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Copy rights and respect

Oh right I will just like to bring up the issue on copyrights and respect etc. I know that if we put something on the web, we should expect that people will do things with them. Yes, so don’t tell strangers your bank account or credit card number, that we all know. However, even if we can’t pose copyrights on blogs ( I have no idea how and I don’t think it’s possible?), I would have thought that people will still respect that issue. Apparently not. I will just like to share that I have an appalling incident with my another blog, a personal one that only my friends knew about. I wrote a review on my blog and a few days later, I checked my guests stats to find a username that I don’t recognise. So I clicked on that link and was introduced to another blog. Being quite interested, I read on. And guess what I found? A blog entry that was ripped off from mine. What was even more irritating was that this particular livejournal user changed some parts of the entry just so it seems like hers, but it’s not. The title is mine, 99% of the words are mine and the content is definitely mine. Being highly irritated now, I mean I have never encountered these kind of things before, I left a comment but the user refused to acknowledge what she has done. She claims that she just wants to try out the settings and that she does not have a reason to rip my entry because she has her own stories to tell. Seriously? I did not believe her for a second but I decide to just leave it at that.

And so, I will just like to appeal to anyone who is reading this entry, that please respect whoever’s entry that you are reading. This does not apply to just blogs. You never know how much hard work has gone into phrasing words together, or simply to churn out the content that he/she wants to share with everyone else. If you really like what he/she has said, by all means comment and ask the person if you can take the content AND CREDIT HIM/HER.

Of course, I’m not saying that someone has done this to me on this blog, I love everyone who has been supporting me and reading what I’ve written(:

And if just so happens that particular livejournal user chances upon this blog and reads all about herself, I have no idea whether to be embarrassed that I’ve been caught talking about her, or to laugh at the irony of it all.

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  1. rtists, do yourself a favor– take advantage of the copyright laws that are in place to enable creators of intellectual wealth to financially support themselves while simultaneously providing artists a motive to continue publishing their creations. Making a commitment to take the necessary steps to protect your creative content can be one of the best investments that you will ever make.


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