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Autumn’s Concerto Episode 19 Recap

Sigh I really wish that Mu Cheng didn’t rush off just like that grr. 

 Mu Cheng came out after chasing but realised that Guang Xi’s no longer in the room. She went to find him at the restaurant and [ looking like a princess, really! ]


found Guang Xi waiting for her there. She asked him why he left first and he said that there’s no reason. Mu Cheng told him that she thought about it and she decided to tell him why she left six years ago, but Guang Xi interrupted her and brought her to the pool side to dance.

He told her that he realised the both of them had never danced together before even though they’d went through so much together. "Do I really know you? Do I really understand you? How do I believe, how do I judge whether you who are standing in front of me is real or fake?" "The one standing in front of you is the most real… and it has always been like that." -with Bach’s Air On G String in the background- 

Tuo Ye went to find Fang Ge alone [ because that was Fang Ge’s condition ] but unknown to them, Bin Zai actually came along with Tuo Ye. Even though Tuo Ye handed the money over, Fang Ge didn’t let Chi Xin go because he wanted an eye for an eye, literally. Tuo Ye had a plan with Bin Zai — he placed his phone in his pocket, and if he called Bin Zai, Bin Zai must do what they had agreed on. Tuo Ye did just that and turned out that Bin Zai placed a fake siren by the path. When he got Tuo Ye’s call, he pressed the siren which sounded like a police siren and that got the whole gang really scared. They were going to run but it ended up in a fight between Fang Ge and Tuo Ye — a fight that could kill. All the sidekicks went out to check and Tuo Ye was in mortal danger because Fang Ge’s dagger was almost touching him already, and it got Chi Xin really worked up when she saw Tuo Ye’s amulet dropped and slid to her side.

Suddenly a pedestal was stabbed into Fang Ge’s neck. Chi Xin screamed and screamed and screamed and Tuo Ye made use of this chance to quickly grab the amulet and the pedestal and ran with Chi Xin when one of the sidekick came back. Bin Zai was waiting outside and he asked what happened but Tuo Ye told them to run first. 

Mu Cheng and Guang Xi was still by the pool side and Mu Cheng wanted to tell him the reason, but Guang Xi cut her off and told her that if she, like him, really wanted to get back together like before, she only had to tell him anything that she should, and he would believe, he would accept, "As long as you say it. I just need an answer and it’s not too late yet." As an answer, Mu Cheng kissed him.

After the kiss, Guang Xi asked, "The words you say now… your kiss, can I treat them as real?" "They’re real…" Mu Cheng placed her hand in his, but he smiled sadly and said, "Including this ring?" Mu Cheng hesitated but said yes.

Guang Xi laughed mockingly with a heavy touch of sadness, "Why do you still lie to me?" 

Tuo Ye cleaned the pedestal and threw it into the river. He quickly brought Chi Xin back to Mu Cheng’s house because he knew no one would be there. Bin Zai suspected something was up but Tuo Ye wouldn’t tell him anything.

Tuo Ye cleaned Chi Xin’s wounds and Chi Xin told him that she wanted to own up for him, because she wouldn’t have as heavy a sentence as compared to Tuo Ye. Tuo Ye looked at her in disbelief and said, "Are you saying, that I kill someone, and you want to take the blame?" Chi Xin nodded and there was tears in Tuo Ye’s eyes.

Tuo Ye didn’t say anything and helped Chi Xin wear the amulet. Bin Zai went to take Chi Xin’s clothes and came back, but Chi Xin was distraught because she didn’t want Tuo Ye to go anywhere. Bin Zai quickly took Tuo Ye’s phone.

Guang Xi placed Mu Cheng’s phone on the table and Mu Cheng realised that it was an sms from the pawn broker shop. Mu Cheng knew that he knew about the ring and was speechless. Guang Xi was disillusioned as he said, "I thought that you could do anything for me. I thought that the stab you took for me was real, I thought that the words you said today was real, and I really want to believe that the kiss just now was real, but it’s you who make me unable to believe. Why do you have the ability to make me feel like a fool, both six years ago and now?"

Mu Cheng tried to explain but Guang Xi shouted, "From last time till now, have you ever loved me?!" "Yes!"

"You lie to me! If you really love me, you wouldn’t pawn your ring for Hua Tuo Ye! I begged you to tell me the truth, but you have destroyed…. the last chance." At this moment, Mu Cheng’s phone rang and it was from Tuo Ye. Guang Xi asked if it’s from him and Mu Cheng said, "I hid this from you because I knew you would be angry. This is a special case, you cannot misunderstand me!" Guang Xi took her phone and asked her to answer it, almost daring her to. Mu Cheng answered the call and it was Bin Zai on the other line who worriedly told her that, "Tuo Ye killed someone and he’s going to the police station to own up now!" Mu Cheng immediately stood up and told Guang Xi that she would explain the matter to him again and that Tuo Ye’s in trouble so she needed to rush back. "Please don’t tell me that this is a special case again. Just how many special cases do you have, or it’s always a special case whenever it’s Tuo Ye?!"

Mu Cheng turned around and said that she really needed to see what happened but Guang Xi told her that "If you go find that gardener, it’s over between the two of us. Remember, you came here today to tell me your decision." Mu Cheng took a step behind and said, "Sorry, I really cannot leave him in the lurch." and she left.

Guang Xi was so hurt and angry that he took out his ring, shouted, "What does this matter?!" and threw in the pool. Then, he cried out, "WHAT DO I MATTER! TURNS OUT THAT ONLY I CARE!!" Oh dear…

Tuo Ye was going to leave the house when he saw Mu Cheng standing there. Mu Cheng asked him to say the truth but he was insistent that he was the one who killed Chi Xin. The police suddenly came and arrested him on accounts of murder and wanting to escape. They even arrested Bin Zai, Chi Xin, and Mu Cheng for suspicion for harbouring the murderer. Guang Xi got a call to go to the police station to settle matters for his wife.


In the police station, Hua Yi was super distraught and that she believed that Tuo Ye wouldn’t kill anyone, but Tuo Ye said that he’s guilty and that since things had already happened, he just wanted her to know that "Whatever I do, it’s to protect those who are important to me." Guang Xi came to the station and Hua Yi begged him to save Tuo Ye but Tuo Ye didn’t want his help at all. Guang Xi coldly asked the officer what happened with his wife, and the officer told him that after their investigation, Mu Cheng had no suspicions of hiding the murderer so she could leave with him. Guang Xi turned around and left but Hua Yi begged Mu Cheng to ask Guang Xi to help Tuo Ye.

Mu Cheng left as well and she asked Guang Xi what she could do to stop him from being so cold to her.

He wanted to explain her actions and she did — that she pawned the ring because Hua Yi needed money and she didn’t dare to open her mouth to ask Guang Xi for the money as well, that she rushed off earlier because she didn’t know how to tell him that Tuo Ye killed someone. Guang Xi said that all her reasons got to do with Tuo Ye, "so how do you want me to believe that there’s nothing between you and him?" He asked if Tuo Ye’s really that important and Mu Cheng said, "Yes, he’s someone very important to me. Have you ever thought that without him, both Xiao Le and I wouldn’t be able to survive for these six years? He’s your son’s greatest benefactor!" Guang Xi said that he would fight for Tuo Ye, but that’s the last thing that he would do for her. He had enough of the repeated suspicions they had with each other and that "I thought for a long time why I wanted to marry you. The answer is that I wanted to have revenge, I thought that you still love me so I married you. Maybe in my heart I thought that we could really be together again, but six years later, I’ve changed and so have you, and we both don’t love each other anymore." Mu Cheng tried to explain what made her leave him six years ago but he’s no longer interested. "This period of time I need to focus on the lawsuit so Xiao Le and you should return to Hua Tian Cun for the time being, and between you and I, I will put a stop after the case." Then he left, leaving Mu Cheng in tears and disbelief.

When Xiao Le and her were going to leave, Zhang Ma suddenly remembered that Guang Xi wanted Zhang Ma to give Mu Cheng the lotion that he bought for her so that she could put on her wound and that it wouldn’t hurt as much when she bathed. Mu Cheng was very touched and Xiao Le asked why she’s crying.

She told him that it’s because she always hurt and misunderstood Guang Xi but she never realised that Guang Xi was like that because he really cared about her. Xiao Le asked if she told Guang Xi how she felt. Mu Cheng said she did but because Guang Xi’s too sad, he didn’t listen to her. Xiao Le told her that when one falls, one should pick oneself up again, and he wanted Mu Cheng not to give up. 

Director Fang went to Guang Xi’s office to give him his clothes and asked what’s wrong that they wanted a divorce. Guang Xi asked him what she wanted to know, that "Because I didn’t listen to you, that’s why it ended up like that? Fine, I admit, that I’m really a failure, because the one she cares about is someone else." Director Fang asked him if he ever thought that he still loved her, but he replied that "But she doesn’t love me." "Did she tell you that personally?" "She doesn’t need to say and I know!" Guang Xi told her that to save Tuo Ye was something that Mu Cheng really wanted, and not to stay by his side. Director Fang asked him if he ever thought that sometimes "People lie because they love the other person too much, and they don’t want them to be hurt? Maybe she’s like that as well…" Guang Xi replied that what really hurt him was because none of them trusted him enough. Director Fang told him that she just didn’t want him to regret forever like her, but Guang Xi said, "I’m different from you, don’t compare your situation with mine. I let Mu Cheng go for her own good, not to push her to death." [ Note: not sure if I mentioned in previous recaps before, but Guang Xi always believed that Director Fang sort of looked down on his father and in the end was the reason behind his suicide. ]


Director Fang teared, looked at him and asked what if she told him that she regretted it a lot, and that she felt like she should have tried harder so that the ending would not be the same. She finally realised that everything could be given up, "as long as your loved ones are next to you. This simple thing, I only learn it from Xiao Le. To be honest, I really like that kid and I hope that I can continue to be his kin." Then she left, leaving Guang Xi surprised because of her reaction and called Gary, the assistant, to check up on his father’s suicide twenty years ago. 

Guang Xi had to go to Hua Tian Cun to collect information and also to inform that the case was very against Tuo Ye, but he would still try his best.

Later, Mu Cheng asked him to stay on so that he could see Xiao Le, but Guang Xi rejected her offer because he still needed to go and see Tuo Ye later. Xiao Le came home at that time, and rushed forward.

Guang Xi hugged him and asked him to be obedient. Mu Cheng told the both of them that she would cook her beef with rice [ and no carrots ] for the both of them after Guang Xi won the case. Xiao Le jumped in joy and asked Guang Xi to join him. Guang Xi laughed and said sure. When he stood up, Xiao Le hugged his leg and said, "Remember, Mu Cheng and I love you a lot a lot!" Guang Xi smiled and left. Mu Cheng stood in the driveway and watched him leave, while Guang Xi cried in the car. Later, he went to find Tuo Ye at the detention centre but Tuo Ye didn’t want him to fight for him, and that this matter had nothing to do with others. Guang Xi calmly said, "You wouldn’t explain for yourself, you kept saying that you are guilty and that this has nothing to do with others, this attitude….. makes things seem…. not innocent." Tuo Ye jerked his head up to look at Guang Xi in shock.

-the end-

Second last recap! I’m kinda sad because this means that my recaps for Autumn’s Concerto are coming to a close, and that also meant that I’ve finished rewatching Autumn’s Concerto as well. Sigh. I hate it when good dramas come to an end. 

All right, for this episode, I really love the alternating and interchange of Guang Xi + Mu Cheng story with Tuo Ye + Chi Xin story until they merged at the point where Bin Zai called Mu Cheng. It feels kinda like a parallel storyline. Finally, the hard exterior of Director Fang had completely been melted because Xiao Le showed her what’s happiness. Sometimes, the most innocent viewpoint is the best, without complications from experience and preconceived notions, and this is why Xiao Le could simplify things so easily until people realise that they might have been fools for half of their lifetime.

Also, I like it that Guang Xi’s helping Tuo Ye fight the case not because well, it’s like a divorce present from him to Mu Cheng or anything. He did that solely because he feels that that’s what Mu Cheng really wanted, and since he had the means, he shall try and fulfil what Mu Cheng wished for — to be with Tuo Ye. I guess this is really evidence of love because isn’t there such a saying that goes, " When you love someone, set them free?" 


I figured that this screenshot is so much prettier than the one above, where there’s an unsightly logo covering most of Guang Xi’s head. 


Here it is! Vanness Wu’s eerily creepy face when he’s acting hurt + in grief + in anger and feeling stupid at himself. It does look like he’s laughing eh, but if you look closely at his eyes and the way his mouth turns up, you can still tell that he’s laughing from sadness. I think he’s very good at acting those kind of shouting + laughing-but-he’s-actually-being-sad face whereas his acting still needs to be improved with scenes like restrained anger. 

Christmas is coming!:D Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I really like the jingles and the ambiance and the CHRISTMAS TREES!:D

    When you really love someone, set them free, for they will come back to you if it’s meant to be


  1. Anonymous says

    late reply! sorry

    hi its me again~ from your episode 18 recap. lets call me tb (random) for future purposes 😀 once again, thanks for all your recaps. very grateful for your hard work and humble roots. ramble becausee you share a passion for dramas and such and not for internet fame.

    so i completed 19 a few days ago! (also watching harry potter and game of thrones!) anyways…

    i also find guang xi’s eerily creepy face when “acting hurt + in grief + in anger and feeling stupid at himself” very fitting. before i continue any further, i should note i am a male. please dont get any wrong ideas. as for guang xi’s expression, he pulls off those expressions in those scenes fairly well. being in a state of flux, he wasnt sure whether he should be relieved to know what he believed was true or whether he should be furious. its also good that he ever so lightly let out a laughter, derived from his own stupidity to love someone who doesn’t show love in return.

    and yes, director fang’s impenetrable veil of self-righteousness has been lifted. she was never an antagonist but the story did justice on her behalf for showing her “motherly” instincts. i really like her character even through my first go-around with the drama.

    they also continue to portray xiao le as the ultimate voice of reason. i think many controversies in society today are always over analyzed. it leads to a convoluted solution that doesn’t necessarily benefit all parties to their best interest. children keep things simple and thats how life should be. if you want to be close to someone, be close. im glad this drama explores the perspective of that of a child.

    kiss was cute! although it was heavily one sided. mu cheng needs to man up more! be more assertive. i remember in my first go-around with the drama, i was so upset how mu cheng is so so so passsive. it irks me. xiao le must’ve taken that assertiveness from his father.

    oh, i also love that screen cap of mu cheng. shes extremely cute whenever her eyes go O.O

    pretty disappointed this episode took a dip in the ratings. its understandable though, its hard to reach expectations especially when theyre already set so high.

    (: these are some of my thoughts. im sorry if theyre boring. lol i hope i didnt hurt your eyes making you read such horrible grammar


    • Re: late reply! sorry

      Hello tb(:

      Haha well thanks for the compliments!^^

      (yes I just watched Harry Potter too ah it’s so good)

      Haha oh so you are a male? Nothing wrong^^ Haha yes I agree with what you said about Xiao Le’s perspective!^^ In the real life, there are some things that we convolute in our ways and we fail to see that maybe the solutions are really simple.

      Yep! Quite happy with Vanness Wu’s acting here, because he could convey those emotions quite well, in fact he did quite well for those scenes that need to step out of comfort zone i.e anger + grief+ a mix of everything.

      Lol hahaha I guess they stick to the normal stereotype of girls in dramas whereby girls are supposed to be passive!^^ If you have a girl that is too assertive, then you will irk all the girls hahaha:P Though I do admit that sometimes I don’t like how guys always must be the one in charge.

      I guess it’s always like that, it’s hard to keep up the episode ratings when you don’t have a main main conflict anymore! Even Fated to Love You took a dip towards the end, though still remaining quite high.

      Of course they aren’t boring^^ Do check out my other recaps of drams if you have interest in them!:D


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