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Hahahaha my gosh! Am I so slow on the uptake of news??? HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON???

I've only been just told that Lee Min Ho has gotten together with Park Min Young!! -squeal- Omygosh this is every dramahardcorefan's dream come true! I mean how many times have you watched a drama, think that they are the sweetest couple ever, and wish that they will be going out together?? And this is talking about my favourite couple — Nana and City Hunter. 

In case you need some form of verification, like me, just so you know, you don't succumb to the wild fantasies of fans, here's an article that I found online: 

" SEOUL: Korean actor Lee Min Ho has finally gotten himself a girlfriend, and the lucky girl is none other than Park Min Young, his co-star from the recently-concluded drama "City Hunter". 

Their agencies confirmed Tuesday that the two have been dating for over a month after shooting ended. 

Apparently, love had blossomed between the two on the set, but Lee and 25-year-old Park only started going out after shooting wrapped up in July. 

Prior to the announcement from their agencies, the couple were rumoured to be seeing each other, after pictures of their frequent meetings surfaced on the Internet. 

Lee and Park first met while filming 2007's high-school drama "I Am Sam", where Park was the lead actress and Lee in a minor role with the supporting cast. 

Agencies' reps have requested that the media and fans give the young couple more privacy as they are still in the getting-to-know-each-other-better stage. 

– CNA /ls   "
credited to:http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1148609/1/.html

Really, I totally approve. 

I mean come one, who won't fall in love with Lee Min Ho who acted so well, and Park Min Young, who did such a good job of a lovable Nana? I knew it, ever since I found out months ago that they've acted in I'm Sam before together, I've been dreaming that they were friends before that and then they can go on to be in a relationship. 😀

Please let them have a long lasting relationship:DDD Lol and I wonder how many girls'/ guys' hearts are broken. 

Definitely not mine, I'm in ECSTASY! 



  1. Anonymous says

    cuaquiera pues si uno se hace la cirugia que darias bonita tanto que se hecho la cirugia park min young sino no se hubiese figado min ho es muy feaaaaaaaaaaa y no tiene ni cuerpoooooooooo no es mujer para min ho la mujer tiene que ser natural chau perra


    • Hello(:

      I’m not treating this as spam because I see Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho’s name in the comment, but unfortunately I don’t understand the language that you are writing in (and google translate tells me Spanish.) Lol.


  2. Ah whoo thanks for the help then! I tried translating it a few times, but it comes up weird, with only words like plastic surgery appearing… and even the ‘female dog’ word, so I figured that the person isn’t too happy with Park Min Young.

    Haha yes I’m in full support of this relationship as well! It doesn’t really matter even if Park Min Young has plastic surgery; everyone has his or her own choices, to me.


  3. Anonymous says

    such a lovely couple .hope their relationship will last forever…they are both good loooking and they really look good together…really a perfect match and i wish you all the happiness in this world!!!cheers!!!


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