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Haha lol that was random.

Just finished reading some stories from Nora Roberts and it feels kinda like a Julia Quinn thing. In an attempt to make up for all the lost quality time that I could have spent with my books, I have devoured Agatha Christie’s books as well. I guess I was looking for elements of the Japanese Dramas in them, and I was mildly disappointed to find sparks of Nancy Drew instead — more of a story rather than thought provoking plot elements. 

I’m trying [ key word there! ] to learn some Japanese right now but I just hate memorising so much that it’s kind of failing:P

I’ve decided that I shall do a recap for Episode 3 of Keizoku 2:SPEC so do check back for it!

Autumn’s Concerto last recap will come in about a few days, and I’m kinda itching for another new drama. I’m actually thinking of rewatching Mars because I mean, it’s <3.

    P.S I’m sorry if I sound so, so disjointed because I’m so giddy now that I can’t think properly(:  


  1. Anonymous says

    its v. dear me… i had no idea u read romance books as well… honestly, id rather not read them ever but they’re like really bad fat. it doesn’t do you much good besides instant gratification but i can’t resist either… after telling myself again and again that i shouldn’t read them, i think i’m close to having read nearly 2000 romances so far.
    although honestly, i don’t know if i like julia quinn or nora roberts as much as the general population. i understand why they are popular though. and thank god for the internet. i will never admit to anyone in real life i’m reading julia quinn.


    • Haha I do! In fact I’m nuts for them:P but I have phases… sometimes I just cannot bring myself to read chick lit because I think they’re too frivolous but other times, I enjoy them because they are an easy read — same reason why I read Julia Quinn actually:P

      HAHA why! Around me, not many people read Julia Quinn so it doesn’t mean anything even if I say I’m reading Julia Quinn lol.


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