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Keizoku 2:SPEC Episode 3 Recap

So here it is! Third Episode of Keizoku 2:SPEC 😀 I will not promise that I will do this ALL the way, and this recap is just for a try out, to test if it really helps those who need English subs. If you guys want me to go on, you will have to leave a comment, or I will not know whether it helps you or not!

Here goes: [ By the way, I’ve started on Episode 3 because I found English subs for the previous 2 episodes already… try googling search it!]

Oops! Disclaimer first! I’m translating this from Chinese subs, so I have no idea if any meaning is lost during the translation… but oh well:P

Chii and Toma are having [what seems to be] dumplings in the shop and Chii observes that the struggle for power is like a movie. Toma says that she was the one who recommended him the movie, then Chii asks her if she could stop being a criminal police.

"Hmm?" "I don’t think it will just be the arm next time." Toma looks  at her arm and Chii continues to eat her dumplings.

"I told you not to eat others’ dumplings, you left hander!" "I’m serious." but Toma doesn’t respond. [ Ahhhh I really like Shirota Yu right now:P] 

In the previous episode, Unno found Sebumi and promised a deal.

So now they’re sitting in the cafe and Unno tells Sebumi that there is a doctor who could heal Shimura. Sebumi quickly asks, "Really?" "I have no idea. As a scientific worker I cannot believe this, but it seems like such a person really exists… this person could be a spiritual kind of thing… or a superpower but it does seem like he has the power to allow cells to work again. There’s information about him in the police -"

"So you want me to pass the information to you?" "You…don’t want to save Shimura?" "Is this a threat?" "It’s a deal. I want to save people, even if it’s just one." He tells Sebumi that he may think that doctors are used to death but they aren’t — the deaths sink to the bottom of their hearts and they carry with them the grief and the sadness. He assures Sebumi that he won’t use the information for a bad use, and in return, he will save Shimura. Sebumi replied, "I’m afraid I need to disappoint you. Also, even if there’s information it will be fake, because we’re just a department that are fools." He gets up to leave and is going to walk off when Unno says, "I’ve seen the healer before. The one he healed was…… me." Sebumi still walks off anyway.

Nonomura is happily walking on the streets with the young girl, Masaki and he sees Sebumi walking towards him. He quickly pulls Masaki to a nearby accessory stall while Sebumi stalks off in the distance. Sebumi enters a tunnel/underpass and recalls what Unno says, while muttering under his breath, "It’s all a pack of lies.. it’s not real." Suddenly a girl asks, "What if it’s real?" and she bumps into his shoulder. Sebumi mutters, "Pain!" and he suddenly realises that his arm has recovered. [:O] He looks for the girl but the girl has disappeared. 

Nonomura drinks some sweet strawberry looking thing with Masaki. Masaki wants him to quickly divorce his wife but he says that his wife is a lawyer which makes it hard for him to win cases. He asks her if she has mentioned before that she’s pregnant. "Yeah I said before." "Is it mine?:D" Her answer? A slap. Nonomura murmur, "Of course.." 

Tsuda and Reizei are playing wii [ I think ] and Reizei wins. Tsuda mentions about the prediction that Reizei has made, and Reizei asks him if he will let him go after the prediction comes true. "We will have to see if it comes true or not." "It will come true, definitely." and Reizei shows him a piece of paper. Tsuda says, "Then we will let those two inexperience ones at Mishou to go do this job." The next day, Toma complains as she brings her luggage up the steps because she wants to sleep. She discovers that Sebumi’s arm is all right, but Sebumi just recalls what happened and doesn’t tell her.

Toma takes out the piece of paper and complains because when Nonomura gave them the mission, the higher ranked people didn’t tell them who they were even spying on, and they just said that they would know once they’re there. Sebumi asks if they’re at the right place and Toma replies, "Can’t be wrong" but Sebumi looks at the paper and knows that they’re at the wrong place. They need to be there by 1pm and he decides to take a taxi instead.

Some orange hair guy hears the bell and donates money to a nun but there is something strange about the nun and her bell. In the taxi, Toma is very happy because to her, cabs are a comfort. They reach and she happily pushes the task of paying the cab fees to Sebumi. The clock ticks to one, and a motorcyclist cycles into the petrol station. The orange hair guy comes out to help him fill his motorcycle but he suddenly thinks of the nun and he jerks. He becomes ‘crazy’ and pour petrol all over the motorcycle. When people come up to stop him, he just continues to laugh and spray them with petrol. [ OH YUCKS. ]

Sebumi and Toma quickly run up and he turns in their direction. Sebumi ducks and hence all the petrol ends up on Toma. The guy stops and with a perverted smile, he opens a lighter and drops it. -slow motion- but Sebumi kicks it away and manages to stop the guy. Back at Mishou, Toma complains because she smells of petrol, badly, and even Sebumi purposely rubs it in. She wants to interrogate the man himself but the guy is not being very coorperative and Toma gets very irritated. "You have a loud voice." "You have no rights to say me." The orange hair guy is simply saying that he’s just using the body but no one believes him so he is like, "Fine, I shall show you guys that I can possess others as well. I shall go to those who are watching me:D" and the orange guy suddenly drops his head. Then, he suddenly ‘wakes’ up again and asks, "Where is this?" The policeman outside suddenly starts to scratch his legs and keeps saying "Itchy itchy itchy" Nonomura asks what’s so itchy and he replies, "The moment I posses this body my feet feels itchy!" He kicks away the shoe and hops onto the table. He asks what’s the name of the guy that he has possessed and someone tells him. "Ooh such a common name! To prove that I can really possess people, I shall possess everyone with the same name:D" Then the ‘spirit’ goes out of the body and the policeman collapses on Toma who mutters, "Heavy" 

They tie the orange hair guy and the policeman up where Sebumi demands them to say the truth. Toma is very eager to hear from them because she truly believes that they were possessed but Sebumi says that it’s nothing but a deceiving trick. The two of them insist that they are telling the truth so Nonomura threatens them with an injection that will make them tell the truth. The two of them actually agree while Toma asks, "Isn’t the injection illegal?" Tsuda refuses to let Reizeiki go even though his prediction came true. Later, Nonomura tells them that the injection shows that they’re telling the truth — that they’re really not acting/take bribes from others to appear possessed. Yet the two of them have a common memory of a nun in Tokyo and they suspect that she has something to do with this possessed thing. Nonomura comes up with a great idea — to find the directory and call every guy who has the same name as the orange guy and the policeman and warn them, but obviously there’s too many of this people to even do that, so Sebumi and Toma ignore him.

A principal with the same name suddenly goes mad and pulls up the skirt of the female students; a hairdresser shaves off his customer’s hair [ I think the name is minoru hayashi… not sure though ]. Mishou is trying to determine where all these weird cases happen when the news start to talk about what seems to be a common possession over people called Minoru Hayashi. However, Mishou is relieved that not many people are taking the whole possession thing seriously. The three policemen come in and tell them that the person has sent a challenge to them — " Ignorant policemen who do not take this possession thing seriously, I shall come to possess every single man who is called Minoru Hayashi. Using their bodies to do crimes, will you policemen capture and punish them as well? I can posses everyone, if you have the ability, come catch me. By the way, if you cannot catch me within 48 hours I will -" Basically this person will reveal to the media about the whole possessed thing, which will become very serious because everyone who commit crimes will simply claim that they are possessed. 

After that there was a murder done by someone called Minoru Hayashi but he claims that he is possessed as well. When they take him to be detained, suddenly the policeman by their side is possessed and says, "I am tired of just possessing people called Minoru Hayashi. From now on I shall try people of different kinds and names to convince you!" Then the ‘spirit’ leaves the body to this other policeman, who takes out the gun with his left hand and points it. The three policeman fall to the ground in shock but Sebumi steps out with his gun as well. This policeman says in this very gay voice, "Oh a gun. I see, that leaves me no choice then!" and the ‘spirit’ leaves the body. Later, Toma does her calligraphy thing, and after throwing the pieces of paper up in the air, she knows all the answers. She goes to find Minoru Hayashi and then reveals that the real murderer is actually himself — he’s someone who has the SPEC to possess others. As he hates his professor for taking his work and publishing it as his and even ends up with a Nobel Prize for that, he decides that he shall possess all others who have the same name as him. Yet because he’s [ a lot perverted in the mind ] uhm curious, he wants to enjoy the feeling of strangling someone with his own hands. OH GOSH. 

Toma further reveals that those people who were possessed were originally left hander but the moment they became possessed, they became right handers [ and Minoru Hayashi is a right hander.] He says that her theory will not work because of the policeman who pulls the gun out the previous day. Toma smiles and walks over to his right side, and takes his hand — his index finger is badly injured. "It’s because your right hand is badly injured in the struggle, so you can’t even pull the trigger." The guy knows that the game is up. He admits to his crime and he recalls about the murder [ grr I can’t watch it ].

At this time, the two policeman come back in and he suddenly possesses the older one. The younger one pulls the gun to try and stop the older one, and Toma attacks him from behind, but Minoru Hayashi quickly possess the younger one instead and kicks away Toma’s gun. Sebumi rushes in but the younger policeman holds the gun to Toma’s brain, and he’s going to shoot Toma when Sebumi is damn smart and shoots the body of Minoru Hayashi instead. The younger policeman falls to the ground like he’s in pain and he asks why, and Sebumi explains that if the body of the possessor could affect the spirit even when he’s in someone else’s body [ like the right hand thing ] then they must be linked. He puts his gun to the wound and digs it in, while saying that if the spirit dares to run away, he will crack the head of the body. The spirit of Minoru Hayashi gets frightened and returns to his body. Toma arrests him on accounts of murdering his professor and continues to dig in the gun furiously. Ack. 

Later, she purposely puts a camera to record what Minoru Hayashi will do in prison. Suddenly as she stands up to swat a fly, all time stop and Ninomae appears. He wakes Minoru Hayashi up and proceeds to kill him but something stops him. Turning, he yells into the air " TOMAAAAAAA!!!!" All time resumes again, Toma kills her fly and Mishou gets news about the death of Minoru Hayashi. Recalling about her recording, she quickly rushes to the tv and rewinds. She finds the scene that she wants — Ninomae suddenly appearing and looking into her camera with a look of hatred and fury. Toma murmurs, "Ninomae"

-the end-

Right. That’s the first recap! If you guys have any part that you still don’t understand, you can always leave a comment of the timing and the link to the video that you are watching on — I will try and help! As for those who can understand Chinese, do try Tudou!(: 

Do leave a comment to whether this recap has helped you or not, because that’s the only way I can guage 😛 Also, if you will like to reference this entry to other forums/places you are welcome, but if you will like to copy any words from this recap, do ask for permission first!:D



  1. I found you randomly through LJ’s search engine but kldfhbjdfhkg OMG CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW? Yeah, sorry, that’s weird. x_x It’s just that I started watching Keizoku: SPEC yesterday and saw the first two episodes and decided that I’ll just watch the rest RAW and wait for subs. With this, at least I’ll know what’s going on!

    You are so amazing, thank you. ;___________; Is it okay if I add you in case you decide to recap the later episodes? ♥


    • HAHAHA yeah sure you can friend me!:D [ actually you’ve already friended me right(: ]

      Well thanks so much for liking this recap!! I was soo frustrated when I waited and no one was coming up with subs, so I thought I was trapped, until I realise that Tudou [ a chinese streaming site] has Keizoku 2:SPEC on it, so I thought I should help those who cannot understand Chinese/Japanese!

      I hope it really helps you(:


      • Yeah, I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry. ^^;;

        I can imagine! This drama is actually really interesting and I really love Erika Toda in it. You never really see actresses in roles like hers and she works it! I’m glad you were able to find that though and that in return I found you. XD

        It did, thank you! Will you possibly be recapping the rest of the drama? ♥


      • Haha no it’s okay!:DD

        Yeahh I really like how Toda Erika can work different roles and all that, and still succeed. LOL you are welcome!^^ Yep I think that I will be doing at least a few more episodes, but I won’t do the recaps as fast as I do other dramas:P


  2. Anonymous says

    Please continue.


    I’ve been watching the latest episode of Keizoku 2: Spec without having an idea of what’s going on. You’ve been a huge help by doing the recaps. Please don’t stop!


    • Re: Please continue.

      Hello! I might take a lonngggg time to get to the latest episode but I will try to continue all the way! Right now, I’ve done the episode recap of episode 4. Hope it’s a help!^^


    • Anonymous says

      The subs for the last 2 are not yet released, thanks for your recaps, I think it has a clearer translation than the subs but the subbers are really doing their best.^^


      • I see! Yeah, I always admire subbers a lot for their hard work and all:D I probably gave a clearer translation because I watched with Chinese Subs, and I’ve heard from my friends who learn Japanese that Chinese is a lot like Japanese, so maybe that’s why when I translated them it is clearer!(:


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