I’m well aware of the fact that I still have 1 episode recap of City Hunter to go, I decided to do another Hana Kimi Recap!:DD

Mizuki kept trying to push Makita off when he forced himself on her. She accidentally kicked the steering wheel and the horn blasted. Makita was irritated so he clamped her mouth shut and was going to succeed in forcing a kiss, or rather more than a kiss, on her when SANO OPENED THE DOOR OF THE CAR AND PULLED MAKITA OUT. WHOO GO SANO. Mizuki tumbled out of the car from Makita’s side, since hers was locked by Makita, and she collapsed to the ground. Sano ran up to her to ask if she’s all right but she continued screaming, thinking that he’s Makita. Sano beat Makita up and Mizuki started running away.

Sano gave chase and stopped Mizuki, trying to get to her that he’s not Makita. Mizuki, still fresh from the trauma, continued screaming and they accidentally tumbled off the road down the slope. Sano wasn’t hurt (thankfully) but Mizuki’s leg was injured. He wanted to get help but she grabbed his ankle and told him not to leave her behind.  Nakatsu ran back to the school but was worried when he found out that both Sano and Mizuki had not returned. He turned to run off again but Namba stopped him and asked what's wrong. 

Sano brought Mizuki to a pavillion and let her rest there. He used some water to dress her wound and when he saw her shivering, he sat next to her… and hugged her close.

Aww! Mizuki apologised but he told her not to worry and sleep. Nakatsu and some Dorm 2 students ran out trying to find Mizuki, and they found Makita smoking at one side of the road. He said that Mizuki was brought away by Sano and he was irritated that if they had something going on, they should have told him honestly. (eeks you creep!) Io scolded him and told him that Mizuki was a guy. Even though Makita didn't believe it at first, the fact that Mizuki was in a boys' school showed that she's a boy (even though we know better). He laughed and congratulated himself that luckily it ended before he was successful. Io punched him and Kayashima said calmly that they could sue him for assault. This coward ran away immediately. 

Nakatsu and the rest wanted to continue finding but Namba said that it's too dark and dangerous, so they would have to wait till dawn. Mizuki woke up to find herself alone and she fell over when she tried to find Sano. Sano appeared and quickly helped her back to the bench, telling her that he went to find help, to no avail. He noticed that she'd a fever and hugged her again to give her warmth — this time from the back. 

Hmm something about backhugs are extremely sweet^^ Mizuki almost confessed to Sano that
she's a girl, but she held back her words in the end. 

Nakatsu waited impatiently till there was some light before gathering the rest and going off to find Mizuki. However, Sano appeared with Mizuki on his back. Namba immediately called Umeda so that he could heal her. Later, Umeda told her to be more careful with her body and after he left to get medicine, Io told Mizuki that she could no longer approve of what she's doing… because it's so dangerous, and if her identity was found out, it might even cause the premature closing down of the school. 

Nakatsu entered the room and Io went out. He said that he's just here to see how her health was, and as he left, Mizuki asked him if he could tell Sano (that she's all right). Nakatsu found Sano at the benches and he blamed himself for not trusting his instinct even more — that Makita was not someone good.

Sano said that however it's thanks to Nakatsu that he could help Mizuki in time, but Nakatsu shouted, "I didn't!" Aww. Umeda heard this and after Nakatsu left, he told Sano that it might relieve everyone's burden if Mizuki went back to America after this shock. 

The directors inspected the antiques and found one of them missing. As they left in displeasure, Namba asked if they had to shut down the school no matter what. The creepy director replied that there's something that each and everyone of them was holding, and then they left. Juri got the girls to write down what they wanted to do after the summer break, and hers was "To get Sano's heart and make him mine." LOL. They got a message from Hibari who said that she'd be returning soon. 

The bimbos. (Lol I can't help but address them this way.)

Sekime couldn't really take the long distance running even though he'd passion in it. The coach called him over. Later, when Sano was lifting weights, a reporter came in but Sano rejected having any interviews. Sekime came to ask for Sano's advice — the coach asked him if he wanted to switch to hurdles instead. Sano told him that it's up to him and that he'd better quickly made a choice. Sekime looked hurt at Sano's curt reply. The reporter went to find Mizuki instead, and asked her to help her take photos of Sano. Mizuki went to the fields and take some photos of Sano (failed attempts at jumpingD:) She turned around to find Sekime sitting alone at the benches and joined him there. Sekime told her that Sano was always talented at jumping and thought that his problems seemed trivial. 

Later, Mizuki told Sano that Sekime was a little upset at what he'd said. Sano explained that he didn't feel like he was in the position to give any advice when he himself couldn't jump properly. Nakatsu said that he's thinking too much. During a conversation with Mizuki, Nakatsu revealed that Sano found the techniques that his father taught unsuitable for himself, so he'd changed the way he high-jumped. Mizuki realised that Nakatsu also went through the same thing — of changing techniques, or changing areas of proficiency. 

One of the boys found the a girl's undergarment in the laundry room and they were all so excited to know who it belonged to. They asked who was the last one who entered the room and Nakatsu's eyes widened when he realised it was Mizuki. Mizuki tried to find an excuse but Kayashima stepped out to do his sense-the-aura thing and said that it didn't belong to Mizuki but it was the Chef who mixed up the laundry.

Phew, saved the day! Mizuki's legs softened at the shock and the two boys helped her back to the dorm.

When he found out what happened, Sano was irritated and told her to be more careful. Kayashima carted Nakatsu off before he started arguing with Sano, and Sano chastised Mizuki. He almost said that he knew the garment belonged to her, since she's a girl but he held back and instead, told her not to torture the rest of them anymore. He asked Mizuki if she came all the way from America just to see him jump, and Mizuki nodded. Sano murmured after Mizuki went to her bed, "Then what if I do jump…?" He left the room and Umeda entered to help dress Mizuki's wound. Mizuki was very down that she kept having flaws in her facade and Umeda told her that "It's not just bringing trouble to others… you should know that in your heart right?"

Oscar was walking up the stairs when this random fortune teller came and tell him that he would see the light at this particular hour. The fortune teller asked him to say his name and Oscar nonchalently said Masao (his real name whom he abhored people calling). LOLLL when the fortune teller shouted "MASAO? DON'T SAY MASAO!!!"  (hahaha I think because the actor acting as the fortune teller is Oscar from the previous Hana Kimi:D)

Mizuki told Sekime the truth behind Sano's words and Sekime thanked Mizuki. He said that he would make a choice soon — "Maybe I'm just really scared of failures… and regrets." He ran off happily and Mizuki said that now she'd a job to do too. She went around taking pictures of her dorm-mates and Nakatsu saw her hesitantly put the camera down when it was poised to shoot Sano.

Nakatsu asked Sano if he liked Mizuki but Sano denied it strongly. He told Sano that he should have a clear stance so that he who was waiting for Mizuki so determinedly would not be so pitiful. Before he left, he emphasised again, "I really like Mizuki." 

At the heats, Sekime changed to hurdles and he was second. Whoo, entitling him to the next round. He hugged Sano and thanked him, telling him that while he focussed on hurdles, he would not be giving up on long distance running, so as to prevent any regrets.

Sano laughed and said that it's a skill to be so determined as well. Mizuki showed everyone the tons of photos that she'd taken and everyone was happy to find photos of themselves in action, laughing, enjoying life, doing the things they love. Oscar realised (at the hour which the fortune teller predicted) that what the director meant was that each of them held on to endless potential to be who they wanted to be. He encouraged all of the students "To be the best that you can be!" 

Sano left the jovial group of people and Nakatsu asked him if he knew what he's going to do. Sano replied determinedly that he would jump, and then he looked at Mizuki.

Nakatsu turned around to look at her as well. Later, Sano told Mizuki that he would jump and before he could continue, Mizuki cut in and said, "I place my hopes on you!" Sano nodded. The next day, Mizuki told Sano that she would go and buy the shampoo, and he left for the heats, leaving Mizuki with a sad expression. 

At the heats, Kagurazka easily jumped over the pole. When it was Sano's turn, the first time he jumped, he crashed into the pole. The second time he jumped, the pole teetered a bit and finally fell off. Sano was really frustrated and Nakatsu came down to the benches to scold him for acting cool. "I don't care how you do it, just jump over that pole!" Nakatsu shouted at Sano. Sano looked at him and marched off to the fields, before shouting into the air twice, venting all his frustrations out. Then he headed towards the high jump area once more, with students cheering at the stands and Nakatsu smiling, "That's the way,

The camera switched to a view of Sano's and Mizuki's dorm… Mizuki's part of the dorm was all cleared out with her things gone, and a new pair of shoes lay on Sano's bed. 

-the end-

I've always liked watching high jump because I find that moment of leaping over the pole, so graceful. 

I can't really recall the details of the previous Hana Kimi, but somehow this time round, it seemed like Kayashima is given a heavier role… He's the calm one, he's like Nakatsu's very close friend, and he even helped Mizuki. I kinda suspect that he already knew who she was (a girl) but I can't really be sure. 

Acting wise… I like the parts where Sano was very irritated with Mizuki, because I find that the actor portrayed the moment in such a way that you don't just feel irritation at Mizuki… I felt this tinge of irritation at himself too! He does care for Mizuki…and I wonder when he would realised that this 'care' is actually a 'like'. 

Gahhhh just how long do I have to wait for the next episode to see 1. Where Mizuki went and 2. Sano's jump!! 



  1. Re: About Kayashima

    Haha all right thanks for verifying my doubts then! I was quite sure that he knew, but I was afraid of writing any wrong information despite me having watched Hana Kimi first version, and Taiwan version; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Haha and to me, it doesn’t matter whether Kayashima knows or not (but he can’t NOT know, since I suppose it will be pretty obvious from her auraXD) because the sweet thing is when he steps forward to help her, like the laundry thing.


      • Re: About Kayashima

        Probably this Saturday(: Very busy with studies right now….. Besides, it’s thoughtsramble’s birthday soon! Haha gotta let me rest~


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