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LIAR GAME The Final Stage Review

O my gosh this is one of the best movies I have ever watched! It's really fantastic and brilliant, and it's easier to understand the plot and the schemings as compared to the dramas.All right, I know it's out quite a few months ago but what can I doD: I refuse to watch it online and my country's only showing it now. Gomen ne~

The movie opened with the familiar Liar Game music and I was captivated from the start ALL the way till the end. [ Yes, putting aside the fact that I was momentarily distracted by my urge to…. answer some. ahem. call]  So, after all obstacles and determination, Kanzaki Nao [ Toda Erika ] and Shinichi Akiyama [ Matsuda Shota ] finally arrived at the Final Stage. Even though Nao didn't want to attend this stage, it was orchestrated such that she believed Akiyama needed her help and so she turned up at the island where the last game was to be held. The final stage is titled ' Garden Of Eden' where players had to do voting using apples. There were three kind of apples – gold, silver and a normal apple. The rules and scenarios were explained —

If everyone voted using only gold and silver apples, the majority of both colours wins.
If everyone voted using only gold OR silver apples, then they would all lose one million.
If everyone voted using only the red apples, then everyone would win one million.
If everyone voted using only the red apples, but someone decided to vote using a gold or silver apple, that someone wins a million and everyone else who used the red apples would lose a million.
Finally, if there's only person who voted with the red apple, he or she would lose 10 million.

If anyone exceeded the limit of a debt of 5 million, he or she will be asked to leave the Game.

It was pretty easy to understand and of course, there were schemes, traitors and backstabbers everywhere. As usual, Nao believed that as long as everyone voted with the red apples, they could win the game. However, no one was willing to go with her plans as it just needed one traitor to make them lose a million. Because of that, throughout the voting rounds [there were 13 in all], Nao remained firm in wanting an all-red-apples vote but was betrayed again and again. Some players from the drama made a reappearance in the movie, including Fukanaga. [ and his mushroom head AND his evil laugh]. The ending? Watch it to find out!

All right, I know many of you have already found out the ending online but trust me, the whole movie will be even better if you are kept in the dark, guessing what will happen next. Toda Erika is really pretty with her innocence and sweetness shining through; it took a while for me to adjust to her, especially since the last time I've seen her was in Code Blue Season 2. I also like how Nao has grown to become smarter in the movie.

Matsuda Shota was never a good-looking guy in my dictionary, yet this movie had somehow turned and flipped my opinion of him. Maybe I just like smart guys?:D I don't know, but he was really cool in Liar Game while he conveys the character Akiyama.

[If you have watched the trailer, don't get worked up or hyped up about the seemingly romantic scenes.]

It was the Clash of The Evil Laughs as well, this time round. Nope, it's not just Fukanaga wrecking his throat coming up with a really witchy laugh;many joined in this quest to see who could produce the most evil laughter of them all. Yes, even Akiyama.

Some of the scenes were really funny and the graphics and the explanations were cute in their own way. The whole movie is just awesome. Of course, if you really sit down and think about it, there might be some loopholes here and there. I haven't tried doing that because I am satisfied with just taking the movie as it is. Even now, I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms because I cannot believe something I like so much have finally ended. Seriously, I honestly wouldn't mind watching it again and that's how good it is for me.

Did I say not to get hyped up with the romantic scenes? Well, technically you still can, because they are not really a bluff, just a prelude-sort-of. [hee hee was that a spoiler?] However, some of the scenes needed a bit getting used to. If you have watched Liar Game the drama, you will know what I'm talking about. The scenes where someone announces his or her betrayal and the camera just zooms in and bangs that scene in your face multiple times with the "DONG DONG DONG" sound of a drum. Yes. Try not to wince yeah(: since that DONG DONG DONG will be I don't know, twenty times louder.

All right, this review is coming to an end. No matter what, please give this movie a go! I think you won't need to watch the drama before this; the movie is pretty self explanatory. You can try guessing through all the betrayals and schemes! There were tons of them, but thank goodness for me [and my pea brains] they were easy to understand this time.

Akiyama hee hee hee.

[That wasn't me uhm fangirling over him.]


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