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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 3 Recap

So here it is! Third Episode of Keizoku 2:SPEC 😀 I will not promise that I will do this ALL the way, and this recap is just for a try out, to test if it really helps those who need English subs. If you guys want me to go on, you will have to leave a comment, or I will not know whether it helps you or not! Here goes: [ By the way, I’ve started on Episode 3 because I found English subs for the previous 2 episodes already… try googling search it!] 

Keizoku 2:SPEC

Right, I just want to inform those who have been cursing and wailing for the past few weeks for a lack of a subbing group to take up Keizoku 2:SPEC, that if you can understand Chinese, you might want to check Tudou instead. I’ve been watching from there, and I’m actually considering doing recaps for those who needed English subs, because up till now, I don’t think anyone did subs for more than episode 2. Still thinking about it though, and no promises^^ Oh right, and I distinctly remembered reading somewhere about a discussion on why the Spanish in Keizoku 2:SPEC and I’m wondering, if it’s because of Yu Shirota? He’s half Spanish right? -edit- Right, if you want me to do recaps [ actually I aint sure that it will help but still… ], please leave a comment kay!  <3thoughtsramble