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Oh wow

This is the first time I think that I have missed such a link… I knew that Kichise Michiko (Maya in Bloody Monday) acted in Liar Game as well, that much is obvious… But I've never linked her face to… Elize from Nodame Cantabile!!! -full shock- I mean, the characters are so different and what with her blond hair… I'm still shocked lol. I'm usually quite fast at picking out this kind of things. <3thoughtsramble

Cookies And Cream

is my favourite flavour everrrr.((: Sorry for the lack of updates here! I've been really, really, really busy these days, and to put you in perspective, I haven't had any chance to watch any dramas at all for the past week0.0 which… is a feat in itself. Granted, I've been watching Nodame's specials and movie (again again!!!!! I love Nodame Cantabile, who's with me!!(:) but even Protect The Boss has to come to an hiatus simply because I don't have enough time:/  So pardon me if you keep coming back and you don't find new updates! I have no idea when this crazy bout of things will end, but rest assured that I will update as soon as I have the chance!(: Recaps, reviews, book reviews, whatever(:  Actually, I'm thinking of watching Nodame Cantabile's anime/ Ouran High School Host Club Anime/ Ouran High School Host Club live action drama when I'm free. Other than that, I might carry out the plan of going through more Studio Ghibli films (<3 Howl's Moving Castle!(:) Yes, if you've …