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Gu Family Book Episode 9

Am always so busy nowadays:( But still trying to catch up with my dramas! Currently on Episode 9, at the very front, where Tae Soo just stabs Kang Chi in the stomach. One of the servants asks, "Isn't he bleeding too much?" YEAH DUDE, HE JUST GOT STABBED THROUGH HIS BODY!! How does it make sense that he didn't die immediately:O <3thoughtsramble


I've finally caught up with Gu Family Book — love it quite a bit, but it's always such a mood-killer! The love between Chung Jo and Kang Chi is so real and I feel the chemistry, but I already feel that sense of pity towards Chung Jo because she loves Kang Chi, yet Kang Chi's true fate lies with Yeo Wool. I'm not sure where this will exactly head towards, but I guess the final kills comes when Kang Chi realises that the man who kills his father is Yeo Wool's father! Bad blood right there? What's intriguing is why the two main characters are grinning away in this poster, while the rest of the characters take such sombre faces. Feels very out of place both with the general mood of the poster, as well as the current line of plot they are taking with the drama! Heh, but if this means that they are going to have a happy ending, I will be very happy:D Currently checking out Vampire Heaven, which is that sort of a …

Gu Family Book

I believe I may be hooked! Read wiki, which happily summarised the first two episodes for me, so I only watched half of episode 1 but the full episode 2….and I love it:O The acting was awesome, the characters had great chemistry and it moved me to tears. Their sad love:( While it's incredibly sad (and annoying) that Seo Hwa betrayed Wol Ryung, it is quite congruous with her character that she would do so… so I guess no complaints there. Well, it would have been nice if we could see more of Wol Ryung^^ Can't wait for Episode 3 and 4!! <3thoughtsramble