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Shamer’s Chronicles

Omg…. just invested myself in this series for the past few days…. and I don't regret it at all! I've finished three books in two days, much at the expense of my other things-to-do, but it was worth it. ^^

Shamer's Chronicles consists of 4 books — The Shamer's Daughter, The Shamer's Signet, The Serpent's Gift and the Shamer's War. It all started with the story being written in Dina's point of view. Dina has a Shamer for a mother. This means that her mother could look into others' eyes and see into their minds. Their shame, petty deeds and guilt will be reflected right back at them. This also entails that no one really dares to look into Dina's eyes, because she had the Gift as well. When her mother is in danger because of an evil plot, she has to use her wits to save her. 

I love the premise of this story. I've always had a soft spot for fantasy novels and while the target audience may be for a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I like the writing style of the author, and I love the characters…and that's always almost a sure way to get me into the books. 

Book 1 was more a starter, come to think of it, but it sets the grounds right for the following three stories. Shamer's Signet diverges into two point of views — Dina's and Davin's. Shamer's Signet became better, with the inclusion of a new character and the Shamer's War, now that's usually the best because that's the end. The final thing.
I must say that I was totally rooting for a Nico and Dina pairing!! I mean, their age matches, and they have been together right from the start of everything. Everything:O and Nico does care for Dina….and the way the other woman keeps going on about it, I know that Nino likes Dina! So, it didn't hit off well with me that Dina finds a boy who doesn't fear looking into her eyes and that boy is Tano. I've nothing against Tano of course. He'd displayed amazing courage and willpower, but…BUT! He's not Nico! And I really like Nico… though I must say that the 'hints' were provided right from the start, since Dina's mother told her that she would one day, come to find someone who will not be afraid to look at her straight in the eye. And ever since she sees Tano, I guess the pairing's pretty set. 

Before I go on about that, the ending totally caught me off guard. It was really good of the author. I guess I've had my fair share of authors killing off the main characters, and since Nico didn't exactly take the centre stage of the narrative point of view, I figured that he really might die from the duel with Drakan. After all, Dina's paired up with Tano, so no one will feel sad that aww Nico left poor Dina behind right? And I literally gasped when I read the line that Nico isn't dead…. !!! I don't know and that makes the above paragraph even sadder, because Nico had to leave all of them. He had to start a new life all over again somewhere and he will be alone. There will be no Dina, no Davin to be with him….and for someone like me, I just cannot imagine that kind of situation. 

So it makes it kinda a bitter sweet ending for me. Granted, I wouldn't want Nico to die from that duel with Drakan, but I didn't want him to be all alone as well. And Dina, the way she said 'Not Now', that she wouldn't follow Nico, because there was somewhere which she belonged to…. that just made it even more bittersweet for me. True, who says that each story has to end with a happy ending? But in the same book, Nico cared for Dina and Dina obviously worried about Nico…which progressed to Dina blushing whenever she saw Tano…. the short span of mutual attraction fails to make me ship this couple. 

And Sezuan died T.T Sigh. He's not exactly a nice person….but he did try to be a good father. And the flute…. Dina's not going to play it anymore will she? So many endings in that one final ending. 
I really like the series though. Now I feel spent. Haha! 

Any of my readers read this before? Because I will love to share with you!



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  2. Anonymous says


    Uhm.. Dina’s 12 or 13 in the last book, Nico’s 18 or 19. I don’t think that qualifies as their ages matching. I do like them together, though,that’s not my point. I just think 6years is a pretty big age difference at that age.


    • Re: Dina/Nico

      I read this series reallyyy long ago so I can’t remember much of the details! But I do remember thinking that Dina really matches Nico, and that I didn’t like Tano’s entrance into the relationship. Dina probably felt older to me because of how much she has gone through, but you’re right, 6 years for a 12year old girl is a big gap.



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