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In Time With You

Omygosh I just finished the episode and I can't wait for the next one!!!! Please, please, please let there be good good good marvellous developments in their relationship. IT'S THE EIGHTH EPISODE DUDE AND YOU ONLY HAVE THIRTEEN TO GO THROUGH 

Heart's totally aching for Da Ren now. Poor guy. I wish You Qing was determined to carry through with all that "Oh I'm not going to go back to him, I'm not going to be a withered flower, I'm not going to have discounted relationship" because the minute she saw Ding Li Wei (lol realise that I still address Ding Li Wei with surname and all), oh wow is that You Qing's resolve flying out of the window??



  1. I’m already in love with Li Wei. wOOt for the first time shipping the second lead and finishing the series. I tend to quit before it gets too far if I don’t like the main lead.


    • Hahahaha I’m ALWAYS shipping the second lead!!! And then I will find myself heartbroken most of the time because those second leads always contribute so much and never get the girl/the girl stupidly didn’t realise their love until much later when she’s already head over heels in love with the first.

      Heh:P Which is why I guess I’m shipping Da RenX You Qing together, because if you think about it, Da Ren’s character is more like a second lead right nowXD

      Ooh, I still hold on even if I don’t like the main lead, but this probably means that I’m going to be heartbroken haha:P


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