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Summer Scent

 Well, this is not exactly a review but I’m rewatching Summer Scent because of So Ye Jin in Personal Preference! I’m only on episode 5 so well, decided that I will do a review only after I finish watching the whole thing.It’s the third installment of the Endless Love series and while I was just reading up on random facts about the drama, I was bewildered that people actually regard Summer Scent as the worst drama for the Endless Love series!! Really?>< I never knew! I was really young when Autumn came out so I could only remember vague scenes of piggybacks, cancer and lots and lots of crying. Then Winter Sonata came out and I just fell in love with the drama, but my real love is Summer Scent! Even then, I was so young that I couldn’t remember much about the drama so I was so excited when the drama was on re run in my country. ( Ah, I didn’t bother catching Spring Waltz though, was it good?) Even my mother loves it a lot and we both agreed that So Ye Jin is very very pretty there. As mentioned before, she is so pretty here in Summer Scent that it makes me jealous:P

Song Seung Hun is awesomely hot here too!His hair is a bit….. orange and messy, and his dress sense isn’t all that good, but his features are still there. When he looked at So Ye Jin, you can seriously feel the chemistry between them!

Go watch it yeah! It’s the first drama that I ever really like.

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