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Playful Kiss Episode 10 recaps

I’m kinda sad… there’s only 6 episodes left! The more I do this, the better I become which means that I realise how to screencap in a faster way = going crazy with screencaping! It was crazy! I went twice the number of screencaps that I usually have:P

Seung Jo left the house and everyone [ Eun Jo, mum and Ha Ni] was very sad. While Mum kept telling Seung Jo to take care of himself, he looked over her shoulder to see Ha Ni emoing,
and he said " Goodbye Eun Jo" while looking at her. I think he can’t bring himself to say goodbye to her yet, so while he’s saying goodbye Eun Jo on the front, inside he’s saying goodbye to Ha Ni too. Then he left, and Mum told Ha Ni not to be too sad. Of course, that won’t change Ha Ni’s mood at all and she emoed the whole week because she missed Seung Jo and didn’t see him for many days.  
Min Ah came to find her and told her that " You have been like an Octopus the whole week". " Octopus?" " Yeah! As if you had no body [ like very soft and weak] " Seung Jo happened to walk past and Min Ah told Ha Ni to go talk to him but Ha Ni was scared. She didn’t know why Seung Jo suddenly wanted to move out and she thought maybe he hated her.
She had no appetite to eat her lunch and other meals. The two friends observed how she had gone back to how she was last time in high school. Joon Gu was quite happy though, because he thought that now he stood a chance. She went for tennis prac hoping to see Seung Jo but she knew it in her heart that he would not turn up. As she was picking up the balls, Kyung So sunbae asked if she would like to buy him dinner.

Ha Ni mumbled a No, but Kyung So sunbae said " If you buy me dinner, I will give you information on Seung Jo." The moment she heard this, she jumped up in excitement and shouted " YES I WILL BUY I WILL BUY". It turned out that the information Kyung So was referring to, was where Seung Jo was working at. A family restaurant. Ha Ni followed Kyung So to the restaurant and was told that it was him who introduced the job to Seung Jo. She had no idea what to order as she looked at the menu, and was mulling over the different options
someone asked " So what’s your order?" She replied " Hmmm…" and looked up to find
Seung Jo! 😀 [that smiley face both mine and hers] Seung Jo said " If you have thought about what you want for 15 minutes, it should be enough". She ordered a salad and Seung Jo took their orders in a gruff manner. [ which I laughed at cos he totally failed as a waiter!] Ha Ni suddenly said " Seung Jo!" He stopped and turned around, and she said hesitantly, "Hello!"
Looking at the not so happy expression on his face, Ha Ni asked if he was angry. He told her that he had expected that she would come but " You better not tell my family". She promised and Seung Jo went to take other people’s orders. [ Then I realise, he totally succeeded as a waiter. He was so nice to other people ahhhhh]. Kyung So was shocked to see that Ha Ni cried and asked her why she was crying. Ha Ni said that she had not seen Seung Jo for so long and that’s why she’s crying from joy. Halfway through their dinner, Ha Ni saw an ad for part time jobs. She was ecstatic and said " If I get a part time job here, I could casually, very causally see him everyday." [ To which Kyung So replied " Then that’s not so casual anymore eh?" Oh so funny he’s growing on me too!] Ha Ni rushed up to the office but was told that someone else had already taken the vacancy. Guess who?
Yes He Ra! She smiled at Ha Ni and said " I guess you were late then! Looks like the tables have turned… now that I go to the same classes as him and work at the same place.. How? I feel like I’m snatching candy from you". Even though that sounds like a very mean statement, but I thought she was quite okay! Okay more about her later:D Anyway, Ha Ni couldn’t eat her meal because she was worried about He Ra and Seung Jo together. When she and Kyung So left, she went to the kitchen area and saw the both of them.
She said " I will have to come here tomorrow and the days after. I cannot just leave in ease" Even though she’s so anxious, she was still brimming with happiness that she finally got to see Seung Jo. So when she got home, Mum asked if something good happened. She pondered for a while,
and told Mum about where Seung Jo was working at! ARGH. [ okay insert mild rant you can skip if you want. I can’t stand it. Like, Seung Jo told her at least twice or three times not to tell his family but she still blabbed it out. I know it’s not like a huge secret and she only wanted to share that joy of seeing Seung Jo with her mum, but somehow I find it very irritating esp when she was nervous when Mum suggested that Eun Jo and her should go and see Seung Jo. Like come on, you know that if you tell them, they would want to go and see right??]

At the restaurant, a table of people ordered and reordered their food. Some even had special requests. Someone said that they might have confused the waiter [ Seung Jo] but he managed to repeat all their orders with much ease and after he left, the table of people was very impressed and said that he must had been very smart to remember all that without taking the orders down.
The camera switched to a scene of three oddly dressed people.
Yes, it’s them! I wanted to laugh when I saw this, like how obvious can they be?? Mum assured the other two that Seung Jo wouldn’t have recognised and she called for him in a low voice. When he walked over, he already looked very suspicious as all three of them attempted to hide their faces from him. He asked for their orders and Ha Ni said " ahh I want something that I haven’t eaten before" Seung Jo purposely suggested " Then, would you like a salad?" to which Ha Ni very ["smartly"] replied " Oh I had that yesterday!" The other two tried to shush her but knew that their cover was blown.

Mum discovered that He Ra was working with Seung Jo and told Ha Ni she should come to this restaurant every day and should not care whether she seemed like a pest. Eun Jo sighed and said " That sounds like a stalker. My poor brother, Poor Seung Jo" [ SO CUTE!] So Ha Ni did just that, and went to the restaurant the next day. She wanted to order from Seung Jo but He Ra walked over and took her orders. Ha Ni was very irritated and said that she did it on purpose.
He Ra asked for her order and Ha Ni just waved her off with a " Anything". He Ra smiled and said " Sure!" [ I know from her smile that she’s going to do something] and I was right!
She pushed this to Ha Ni’s table. Ha Ni dropped her pen in shock and asked her what it was. He Ra replied " This is our restaurant’s popular super Specal Set!" and she did a Hawaiian dance while saying it. TRUST ME IT WAS SO FUNNY! [look at the below screen cap!]

Ha Ni peered at the dish and asked " Is that a duckkkkk??"

and He Ra flapped her arms in mid air and said " It’s a chicken!"
I can’t help it. I find myself liking her more and more she’s so funny!
After finishing the humoungus special set, Ha Ni fell asleep as she waited for Seung Jo but a waitress told her that they were going to close the restaurant soon. She asked the waitress when Seung Jo would leave and decided to wait for him, to see if she can find out where he lived.
After she waited for half an hour or so, she saw Seung Jo walking up the stairs and met up with He Ra, who said " You must have been waiting for me for so long. Let’s go!"
She was very shocked and told herself that they must had been living in the same area, that’s why they waited for each other to go home together, but her theory was shattered when she followed them and saw them took the lift together.
She left crying because she realised that He Ra and Seung Jo were living together. " You said you didn’t hate me, but you like He Ra, is that it?" She asked herself.
She cried in shock while walking home, and she imagined that Seung Jo and He Ra must be kissing right now. [ I didn’t screencap that,but omygosh Seung Jo looked really good in that scene:P]
As she imagined all the possible reasons why the both of them were cohabilating, she cried even more. The next morning, the whole family was shocked to see her so tired and weak. Mum exclaimed " omo! you have dark circles Ha Ni!" [ to which my expression was O.o because I have dark circles and almost everyone has them too which is not like, exactly a point for exclaimation. LOL.] Eun Jo said " If you show that face to my brother he would faint" Ha Ni murmured her agreement and Eun Jo was taken aback because he thought that she would retaliate. Then she left for school.
In school, she turned around as she looked for Seung Jo but couldn’t find him.
And so did Seung Jo who turned around and tried to find Ha Ni during his lecture. He was puzzled why she didn’t turn up at his job place as well. Later, Ha Ni told her two friends that she had given up hope and she told them what happened. It turned out that she had waited for an hour that day to double check, but neither of them left. The two friends were shocked and they all concluded that the both of them must be in that relationship then. Many days then passed, but still Ha Ni looked like this.
The two friends couldn’t take it anymore and went to find Seung Jo who remembered them as " The two friends who had the same level of intelligence as Ha Ni, right?" He was bewildered at first when they started scolding him but realised that Ha Ni knew they were living together.They told him that if he liked He Ra he should just tell Ha Ni and stop playing with her feelings. He asked if all he had to do was to say the truth and the friends were stunned. They stammered a reply " Please don’t be too harsh. Ha Ni is much more sensitive then she seems". Then they quickly ran away. AND SEUNG JO SMILED.

oooh I love catching his smile on screen. Ha Ni was waiting for Seung Jo to appear, but when he sat down next to her, she wanted to run away. Seung Jo asked her to wait with him while he waited for someone. She asked him how’s his conditions and made a remark that " It must be quite lonely living alone by yourself" [perhaps she wanted to act like she didn’t know.]
Seung Jo looked at her and said " Most of the time it isn’t like that, because I’m with Yoon He Ra". OH DEAR that struck a humungous big blow to Ha Ni’s heart. BUT. don’t get worked up my fellow friends, he’s joking(: It turned out that He Ra and him were teaching this kid together and the day Ha Ni followed them happened to be the day that they went to the kid’s house. Ha Ni, upon realising that they weren’t living together, jumped for joy! [ okay I admit, she was quite cute here] She went home to make chocolate, 

and giggled to herself as she imagined that Seung Jo proposed to her. I realise that the fantasies are getting shorter, which for me, is a very good sign(: She noticed that the taste of the chocolate seemed to be a bit off, but said that it’s the thought that counts. She told Mum that she would make it work this time round and set off in a cab with the chocolate wrapped nicely. It was raining very heavily then and suddenly the cab broke down. She looked out of the window worriedly, and the scene changed to shock expressions
on their faces. It was He Ra who turned around first, then Seung Jo. They saw a very wet Ha Ni. I think she walked all the way from the cab.
She was so cold and Seung Jo gave her a towel to dry herself. He Ra gave her a cup of coffee and commented that she’s really impressive. She drank the coffee and stood up but suddenly just fainted. Seung Jo rushed over and kept calling her name while He Ra stood at a side.
It turned out that she had a stomachace because she didn’t eat much the past few days. The boss told Seung Jo that he should take her home and he said okay. He told He Ra that she would have to go to tuition herself and He Ra smiled and said it was okay. It was a genuine smile that she gave as she walked off, and this is what makes me like her more and more. She may taunt Ha Ni but she’s straightforward and honest with her feelings.

It was raining so heavily that Seung Jo suggested she should go to his appartment and his mum could pick her up from there.
He had this nonchalent face as he suggested it and it made me squeal for some reason. AHH. Ha Ni was very sweetly surprised and said okay.
Ha Ni asked if He Ra came to his appartment before and he said that she’s the first. He then called his mum who upon knowing they were together told him that she would only fetch Ha Ni the next morning. He was irritated and went to shower. Ha Ni stood outside and was so excited and nervous at the same time " What am I supposed to do? The two of us alone till the next day, something which only happens in romance novels! There’s only one bed as well!^^" Seung Jo showered finish and came out and I SQUEALED AGAIN at a much higher pitch this time. 
SQUEAL. Seriously, he looked the best with curly hair that is wet. Can he remain with this hair forever??? He asked Ha Ni if she was nervous and Ha Ni was like " No why should I be nervous" when she was really nervous and hey I think it was so cute, the two of them. Ah, I totally rewinded and stared at him again.
After the shower she came out and thanked him. He said okay and continued reading his book. Then he just put his book away and said he’s going to sleep. Ha Ni said " Fine then I will just sleep on the floor" He replied " Yes do just that" Ha Ni hrumped and said " Is that what you say to a girl? You should have said that it’s all right and you will take the floor" Seung Jo said " but I don’t wish to say that to you" She HUMPHED even more and said " You cruel person!" Seung Jo went " WHAT? cruel person?"
and the scene changed to this. 
So sweet! He let her sleep on the bed in the end. She was scared of the dark so he let her turned on the lights too. Then she felt guilty and asked if he was cold. To shut her up, he jumped into the bed and said " FIne we will just share a bed that will make you shut up" AHHHH
LOL. He’s supposeed to be a genius but he should know that is a terrible suggestion indeed^^ They both couldn’t sleep and Seung Jo teased her by saying " Do you think I will kiss you here…. Or do something even beyond that??" and he suddenly sat up, thus giving Ha Ni a shock.
Then he leaned back again and said he was not going to do anything so she didn’t need to worry. Ha Ni started blaming herself for her lack of attractiveness and the mind-reading Seung Jo asked " Are you blaming youself? Don’t. I just don’t want to be what my mother thinks I will  be. If we really do something now, then we will be forever controlled by my mum". Somehow, I get the feeling that if he likes Ha Ni, he wants to be with Ha Ni of his own accord, and not because of the matchmaking abilties of his mum. After saying that, he went to sleep.
and Ha Ni smiled.

-the end-

Anyway, I think the episodes are getting better and better! I like everyone in this show, even He Ra! I might even grow to like He Ra more than Ha Ni because she’s quite cute as well! I asked someone " Why will Seung Jo like Ha Ni anyway, when He Ra is nice and friendly" but I came to an answer myself — because Ha Ni is not perfect, so she actually suits very well with Seung Jo, who has a lack of flaws. He Ra can identify with Seung Jo, but it’s Ha Ni who will show a new world and perspective to Seung Jo. I think that’s what will make Seung Jo fall in love with her!

GASP. and I absolutely love his hair when it was wet and he was teasing Ha Ni. :PP

 – so many screencaps!-
   Keep Calm and Carry On

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