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Lol I just like that word as a substitute of 'Updates'…. feels like I'm telling you guys scoops of what's going on in my dramalife:P 

Anyway, here's a short post 😛 I'm utterly hooked on Heartstrings!!!!!!!! Okay plot wise, obviously it's no where as brilliant as City Hunter, but I do know that they are kinda in different genres, and hence it will be quite stupid to compare whether which one is better in terms of plot. Yong Hwa was absolutely lovable and his acting really improved. Kudos! WHOO WHAT DID I TELL YOU GUYS, THAT SHIN WOO WAS MORE SUITABLE FOR MI NAM MORE THAN TAE KYUANG?? (LOLL sorry shin woo fan here:PPPP) Well his chemistry with Park Shin Hye is quite awesome and SO SWEET. (In case you are wondering why the sudden onslaught of caps and exclamation marks, this is because I've just finished watching episode 10, where Shin kissed Gyu Won in front of all the girls<33) 

Still watching Hana Kimi Remake of course, do check out the Recaps. 

Last Episode of City Hunter will be out this week, but I doubt anyone is really reading them for the purpose of like, 'episode recaps', since it ends quite a few weeks ago. 

In this case, I might not do Heartstrings' Recaps, since I'm drama-marathoning the episodes. But they are so sweet; I'm taking many screenshots already!! Maybe when I finished watching I will just upload all those screenshotsXD 

……Nana and Yoon Sung still remains my favourite couple pairing though. Winner. 

………….but Shin and Gyo Won is not too far behindXDDDDD 

……………..and it seems like Episode 11 is going to be more exciting!!


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