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What’s up

I don't know if you are waiting for my recaps In Time With You, but if you are, I apologise for it being so late!! The reason being… I got myself utterly hooked on the Meitantei Conan starring Mizobata Junpei. I think I mentioned in an earlier recap that mystery and crime is totally, totally my cup of tea, and so I couldn't help myself………. ending up clicking the link for the next episode, and the next and then next, and yes you get the picture(: Just finished the series today! After which I got wind of a movie that Mizobata Junpei acted in this year, and I finished watching it today as well. I know -hang head in shame-, I've only gone through 2/6 of In Time With You, but I will get it out…. soon!(: Of course, I've no idea if I want to recap Meitantei Conan or review it, because there are after all 13 episodes to recap, and I'm a lazy one who doesn't usually recap what I've blazed through in a matter …

It’s hard to believe

that the similarities between In Time With You and Thirty Nothing are just pure coincidences!:O  1. Both like to jibe each other about being the first to win the bet.  2. Both start to indulge in new relationships. 3.One party had rejected another party when they were younger. (in the case of Thirty Nothing, it was the girl who rejected the guy.)  4. They treat each other (or is it so?:P) as best friends for lifeeeeee. Hmm. That's interesting. <3thoughtsramble