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When I See You Again Episode 20 Recap (Finale)

I quite like this finale! I love it that there was a point to the ending – many drama finales dedicate 60 minutes to pure happy endings, which is great because on top of seeing the main couple being lovey dovey and sweet for an hour, I almost always stop having drama blues haha. I think a good ending does it just right in the sense that it satisfies you with enough couple time but leaves you wanting to see more of them. I know I will definitely miss this couple and the entire cast a lot!!

Note: long recap ahead, do let all the screenshots load first!

Continuing from last week’s fantastic cliffhanger, Yan Ze chases after An Xi, and Ya En sees them but doesn’t manage to stop them. You Qian happens to arrive just in time to be pointed in the right direction and drives after the running duo.

m4 m5

He sees them disappearing into a parking lot so he gets out and starts calling An Xi’s name. An Xi calls back from one of the floors and You Qian sees that a desperate Yan Ze is hot on her heels.

m6 m7

I am VERY amused that An Xi chooses to run up the ramps in the parking lot hahahahahaha. So anyway, You Qian is smart and takes the stairs instead. I may not sound like it but I love the entire action scene, with music and all. You Qian arrives at the rooftop just in time for An Xi to transfer the phone to him.

m8 m9

He immediately shields An Xi from Yan Ze’s physical attack and the two guys start brawling on the floor. An Xi picks up the cone that Yan Ze dropped and waves it (feebly), so Yan Ze gets up and holds her by the neck instead.

m10 m11

“Give me the phone!!” “Don’t mess around!”

m12 m13

While An Xi cries for You Qian not to hand the phone over, You Qian still takes it out and we have this slow motion scene where both guys stretch out their hand…

m14 m15

…but woohoo Ya En intercepts it right in the middle.


Yan Ze widens his eyes, “What are you doing??” Ya En feels betrayed. Didn’t he promise that he will not hurt An Xi? Yan Ze lets go of An Xi and cautions Ya En – he might hurt her. Ya En dashes off, right into the path of an oncoming car, to no fault of either party (note: blind spot).

In another brilliant actions scene which I love but they are moving too fast for me to capture anything, Ya En screeches to a stop, An Xi shouts, “Ya En!”, You Qian shouts, “An Xi!” and Yan Ze shouts, “Ya En!” (okay I’m being too random in this recap). Anyway my point being, I love how they all show their concern here. An Xi pushes Ya En out of the path and in the very last second, You Qian curls himself around An Xi so that he bears the impact of the car.

A loud thud of car meets You Qian and a small thud of the phone being thrown to the floor. All three parties fall unconscious. Yan Ze fusses over Ya En, notices the phone and hesitates for a few seconds but chooses to bring Ya En to the hospital instead.

m17 m18


An Xi wakes up to find an unconscious You Qian and cries worriedly. The driver calls for the ambulance.

m19  m21

At this point, can I just point out a slight logical flaw uhm that You Qian drove to find the running duo and climbed multiple flights of stairs, and Ya En miraculously managed to do all that? Okay but that aside, LOVE everything.


Turns out Ya En has already lost heartbeat because she suffered from too great a shock. Yan Ze keeps repeating, “Ya En you will be fine.” He frets over Ya En outside while the doctors try to save her.

An Xi cries, “Didn’t you say you want to be my family? Heavens, if you let You Qian be okay, I will do anything!”

m23 m24

Thank goodness they didn’t drag this scene out too long because I already KNEW that You Qian will be fine. There’s no time for him to die from that car accident! He smiles, “Is that true?” He reminds her of his strong desire to see her every time he opens his eyes. It seems like his wish has been fulfilled.

m25 m26

And on top of that, she even promised to do anything! “Damn, why did I not record that just now?” Hahaha. The couple suddenly realises that the phone is still here, but Ya En has disappeared.

m28 m29

You Qian gets up and can’t help groaning. He pretends that he’s okay but it’s obvious something’s wrong with his arm. An Xi limps to his side and the injured couple returns to the hospital.

Yan Ze recalls all the moments where Ya En confesses/professes her like/love for her,and murmurs, “I shouldn’t have let you gotten too close to me.”

m30 m31

I initially thought that he meant it in a -you shouldn’t have gotten too close to me, because see you became a burden- but I realise that he meant it in a -you got hurt because of me- way. Ya Lu dashes to him and wants to know why Ya En is in danger + why is it HIM who knew where Ya En was. Oh Ya Lu, you have lots to catch up on!

Anyway, Ya En is declared to be fine. While Ya Lu fills in her particulars, Yan Ze walks away just when the couple arrives. I like this scene of Yan Ze’s back – loneliness, dejectedness, loss, guilt.

m32 m33

An Xi suddenly remembers about her mother’s surgery and rushes back, demanding to know what happened to her “mother’s surgery.” Director overhears her and smiles. What happened to the surgery?

m34 m35

With a tilted chin, she says, “It has been postponed.” You Qian cannot help but smile and whispers to An Xi.

m36 m37

“When the Director lies, her chin will be tilted…a little.”

m38 m39

Hohoho, turns out that during An Xi’s absence, the Director kept walking out to ask the nurse if her daughter was here and if she could go and find her daughter. Aww but she’s too shy to tell An Xi that. Director grumbles about You Qian, “You make it really hard for people to like you.”

Hahaha. She turns around but notices that You Qian’s bleeding.

m40 m41

The nurse tends to his injury and oooh ouch, there’s a huge wound right up his arm. Okay at least it’s not fractured. You Qian assures An Xi that he’s not in pain but winces when the antiseptic touches his wound. He quickly schools his expression into a smile.

m42 m43

Director criticises his method of taking care of An Xi — if he’s always protecting her like this, then An Xi will always be reliant on him. Has he thought about what An Xi will do when he passes away? “I will live longer than her.” Director retorts, “Based on the way you are taking care of her, it’s for sure that she’s going to live longer than you.” Hahaha, I actually see a lot of sense in this prediction.

The Director wants An Xi to learn from her how to be an independent woman – someone who can think for herself, live alone and fight for what she wants. An Xi is reluctant but quickly consents after Director gives her yes you must look.

m44 m45

You Qian quickly cautions, “Don’t learn too much.”

m47 m46

He smiles cheekily at An Xi but quickly looks obedient when he turns to the Director hahaha.

m48 m49

I love it~~

Ya En wakes up and tries to sneak out again, but this time Ya Lu is alert because he has been updated by the couple on the Yan Ze/Ya En escapades. He keeps Ya En’s phone away from her and wants her to wake up, “He’s just making use of you!” Ya En pushes his hand away, “I’m very lucid!”

m50 m51

Why do they not trust her judgement? Is she someone not worth liking?

m52 m53

Why can’t she make decisions by herself? “You all are scared that I will be hurt. But to live a life where I’ve tried nothing – is that really living a life?!” She cries and Ya Lu hugs her. Great acting!

The couple arrives and An Xi is worried for her mum’s safety. The Director entrusts the company and An Xi to You Qian (yayyyy) and starts tearing up.

m54 m55

To start tearing up while talking cheerfully is wow…another level. I think Debbie Chao is a veteran actor that the cast has great respect for, based on what I see from behind the scenes. The nurse notices that An Xi is very worried and tells her to give her mum some luck. An Xi opens her mouth but nothing comes out.

m57 m58

Director watches her hopefully but doesn’t want to put her in a spot. She leaves with the nurse but turns around at the last moment. She knows she hasn’t been the best boss or the best mother, but she wants to be the kind of mother that An Xi will be proud of, “Give me some time to change.”

m59 m60

You Qian assures her in his quiet, calm manner, “I believe that there’s nothing the Director can’t do.” Before the Director leaves, An Xi blurts out, “All the best! I will  be waiting for you outside of the operation room….Mum.”


Yayyy, moment of true reconciliation!


You Qian smiles at this too.

The surgery went really well and when the Director wakes up, she finds An Xi  by her side already. You Qian has been at the office tending to stuff so he will be coming along later. The Director reaches out for An Xi’s hand and falls asleep.

The next few days, You Qian updates the Director with good news – the deal that they have been negotiating for two years is finally settled. You Qian, you’ve got skillz.

m64 m65

The Director wants An Xi to know more about business management and wants to tell her about the case, but An Xi escapes.


You Qian tips the Director, “An Xi’s body moves faster than her brain,” to which the Director nods and laughs.

Her smile looks really good<3

An Xi brings her mum out for a walk and compares her skin colour with her mother.

m67 m68

The Director comforts her, “I will  become tanned too once I start visiting you often at the village!” It’s great that they sort of address their future location plans with that one sentence – the Director will not give up her company but will take time to bond with her daughter. An Xi, I assume will continue her present Taipei-village lifestyle.

At night, An Xi tucks her mum in and then covers You Qian with his blazer but he wakes up.

m69 m70

He smiles contentedly because his wish of seeing her once he opens his eyes has been fulfilled once again. He kisses her hand, and she playfully takes it away, so he kisses the other, which she also withdraws.

m71 m72

And then he just rests his head on her hand.


SHO SWEET. Omg while doing this recap, I realise that we don’t even have a goodbye kiss from the couple!!! This is like the closest physical contact scene we are going to have. NOOO.

If you are wondering what happened to the rest of the cast, here’s your answer. Ya Lu’s busy teaching Yong Qing how to draw and Zhi Lin is dying of jealousy.

m74 m75

Mei Wen gives her two options – either confess or get over it. Zhi Lin replies that she will never confess, because if she gets rejected, they can’t even be friends. And she would much rather be friends with Ya Lu forever than to date him. With this determination, she takes her basket to the market but cannot resist dropping a comment, “Tilted chin, learn properly. Don’t waste a good teacher like Ya Lu.”

m76 m78

HAHA what a way to show that Zhi Lin has gotten over Ya Lu. Ya En comes home and the siblings look at each other awkwardly. Ya Lu goes inside the hostel to find an eraser, but I think that is on the pretext of letting Ya En speak to Yong Qing. Indeed, Ya En immediately asks Yong Qing if she knew where her brother is, but Yong Qing has no idea. “I’m really envious of you. Your brother is really good to you. Just turn back and you will realise that he always cares for you.”

m79 m80

Ya En turns her head, and there is Ya Lu looking at her from inside the house. The siblings smile at each other. Actually, Ivy Shao is really pretty!!

The sidekicks arrange for some sort of matchmaking for Jiang where Sidekick Xiao Hu (literally Small Tiger, I think that’s his celebrity name in reality) ad libs the scene hahaha. He introduces girls of different types to Jiang, including one that is tall and slim called, “Wei Man” (i.e the name of the actress who plays An Xi hahaha).

m81 m82

Jiang has no mood for this and rejects them all, including another one whose name is ‘Chao Dan Wei’ (i.e Debbie Chao). He accidentally injures his hand and goes into a shock from the blood. All the girls rush up to him to fuss over him, but Zhi Lin who has returned from the market, owns the scene by mashing up some scallions and wrapping them in a handkerchief around his wound. She then pinches the area above Jiang’s lips to wake him up.


As she leaves, a gust of wind blows the lot into Jiang’s hand. Is this the girl that the ancestors have predicted for him?

Jiang shows up at Lunar Maria with a gift for Zhi Lin. They pun on a name of a designer (I think it’s Vivienne Westwood) which cause the funny duo to be disappointed that they aren’t getting a stove for a present, but a dress.

m86 m87

The sidekicks ask Zhi Lin if she will accept their big brother since she likes someone who is tall, rich and handsome. Zhi Lin grins, “I do like a tall, rich, handsome guy, but someone like your big brother…I can’t.”

m88 m89

Jiang leaves in disappointment and Mei Wen realises that Zhi Lin has left the food burning on the stove. She screams, “You nutty girl!!!!” Now in Mandarin, they have this phrase that is literally ‘Small Three-Eight’ and it’s difficult to translate that. Mei Wen has been calling Zhi Lin that to describe her whenever she’s a bit silly + bimbotic + noisy. You get the gist. Anyway, the three comedians turn around at that scream because right on top of Jiang’s lot has the numbers 3 and 8. This is the girl. Zhi Lin shivers inside the hostel hahaha.

m90 m91

The Director thinks that An Xi has returned, but it is actually Yong Qing. Director apologies to Yong Qing – her working style prioritises efficiency over relationships. Yong Qing tells her that she went to learn drawing because she heard that drawing a person allows both people to understand each other better.

m92 m93

Hey I like that twist – I always thought she learnt drawing so that she can draw Ya Lu and gaze into his eyes, but turns out she learnt it for the Director!

It may just well be that she’s close to her god-mother than her real mother. It’s the Director who gave her security. It’s time that she wakes up from her self-victimising, “I’ve already lost my first love and You Qian. I don’t want to lose you too.”

m94 m95

Yong Qing understands that the Director actually really cares a lot about her. Aww. The couple overhears the entire conversation outside, including Yong Qing’s discussion of Yan Ze with the Director.

m96 m97

You Qian thinks it will be difficult for the Director to forgive Yan Ze. You Qian doesn’t understand why An Xi trusts Yan Ze so much. An Xi replies that it’s because she doesn’t have a mother too. She used to be rebellious, until her father’s love changed her. And now, Yan Ze has someone who loves him and supports him, thus giving him positive energy. “Yan Ze is sincere towards Ya En.”

You Qian concludes that he has been too obedient and nice, “One day, I should be evil too.” Hahaha nice guys don’t finish last(: Jokes aside, he mentions that it will be hard for Yan Ze to get out of the current fix – the Director has to pay a huge sum of compensation fees to breach the contract and he’s probably going to get sued as well.

m98 m99

While talking to Ya En the next day, An Xi is suddenly inspired by where Yan Ze could be hiding. He once told her at the orphanage that he often visited kids not because he liked them but because he wanted to see if he could understand why his father abandoned a biological son for other children.

You Qian happens to visit An Xi so she asks him to fetch her somewhere. Ya En catches on and since Yong Qing also happens to drop by, well guess who is gonna drive Ya En and Ya Lu. The couple checks out a few orphanages, until An Xi finally tracks down Yan Ze. Yan Ze scoffs at the notion that anyone will be worried for him, and comes to see everyone who is worried for him.

m100 m101

Yong Qing tells him that he should have confided more in her, that way she will share more of her experiences with him and include him, rather than to complain about how her life has not been going smoothly. A brother is a brother, he doesn’t have to a guardian or a companion.

Yan Ze laments that it is too late. You Qian speaks up – for someone who has been trying to snatch the flag, is it that difficult to be responsible for his deeds and start all over again?

m102 m103

That’s right! Isn’t that true? You Qian always says the most sensible things.

Ya Lu cute-ly pushes Ya En forward and she holds his hand, “It’s great that you are okay.”

m104 m105

I like it that the first thing she says has to do with his well-being.

So now, Yan Ze faces the Judge that is Director, with her two daughters. She instructs him to open the drawers and he finds the incriminating phone inside.

m106 m107

She has decided – she never wants to see An Xi’s disappointed look again, so she will pay the compensation fees so that they won’t have to build waste treatment plants in the village. Yan Ze protests that it’s a penalty fee (hefty sum of money) and Yong Qing immediately volunteers to pay for him. She has never cared much for those money anyway; all she cares for is her brother.

m108 m109

To the Director, Yan Ze has helped her a lot. If letting him off is going to make everyone happy, “I choose to  be happy.” But the Director reminds An Xi jokingly that the money she is going to used to pay up for the breach was probably meant to be part of An Xi’s inheritance hahaha.

m111 m114

An Xi observes that her mum looks so much better when she smiles and everyone laughs over how she manages to call her ‘mum’ (she called the Director ‘Director’ initially). When the couple leaves, Yan Ze requests to speak to Yan Ze, who dutifully steps up with his usual, “With other people’s girlfriends…” An Xi cuts in and brings Yan Ze away hehe.

m112 m113

Yan Ze apologies for what he has done and An Xi waves it off. It’s okay as long he is honest about his feelings next time. Even if he can’t be as easy-going and honest like An Xi, he will try. “If Xia You Qian is mean to you, find me. I know his weak point.”

m115 m116

You Qian coughs and reminds Yan Ze that he has a weak point too, “I have Zhang Ya En’s number….” Yan Ze jokes that You Qian has become more childish ever since he’s with An Xi, which is true come to think of it. So cute!

An Xi gets in the car first, leaving the two bros to patch things up. You Qian thanks Yan Ze for being a worthy component. Although he was forced into the competition, the process was interesting, “Just don’t have a next time.”

m117 m118

The two smile at each other and seal the good will with the bro handshake.


Zhi Lin is dying in the kitchen and latches on to An Xi’s timely arrival, but You Qian refuses to let her help and the two start playing around, much to Zhi Lin’s irritation. She tracks down Mei Wen, who pretends that she’s off to the market, but Zhi Lin knocks on her helmet, “You are going to store vegetables in your helmet?”

m120 m121

Zhi Lin’s annoyed that these couples are provoking her, knowing that she’s single. A loud honk interrupts the duo’s squabble. With the same set up and music, Jiang steps out of the car and takes over the bouquet from sidekick. An Xi and You Qian come out of the hostel to watch in horror. Everyone thinks that Jiang is here to disturb An Xi again, so imagine their surprise when he suddenly kneels in front of Zhi Lin instead.

m122  m124

And then double that surprise when Da Yu appears to make a confession. Mei Wen thinks that he’s here for her, but Da Yu also presents Zhi Lin with his bouquet.

m125 m126

Da Yu points out that if Jiang and Zhi Lin have known each other way for a few years but never get together, that means they have no fate. “I fell in love with you at first sight.”

m127An Xi gushes that Zhi Lin’s love luck is smiling on her while Mei Wen points out that there’s the tall (Da Yu), the rich (Jiang), “But there’s no handsome!” This garners a collective, “Ehhh” from the guys hahaha.

The couple and Mei Wen happily walk off, leaving the two guys to fight over Zhi Lin.

Ya En is tending to her wish paper at the Confessions Tree and Yan Ze hugs her from behind. Their height difference really caters for such a lovely scene. Ya En thanks him for living up to her trust, and not escape from reality or hurt An Xi. He apologises and she smiles.

m128 m129

I think Jet Chao has a good ability of connecting with his co-star in a physical way, but I am just unable to feel much for the couple because I am not invested in them in the first place. Apologies to any Yan Ze – Ya En fans out there!

An Xi brings You Qian to a ‘secret’ place but he guesses their location even with his eyes close. The camera pans out, and we realise that this is the exact same place where they shoot the opening sequence.

m130 m131

Awww, did that give you major feels? Because it sure gave me! The cast is starting out where they ended.

You Qian promises not to guess it right next time HAHA because An Xi is grumpy that he’s no fun. She has a friend that works behind the scenes at the aquarium so he can give them a tour — turns out the friend is Tie Tou who used to be the No. 1 Unibrow Bully. Tie Tou struggles to place his face once again, but only links him back to the guest who lived at Lunar Maria, “I memorised your face at first sight.” A somewhat allusion to the show’s title! Also, omg it has been a LONG time since You Qian was a guest at Lunar Maria. I kinda miss those days:’).

Tie Tou allows the couple to feed An Xi’s favourite clownfish, but as usual, You Qian has to spoil the moment with his knowledge of the fact that when the mother clownfish dies, the father will turn into a mother, “And all their children will turn into fathers.” An Xi hastily stops him hahaha.

The funniest part is when You Qian brings up the fact that Tie Tou used to bully a guy a lot.

m132 m133

I think An Xi never linked Tie Tou to be the bully so she watches them in amusement and bewilderment. You Qian pranks Tie Tou, “I heard…that the guy died out of indignation.” “He died?” “He didn’t die very happily.”

m134 m135

HAHA. This sure spoils Tie Tou’s day and he scoots off to do his other chores. An Xi finally learns that Tie Tou used to push You Qian into drains or smash his head with rocks.

m136 m137

This is why Yong Qing’s ‘bullying’ is nothing to You Qian! Okay that sort of explains it. An Xi is indignant on his  behalf and pulls You Qian into another prank i.e dressing up as his old self.

m138 m139

Tie Tou panics but You Qian reveals himself, “Long time no see.” Tie Tou stutters out of relief, “You you you you you,” but compliments You Qian when he gets his wits together. An Xi reminds him, “This is why you should never judge someone on the first sight.” Tie Tou has a surprise for them and apologises to You Qian in the meantime.

I loveee this idea of patching up with your bully too. It may be unrealistic perhaps because some victims will not find it this easy to get out of the dark past, but for someone like You Qian who has always been self-assured and reliant, it’s not difficult to see him leaving his past behind. Tie Tou enters into the water and starts feeding the fishes, causing them to swim around him in swarms.

m140 m141

An Xi tells You Qian that it was at the aquarium where she became curious about him. At first sight, he was only someone different to her, someone who couldn’t sync with the world. But at the aquarium, she realises that it isn’t that the world isn’t in sync with him, but that he always wanted to go somewhere with broader horizon.  “I’m suddenly scared that you will leave and never return.”

He smiles at her, “I’m back.”

m142 m143

She nods, “You have returned.” Aaaahh much feels much feels. He takes something out of his pocket (I thought it was going to be a proposal!!!) but it turns out to be the clownfish earrings. Okay good enough. He puts them back onto her ears.

m144 m145

Ahhh I’m loving all this tying up of loose ends and parallels with earlier episodes.


The couple strolls along the beach and see their old selves running. With the show’s theme song playing, the old You Qian shouts, “Bye byeeee” and the couple wave.


Maybe, our first sight is filled with hope but ends in disappointment 

But be thankful that we all have the courage to look at each other for the second time. 

-the end-

I cannot write those ending words as beautifully as they were written in Mandarin, but I will try and edit them if I can think of better words!

ANYWAY, IT’S REALLY OVER OH MAN OH MAN. I am having a tinge of drama blues aaahhh where am I going to get my weekly dosage of the couple from now on!

I think the ending was a little slow towards the end but that’s because it was just a happy ending and I have nothing to complain about that. In fact, I wish we have seen more because we have been deprived of couple time for the past few episodes! I mean, when was the last kiss you have seen from the couple?? However, I do appreciate the scene at the hospital – it was not physical at all, but holds that sweetness and tenderness still. It makes me feel like oh this couple is really stable and ready for marriage. Am I the only one?

I also like it that they waved goodbyes at their old selves. I see it two-fold. First, it’s about letting go of the past where they knew each other for the first time because now that they have the courage to love each other again. Second, it’s also about them saying good-byes to us, which makes me feel really nostalgic because it finalises the tone of the finale. It’s the end. Nothing more is going to come!

I appreciate that Yan Ze has been let off so that we can finish the entire conflict within one episode. Director’s change of heart is not too drastic and rather gradual, so I can accept that as well. The fact that An Xi struggles to call her ‘Mum’ is also amusing and realistic, given that she didn’t have a mother to call for 28 years of her life. If you realise, the entire show hinges a lot on kinships which is an awesome idea. I thought An Xi was talking about You Qian when she was waiting for ‘that person’ to return, but it was actually her mother. Yong Qing learnt to draw not because she wanted to draw Ya Lu but because of the Director. Yong Qing and Yan Ze have a step-sibling relationship that plays into the plot a lot, while Ya Lu and Ya En have that perfect sibling relationship. You Qian + Grandpa is just awesomeness. Everything here is about love and second chances on a general scale, not just between couples, and I think this is what strikes me the most.

The couple’s relationship finally comes a full circle and they return to their original spot, only that they have changed for the better. It’s a closure in quite a literal sense but it satisfies me and leaves me with this sense of finality. I will miss this couple and actually the funny duo (i.e Mei Wen and Zhi Lin) and basically every other small things that they have said or done in the show.

And as usual, I am sad to part with all my readers hahaha. I hope my recaps have been of help, or have entertained you in some way or another. Each and every of your comment makes my day and you guys have been a very sweet group(: Till the next drama (I suspect it might be Taiwanese)!



  1. Susan says

    Thank you for all the recaps of this drama! I liked reading them as it gave me a better picture of everything as sometimes I’m too focused on thing that make me miss out on other details. I enjoyed reading your thoughts too about each episode. I have the same feeling as you about An Xi and You Qian being a stable couple who could be settling down anytime. I was hoping for more sweet scenes between them or at least a kiss but we didn’t even get that 😦 Nevertheless, I also liked how the ending scene was filmed at the aquarium where it all started.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Susan! I love sharing my thoughts on each episode of my favourite drama, it’s the reason why I started this site:D I didn’t even realise that they didn’t have a final kiss until I did the recap:( It was very nostalgic indeed; I wish we can see more of everyone!!


  2. Shountae says

    Your recaps saved me. They were so fun and well written I could skip an episode on my marathon and cheat by reading one of your recaps.

    This is definitely my favourite TW drama so far. It didn’t lag too much in the middle or get too ridiculous. The cast seemed to have great chemistry over all, none of the interactions seemed forced in the later episodes which was great to watch.

    I couldn’t get over how tiny Ya En is each time I saw them together, I would squeal “Ooooo she’s so tinyyyy” and Yan Ze was tall to start with. I think the visual of the vast difference in height highlighted the disparity in their life experiences as well.You had an imposing Yan Ze was always towering over a tiny, innocent t Ya En.Yes I too have similar feelings when it comes to the YaZe couple. I wished they inverted the trajectory of their relationship. I wanted to see Yan Ze’s cold heart slowly being melted by YaEn’s innocent love and trust in him, THEN getting that amazing kiss in the rain.I thought it could have been a nice echo to You Qin and An Xi’s relationship.

    Booooo for no kiss in the final episode… sigh. I enjoyed the business maneuvering and corporate espionage but it definitely robbed us of more couple moments and kisses. I can’t believe we didn’t get a kiss . BOOOO!!!

    I look forward to reading more of your recaps. Thoughtscramble FIGHTING!!!!


    • Thank you Shountae!!! I was quite busy so I lagged in all my replies but your comment was so sweet I just had to reply now HAHA. I agree the cast has really good chemistry and I love how the script sounds. It isn’t forced and really is a great reflection of how we speak in reality. I get so uncomfortable watching dramas where the interactions are too forceful or formal.

      That’s a great pick up about their height disparity reflecting their personalities and experiences! And exactly, the kiss was just a leap ahead so that they could skip building the relationship.
      And agreed agreed agreed I can’t believe we didn’t! Now I understand why they overloaded us with kisses and couple time in the earlier episodes right after they got together.

      Thank you for liking my recaps<333 YOU TOO FIGHTING!!


  3. Shountae says

    Awww thanks.Yep I found the dialogue and jokes really natural too. I found alot of AnXi’s awkward antics relatable as well, whenever she would fidget or drop things , I found myself sayi g” I could totally see myself doing that”. I also like that everyone had a love match at the end, I love happily ever afters with an ensemble cast where no one is left out.

    And Chao Jet officially my new crush, good actor, tall and so gorgeous. All in all time wwll spent.


  4. Garima Grover says

    Do you know the name of the song that plays at the end of episode and few more times during the drama with lines going ’cause I miss you’ and ‘Cause I love you’?
    I’ve tried a lot but can’t seem to find anything besides the theme songs.
    It would be really helpful. Thank you.


  5. Sandor I Lengyel says

    I like the drama and the ending. However with the ending I have some reservations:
    What will happen with the hostel. I assume most people including the owner will not leave there, since their boyfriend do no live there. Who can be there full time, cannot cook well.
    Yan Ze in my opinion got off scots fee. Yes one should be forgiven, when deserve it, but one should always responsible for their action and the damage one causes. Should repay it, or go to prison, or do social charitable works. Not one off the is indicated.
    The main romance ending is unsatisfactory. Not only no wedding, but most of the indication is that the never even shared a bed.
    The heroine future is foggy. Yes she will inherit. Yes the mother said that she will teach her to be more suitable to handle life. Do not forget that she will move in her future husband/partner social circles. Which all seem possible, but then there is the statement: “Her body is faster than her brain” in the last episode. It might want to be funny by the writers, but it certainly not complimentary, and not encouraging concerning the future relationship. That sentence spoiled it all. Maybe there should have been a 2 minutes “2 years latter”, which would have claridied some points.


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