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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I know this is really belated but the past week has been lots of fun. I didn't have much time to touch the other books I'm reading, mainly Nora Roberts' and Nicholas Sparks' but I can't wait to start! In the new year, I hope I will get to watch lots of nice dramas and read good books. Haha. I'm about to finish Calvin's drama, Lucky Touch, and after that I'm gonna continue on Jang Guen Suk's Pretty Boy Bel Ami! I can't really identify with Bo Tong and that sucks a bit because identifying with the leads is one major factor in drawing me into any drama. I'm so excited for Pretty Little Liars yipee! <3thoughtsramble


Haha lol that was random. Just finished reading some stories from Nora Roberts and it feels kinda like a Julia Quinn thing. In an attempt to make up for all the lost quality time that I could have spent with my books, I have devoured Agatha Christie’s books as well. I guess I was looking for elements of the Japanese Dramas in them, and I was mildly disappointed to find sparks of Nancy Drew instead — more of a story rather than thought provoking plot elements.  I’m trying [ key word there! ] to learn some Japanese right now but I just hate memorising so much that it’s kind of failing:P I’ve decided that I shall do a recap for Episode 3 of Keizoku 2:SPEC so do check back for it! Autumn’s Concerto last recap will come in about a few days, and I’m kinda itching for another new drama. I’m actually thinking of rewatching Mars because I mean, it’s <3. <3thoughtsramble     P.S I’m sorry if I sound so, so disjointed because I’m so giddy …