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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 20 Recap

Oops! I just realise how long Episode 20 + 21 were, so I shall break it into 2 recaps instead!

Tuo Ye was immediately on the defensive and he said that since Fang Ge was killed by him, there’s no reason why he should explain himself or to say that he’s not the killer.

Guang Xi said that Tuo Ye must really have wanted to kill Fang Ge because there wasn’t just an injury on the neck but also a tear behind the ear. Tuo Ye recalled the things that Chi Xin went through and muttered that Fang Ge deserved it. Guang Xi smiled, and when Tuo Ye got up to leave, Guang Xi banged on the glass to ask him to sit down again. He told Tuo Ye that he promised Xiao Le that he would save his Duo Zai and he also didn’t want to see Hua Yi collapse because of him. Tuo Ye asked what happened to his mother, and Guang Xi replied that his mother collapsed after hearing that the case was against Tuo Ye, but Mu Cheng’s taking care of her. "Thank goodness there’s Mu Cheng." Guang Xi heard that and his face changed.

Tuo Ye saw and quickly said, "Please don’t misunderstand, I only purely wanted to thank her." "You don’t need to explain, I know just how important you are to her." Then Guang Xi spoke his heartfelt words, "I would rather lose everything, than to lose someone’s true heart. So you do plan to throw Hua Yi’s worry, Mu Cheng’s true heart and Xiao Le’s concern into the bin?" Tuo Ye asked him if he’s so willing to help him "simply because my mother asked you? Or is it because of Mu Cheng?" "I’ve said before… it’s for Xiao Le. Anyway, I have confidence that I can help you get out earlier, so that you can reunite with those who care about you [ there was a slight emphasis of tone here]" Tuo Ye finally agreed to let Guang Xi defend him.

Later, Guang Xi revealed to Gary that Tuo Ye’s lying because there wasn’t even a tear behind Fang Ge’s ears and that from his reactions, it was obvious that he didn’t want Guang Xi to find Chi Xin. Guang Xi suspected that the key to this whole thing was Chi Xin and asked Gary to prepare a list of questions.

The prosecutor for this case was Tao Da Yi, someone obviously very capable of sending bad guys to jail. He was discussing with his assistant that Guang Xi would definitely head for a self-defence thing, so that the sentence would be lighter, but based on the evidence given, he’s positive that it was murder [ planned ] instead. 

Director Fang went to Mu Cheng’s house and was going to deposit something in her mailbox when Xiao Le came home and ran up to her. She felt ‘caught’ and was going to run away but was trapped in a situation when Xiao Le asked her why she wanted to run.

Mu Cheng smiled and told Xiao Le that Director Fang was hoping for Xiao Le to show her their big yard, and Xiao Le joyfully brought Director Fang into the house. She actually brought photos of the outing that she and Xiao Le went for [ the natural environment thing] and she kept looking around Xiao Le’s room. Later, Mu Cheng cooked the speciality again, and she stood there with a slightly lecturing tone, and asked, "Liang Xiao Le, what’s the eighth rule in the Liang Household?" Xiao Le dutifully answered, "When I’m eating with adults, I can only start after they start. BUT I’m so hungry!! Granny!!" He turned to Director Fang, hoping that she would help him, but Director Fang coughed and said, "Your mother is right." which caused Mu Cheng to be pleasantly surprised.

While she was washing the dishes, Director Fang apologised to her for saying that she was brought not up properly, "after I saw how obedient Xiao Le is, I realise that your parents must have brought you up very well in order for you to bring Xiao Le up so well." She looked at Xiao Le and said, "When Guang Xi was at Xiao Le’s age, he was nowhere as happy. I often brought him to tuition, to classes… because of my interference, he didn’t smile or laugh often. I realise my mistake now, but it’s too late. We’re both single mothers, but from you, I think I should reflect upon myself." "No, actually we’re the same, we both love our child, just that we love in a different way… no one will love Guang Xi more than you." "But I took his childhood away, and broke you and him up, and in the process caused Guang Xi, caused you, and even Yi Qian to be unhappy."

"Yet, it’s because of your decision, which was what allowed Guang Xi to live on. Isn’t this the most important? It’s also because of this which allows me to understand what I should cherish. Even if Guang Xi and I didn’t go through all these obstacles, it doesn’t mean that we will be together forever… no one will know what will happen the next second, so we should try our best and make the best decisions for our loved ones at that moment." Mu Cheng was touched, because Director Fang told her not to give up on the marriage. Mu Cheng replied that she never wanted to give up but because Guang Xi already treated her like a stranger and she didn’t know how to get close to him. Xiao Le suddenly ran towards Mu Cheng, stuck close to her and said, "Isn’t this close?:D"

Then he stuck close to Director Fang and asked, "Isn’t this close?:D" [ because he was thinking of close in the physical sense ] Mu Cheng and Director Fang laughed and Mu Cheng said that he eavesdropped but he was like, " I’m called Ren Xiao Le" [ because Guang Xi’s surname is Ren. ] They laughed again and Director Fang said, "Sure… you’re Ren Xiao Le, so you should be Cupid and make sure that Mu Cheng doesn’t give up."

Guang Xi interrogated Chi Xin but Chi Xin couldn’t recall Tuo Ye being the one who stabbed Fang Ge — all she remembered was Fang Ge having lots of blood and Tuo Ye holding a pedestal. Guang Xi noticed Chi Xin keep touching her amulet and even asked where her amulet was even though it was just by her neck. Later Guang Xi said that he had another suspicion and it shouldn’t be wrong. He asked Gary to contact Doctor Tan who was a physiologist. Doctor Tan gave Chi Xin a check up and told him that Chi Xin really suffered from mental distress and she would lock the memories that she didn’t want to recall deep inside her. Guang Xi told her that it’s important Chi Xin recalled the exact scene soon because the court would open the following day. "If I’m not wrong, I know what Tuo Ye’s trying to hide." and Doctor Tan nodded. 

The next day, Guang Xi called Doctor Tan but Chi Xin still hadn’t recalled anything. Mu Cheng found Guang Xi and Gary left to give them some time.

Mu Cheng thanked him for what he had done and asked if he could stay later after the court because she needed to talk to him. He said, "We will see how first." The court started, and the prosecutor stated clearly that Tuo Ye planned to kill Fang Ge and adding on to the fact that there’s evidence for him wanting to escape, he hoped that the court would give a heavy sentence. The judge asked if Tuo Ye pleaded guilty and he said yes, even though he knew that would break Hua Yi’s heart.

Guang Xi’s turn came and he said that Tuo Ye was self-defence, hence he hoped that the court would give him a lighter sentence, or no sentence at all. The prosecutor called in their first witness and it was Fang Ge’s brother who stated clearly that Tuo Ye had a motive [ since Fang Ge stabbed his hand before ]. The prosecutor also stated that it was planned because they already had the siren ready to lure all the sidekicks away.

It’s Guang Xi’s turn to question the witness and he asked the witness if he discovered any weapons after giving Tuo Ye a full body check when he went to give them the money. The witness grudgingly replied no, but he said "I didn’t see clearly" when Guang Xi asked if it’s true that Fang Ge refused to let Chi Xin go even after he got the money. The judge demanded him to answer honestly, and he said "I think it’s like that." Guang Xi asserted his point that Tuo Ye only wanted to leave as soon as possible and that there’s no motive, so it’s self-defence. The prosecutor stood up in objection and said that since Tuo Ye met up with Fang Ge a week ago, he could have already found out that there’s a pedestal there.

Oh dear. Guang Xi then called in the third witness who was Mu Cheng, whose statement could prove that Tuo Ye wanted to own up, instead of wanting to escape as he himself said. Guang Xi wanted to assert the point that Tuo Ye’s character was not someone who would plan a murder, so he asked Mu Cheng why she wanted to help Tuo Ye even though they’re not related in any way.


Mu Cheng said that Tuo Ye helped her and Xiao Le a lot and that without Tuo Ye, there’s no way Xiao Le and her could survive the six years. She also said that Tuo Ye’s very honest, kind and upright, and there’s no way he would kill others. You could see Guang Xi’s heart breaking, I tell you. The prosecutor stood up and basically just caused the court to treat Mu Cheng’s words as invalid because she had relationships with both Tuo Ye [ ex-fiance ] and Guang Xi [ present – husband ]. The prosecutor thus asserted his point again, that Tuo Ye had a motive, and he wanted to escape after murdering Fang Ge.

The scene switched to Doctor Tan trying to get Chi Xin to recall the events, and she purposely tried to snatch the amulet away from Chi Xin. In the process, they accidentally knocked [ intentionally? ] over a cup and as Chi Xin watched the cup roll around on the floor, she recalled how the pedestal was on the floor as well and that Fang Ge, in the fight, cut off Tuo Ye’s amulet.

She started screaming and crying, and Doctor Tan went to sooth her and Chi Xin told her that she recalled everything.

Oooh Guang Xi’s simply brilliant here.

Tuo Ye got called up as a witness and Guang Xi said that he didn’t feel like defending him AT ALL with his uncooperative attitude. "The pedestal with blood stains but no fingerprints, no use. Fang Ge’s brother only saw you holding the pedestal, not you stabbing Fang Ge with it, invalid." He went on to say that he had no idea why Tuo Ye wanted to admit to the crime when there’s only actually 25% of him committing the crime — he could assume that " Hua Fen Fang [ Fang Ge ] found his own conscience and wanted to commit suicide, that the little brother wanted a mutiny, killed the big brother because he wanted to be the leader, or… that Hua Chi Xin got a shock and killed Hua Fen Fang." Tuo Ye heard that and immediately said, "Ren Guang Xi, what rubbish are you saying? I killed the man, why do you mention Chi Xin for? She had nothing to do with this at all." Guang Xi smiled, and said, "Weird… why didn’t you say that this had nothing to do with Hua Fen Fang, that this had nothing to do with the little brother, why must you say that this had nothing to do with Hua Chi Xin? This is because you found out that Chi Xin lost the most essential part of her memory that night, so you decide to hide the truth. There’s only one possibility why you must admit guilty, and that’s to protect Hua Chi Xin!"

Tuo Ye wanted to kick his lawyer away and he was damn agitated, " I already admit that I killed the guy, why are you all not arresting me huh?"  

Chi Xin opened the court doors and said, "No! Lawyer Ren was right — I killed Hua Fen Fang." Tuo Ye quickly asked her to go back, but Chi Xin that it’s enough and he shouldn’t lie anymore. Later, Chi Xin gave her statement, and that Guang Xi suspected that she lost a few seconds of her memory so he got Doctor Tan to try and recover her memory. She described the whole process and that she took another pedestal to stab Fang Ge. Doctor Tan came up and said that Chi Xin was controlled by drugs and because she was constantly abused by Fang Ge, she’d gotten PTSD and she could safely assume that she didn’t have any motive to kill Fang Ge. "I’m sorry, if I didn’t leave home, this wouldn’t have happened at all. I’m so sorry, so sorry…" Tuo Ye teared and asked why Guang Xi wanted to recover her memory. Guang Xi replied that he did wrong and he should have called the police in the first place — " I did this all because!"


"No, Lawyer Ren was right, you really did wrong. Do you know how guilty I felt when I saw you taking the blame for me? Without you, I will not be happy." 

Results of the court? Tuo Ye’s innocent, Fang Ge would be charged for imprisonment etc, and Chi Xin would be arrested for further investigation. Tuo Ye told Chi Xin not to be scared and that he and Hua Yi would be waiting for her at home. After the court, the prosecutor praised him and that he’s impressed that Guang Xi could find the symptoms of PTSD in Chi Xin. Guang Xi revealed that he had PTSD as well, that’s why he could see the symptoms. The prosecutor said that he heard that Guang Xi would also be attending a conference in America that’s going to be held in a few days — " I hope that I can rub shoulders with you again."

and they shook hands. 

Later Tuo Ye thanked Guang Xi, who promised him that he would try his best to get a ‘not sentenced’ for Chi Xin. Guang Xi said that it should be him who should thank Tuo Ye instead, because it wasn’t until that day that he realised just how much Tuo Ye had done for Xiao Le and Mu Cheng. Tuo Ye laughed and said, "What’s the use? Six years ago, you saved Mu Cheng. Six years later, you saved me, this shows that you are the one with ability to take care of both mother and son." Guang Xi smiled and said, "This only shows that I’m a good lawyer… the rest, doesn’t matter at all." Then he walked out. Tuo Ye asked him what that meant, and Guang Xi replied that he wanted Tuo Ye to continue what he had been doing for the six years — take care of Xiao Le and Mu Cheng. Tuo Ye asked, "Did I hear wrongly? You want me to take care of your son, and your wife as well. Then what are you supposed to do?" Guang Xi said that he wanted to marry Mu Cheng because he thought that it’s still possible between them, but he realised that Mu Cheng was right, "I’m not the one whom she can depend on, who can give her a tomorrow…. you are." 

"Big Lawyer Ren, it can’t be that you still don’t know why she left you?" "What do you mean?"

-cue theme music-

-the end-

HAHAH no in the actual episode it didn’t end there, but I suddenly felt like some producer/editor and decided that stopping there seems to be the best cliffhanger 😀 -acknowledge the applause- This episode actually runs on for another 30 minutes more than its usual screening time, so I’ve decided to combine it with Episode 21. 

Exciting? When I watched this episode, I already knew who the real ‘killer’ was because my friend couldn’t contain herself, I could really kill her for that grr, and told me that the real guy was Chi Xin instead of Tuo Ye, so I couldn’t tell if the general public was took in by Tuo Ye. However, no matter how much I hate spoilers, I admit that it does give me a chance to watch the past episode and this one with a whole new perspective. If you haven’t realised that the murderer was Chi Xin until you read it/watch it, you should totally rewatch/read my recaps once more — you will be amazed at how suddenly every single thing that Tuo Ye says was actually a hint. 

Xiao Le taught Director Fang how to properly show her love for others again, but I like how Mu Cheng isn’t all grudge and hate towards her mother in law as well. I like how ultimately there isn’t any bad guys/ witches — instead you/ I  [ for all I know, you guys don’t feel the same. I’ve been told for a very long time that I’ve a large pool of pity/sympathy/empathy to deal out:O] pity the poor woman because she just doesn’t know how to express her love properly. True, I didn’t like her when she forced Mu Cheng to leave Guang Xi, and blobbed Mu Cheng’s presence out of Guang Xi’s life, but that’s because she thought that she was doing the right thing, and Mu Cheng’s right — she does love her child more than anyone else. 

So this drama is running towards an end and I will post my thoughts about the ENTIRE drama in the next recap! Do look forward to it!:D

    Don’t you just love my userpic?:D

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