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About that Keizoku 2:SPEC recap down [ points to the below entry] remember to comment! Please don’t be shy(: or it’s really hard for me to tell if it works or not.

Next — I’ve just gotten back the results of my language exam! I’ve no idea if it’s good though sigh — am trying to google search where my certificate lies in the big picture out there, but I think honestly it’s quite useless at the moment. 

I will be doing a couple of entries like wishlist and what-not in the next few days, and I LOVE READING~~~ I think I should start watching Majo Saiban [ spelling?] soon, or I will have no time next year. Right…. it’s time to tell you guys that once the new year starts, I probably won’t be updating as often as this [ like once every two days or something ]. It will probably be more like once a week, or even worse, once in three weeks when I have my exams, but I do love posting entries, so I will try my best! ^^ 

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~~~


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