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K.O.3an Guo’s Behind The Scenes

Really tempted to post this for a long time, and after reading dangermousie's, I've decided to put this into action lol~ Hahahah this never fails to give me a good laugh: 

credited to:labeillebubee

Found this some time ago when I was watching KO One and looking for behind the scenes. I totally cracked up^^ Hahah it's no secret that I like Aaron and to a lesser extent, Fahrenheit (refer here:http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/49730.html for full story lol) , so it was cute to see him stumbling. I'm actually so tempted to post all the funny behind the scenes of some shows, but then yet again, I don't think I will make this into a personal fangirling space. So we shall see!^^

Ending off with this:

credited to:jazs1505
subs credited to thoughtsramble: Aaron said, “We have finally regained our powers, so we will like to travel through dimensions^^” Calvin went on,”Shakespeare said ‘A delightful voyage, can give relaxation to a warrior with feelings of tension.” Jiro ended, “I have a quote too” (observe Aaron’s face of -oh really?- hahaha) “Tiramisu says…a sinful enjoyment….can loosen a woman’s tight stomach.” (note: play of puns here on ‘tension’ and ‘tight’, ‘relaxation’ and ‘loosen’)

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg priceless, that Jiro. Even though KO One didn't go down very well with me, I must say that it's really funny. To me, it's the kind of humour that it's soooooo random and lame that it reaches the point of hilarity. And while I meant it as a somewhat compliment, it does sound like a veiled insult. Oh well.

And since I'm at it anyway, allow me to post a recent photo of Fahrenheit^^ (right, in case you are wondering why there’s still the four of them, it’s a photo on their recent trip to Japan as ambassadors of the Taiwan Tourism Board)

credited to:Weibo/t.sina.com

Gotta love Jiro for how funny he is (watched his hosting before, and of course the many videos), Wu Zun for being like a big brother, Aaron (oh well let's just say I really like him after Love Buffet(:) and Calvin…. uhm Calvin for being funny and uhm being understanding about his situation of being in a group constantly labelled as 'three hot guys and a Calvin' ….heh:P (rather like the first picture on the left)

credited to:weibo



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