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I don't know if you are waiting for my recaps In Time With You, but if you are, I apologise for it being so late!! The reason being… I got myself utterly hooked on the Meitantei Conan starring Mizobata Junpei. I think I mentioned in an earlier recap that mystery and crime is totally, totally my cup of tea, and so I couldn't help myself………. ending up clicking the link for the next episode, and the next and then next, and yes you get the picture(:

Just finished the series today! After which I got wind of a movie that Mizobata Junpei acted in this year, and I finished watching it today as well. I know -hang head in shame-, I've only gone through 2/6 of In Time With You, but I will get it out…. soon!(:

Of course, I've no idea if I want to recap Meitantei Conan or review it, because there are after all 13 episodes to recap, and I'm a lazy one who doesn't usually recap what I've blazed through in a matter of a few days…but this is quite an awesome drama (which is saying something, because uhm I don't really like Conan. Prefer Kindaichi anyday)! Besides, I must say that I'm feeling rather biased towards Mizobata Junpei haha! Seriously, there's a heavy overload of him for the past few days. We will see how! I will most probably do a review of the movie that he acted in, so do look out for that!(: 


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