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When I See You Again Episode 18 Recap

I really enjoyed this episode! I think the crying scenes were GREAT, the patching up between Mum and Daughter is gradual and logical, the conflict between the couple is slowly dissolving, You Qian and Yong Qing finally become the friends that they originally should have been, Yan Ze steps up on his game, a hint of a new relationship between Yong Qing and Ya Lu, and a very cool Jiang today. What an awesome episode that ties in so many storylines into 60 minutes! If the entire show had been this tight, relatively fast-paced and diverse, it would have been a great show. But it’s okay! I did love watching the pleasant couple-only scenes in the first 8 episodes hahaha. BECAUSE I AM MISSING THE COUPLE SCENES SO MUCH NOW. GIVE THEM BACK TO ME. (Notice that I don’t really care about Yan Ze and Ya En. Ahem.) Advertisements