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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I know this is really belated but the past week has been lots of fun. I didn't have much time to touch the other books I'm reading, mainly Nora Roberts' and Nicholas Sparks' but I can't wait to start! In the new year, I hope I will get to watch lots of nice dramas and read good books. Haha. I'm about to finish Calvin's drama, Lucky Touch, and after that I'm gonna continue on Jang Guen Suk's Pretty Boy Bel Ami! I can't really identify with Bo Tong and that sucks a bit because identifying with the leads is one major factor in drawing me into any drama. I'm so excited for Pretty Little Liars yipee! <3thoughtsramble

Lying Game series review

Truthfully I've not been very in touch with the dramaland for the past week. In fact, I have reunited with my old love — reading. For the past few days, I've been obsessed with finishing Sara Shepard's Lying Game series (the book, not the tv drama) and I love it right till the very end. There were bits that I didn't like. For example, it started falling into the same pattern every time Emma found a new suspect. She would identify someone who wasn't a bit right in the head, and then start to link every small bits of clue to the suspect. Ethan would edge her on and then they would hit a dead end when they found an alibi for the suspect. Even though I suspected that Ethan was the murderer very early on ever since the third book, it still feels like there could have been variation in the way it was written. However, I do like the fact that each time a suspect was cleared of guilt, we also learn more …