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Cookies And Cream

is my favourite flavour everrrr.((:

Sorry for the lack of updates here! I've been really, really, really busy these days, and to put you in perspective, I haven't had any chance to watch any dramas at all for the past week0.0 which… is a feat in itself. Granted, I've been watching Nodame's specials and movie (again again!!!!! I love Nodame Cantabile, who's with me!!(:) but even Protect The Boss has to come to an hiatus simply because I don't have enough time:/ 

So pardon me if you keep coming back and you don't find new updates! I have no idea when this crazy bout of things will end, but rest assured that I will update as soon as I have the chance!(: Recaps, reviews, book reviews, whatever(: 

Actually, I'm thinking of watching Nodame Cantabile's anime/ Ouran High School Host Club Anime/ Ouran High School Host Club live action drama when I'm free. Other than that, I might carry out the plan of going through more Studio Ghibli films (<3 Howl's Moving Castle!(:) Yes, if you've noticed… those are all Japanese. Hmm, of course I will finish up with Mei Le Jia You and Protect The Boss. I'm kind of looking forward to Ariel Lin's new drama which sounds interesting.

Not to mention that I've watched Episode 5 of Sunshine Angel…. and it looks interesting, contrary to my own belief. Heh:P For all you know, I might just continue watching Sunshine Angel, since there will be cute cameos by Jiro, Calvin and Aaron (yay!) Hmm but then yet again, I've finished watching the cameo bits ages ago (Love love love Aaron in his full dorkiness) because I didn't think I would be interested to watch Wu Zun (really interested in him till his acting in Princess……) 

On the Korean side, I don't know…. any good kdramas recently? I think my last kdrama was Heartstrings… :< which wasn't thattttt good. 

Au revoir!


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