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The weeks just fly past! And I'm not really sure which holes they have flown into but it has been a good month. Still not onto any korean/japanese (haven't watched one in a long time!!)/taiwan dramas because it's just too troublesome to find out what's good or to even find out which dramas are airing right now. Getting a longgg break in a few weeks time so I'm really looking forward to that! In the meantime, I'm still watching lots of movies like Hitch and When Harry met Sally. Not really a favourite of Hitch, but am sold on the latter heh. <3thoughtsramble


HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.