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When I See You Again Episode 20 Recap (Finale)

I quite like this finale! I love it that there was a point to the ending – many drama finales dedicate 60 minutes to pure happy endings, which is great because on top of seeing the main couple being lovey dovey and sweet for an hour, I almost always stop having drama blues haha. I think a good ending does it just right in the sense that it satisfies you with enough couple time but leaves you wanting to see more of them. I know I will definitely miss this couple and the entire cast a lot!! Note: long recap ahead, do let all the screenshots load first!

I Remember You Episode 16 Recap (Finale)

I don’t know if I was very tired when I watched this, but the ending was a little draggy for me. I can’t pinpoint which part of the episode could have been faster, because I admit that everything mentioned was important and relevant…but it just didn’t end with that tension which I’ve expected from an open ending, or that over the top crazy fangirl-feels expected from the romance. That being said, I still like the finale very much. I love the idea of an open ending! Even if they don’t make Season 2 (I won’t even harbour hopes for that because Kdramas rarely make second seasons with the exact same cast), the storyline is apt for that sort of storytelling – every end brings with it a new set of questions, and new beginnings. Disclaimer: LOADS of screenshots, so do let the page load before you begin reading!(: