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Playful Kiss Episode 9 Recap


So after Seung Jo grabbed Ha Ni’s hands, they hid successfully from the gangsters [while the scene cut to the expression of Ha Ni while she was running with the sunbae and well, we can say that she didn’t look to happy><] Seung Jo suggested to Ha Ni that they should go somewhere and Ha Ni was very happy. They went to row a boat in this small lake thingy where people can rent boats I think. Ha Ni observed the fact that they were the only one who looked like a couple, since the others were all in families.
Seung Jo [ who I think was obviously teasing, oh if he really was, I think I really love that:P] told her that " Didn’t you know? All couples who come to this lake break up after six months. It’s quite well known, this rumour… But we shouldn’t need to worry, since we are not dating". Ha Ni was very shocked naturally, and she wanted to get off the boat immediately. In the middle of the lake. Even though if she hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have a whole of episode 9 to watch, but I still cannot comprehend why someone on earth would stand up in the middle of the lake. Gah. Okay, that being said, I thought it was really funny how Seung Jo ended up in the lake with her as well.

They went to some place in the woods to dry their clothes. Seung Jo turned up with dry clothes that he bought from a roadside stall and Ha Ni was very surprised to find that her dry clothes were actually part of a couples’ wear [Seung Jo’s wearing the guy one]. They ate hamburgers while waiting, and Seung Jo told her " I used to think that there is an answer to every problem… but there is this problem that I couldn’t solve, so I try to avoid it. Yet now I’ve come to realise that if I didn’t read the problem wrongly, there will be an answer, so I shall face it head on". He asked Ha Ni if she understood what he meant, and Ha Ni very smartly arrived at the conclusion "ARE YOU PROPOSING  TO ME???"

Seung Jo was incredulous that she could arrive at this…. out of the nowhere conclusion but told her that he didn’t hate her at all. Ha Ni was so happy that she grabbed his arms and told her " Thank goodness, I thought you hated me. I’ve always liked you in high school" etc. AND THE SCENE SHOWS SEUNG JO SMILING HAPPILY AHHHHH. 
After that, he told her that " the confession, I would make sure of it with the midterms" a.k.a meaning she should work hard for the midterms. She made a face and said " I don’t like exams" and Seung Jo laughed " Who on earth will like exams?" and I was like AHHHH two statements that I can totally relate to.

He Ra on the other hand, didn’t enjoy her time at all with Kyung So sunbae [ I’m amazed, I’ve finally found out his name]. Even when Kyung So sunbae finally cooked up the courage to confess [woah alliteration!], she left halfway. I was quite sad for sunbae actuallyD: Seung Jo walked Ha Ni home and asked her if it’s all right living in the guest room. [AWW just come out right and say that you miss her, even for a little bit] Ha Ni said it was okay and she was still smiling to herself as she remembered the day’s events. Dad came in and told her that it would take some time to build the new house. She told him that it’s okay but after he left, she became a little sad. I guess she got reminded that she was once living in Seung Jo’s house…
Min Ah and the other girl [ I forgot her name ahhh!] came to find Joon Gu, who commented that he wanted to buy Ha Ni a pair of specs because she’s the only one who couldn’t see how cool he was. Min Ah said " You know why Ha Ni couldn’t resist Seung Jo? Because he’s cold" the other girl said, " When guys run away, we chase after them, but if they come towards us, we run away". [Is it just me who thinks that Min Ah looks nicer with her specs?] Joon Gu didn’t get it and the two of them gave up.

Seung Jo saw He Ra in school and asked her if she got home safely.

She smiled so sweetly because she was happy that Seung Jo actually worried about her. During tennis prac, Ha Ni educated Kyung So on how to kiss He Ra. It was ??? at first, until I got it a second later, that she was using her experience with Seung Jo. She was like " Kissing is all about timing. If the girl does this, you say Forget me then, try forgetting me, and go in for the kiss".
 Kyung So who was repeating whatever that Ha Ni was teaching
She was demonstrating and all, which looked pretty innocent to me, except a rumour started up that she kissed Kyung So and she dumped Seung Jo for him. [ not that it’s not possible, but….hahaha I don’t think any girl will do that eh?:P] Seung Jo came for prac only to hear the rumours and he saw how Ha Ni and Kyung So were hugging and playing with each other, even though in actual fact Ha Ni was trying to grab the racquet from Kyung So and preventing him from being too violent with He Ra.

He left the prac because he was quite peeved and jealous. Later on, Ha Ni finally realised that Seung Jo must have heard the rumours and was angry.She wanted to explain to him, but he walked off first, leaving He Ra and Ha Ni. He Ra said " Congratulations" and walked off smiling too. [ARGHHH]. Somehow I found it hard to understand, but it was only then that I realise, that Seung Jo and Ha Ni have gotten together… I don’t know, maybe it’s the translations, but somehow I didn’t get the feeling that they were together.. yet Ha Ni said " To think that I was being so happy over our first date" Hmm. Anyway, Eun Jo’s parents went off for a vacation and he immediately went off to play the computer while eating pizzas and drinking coke. Ha Ni found herself walking to Seung Jo’s house and she rushed into the house when she heard crashing sounds. Upon finding Eun Jo in pain, she panicked and called Seung Jo. Seung Jo picked up the call, thinking it was from home, to hear Ha Ni’s voice. He asked in a mildly angry tone " What are you doing calling from my house" and Ha Ni told him that Eun Jo was in pain. He calmly gave instructions and rushed off to meet her at the hospital.

It turned out that Eun Jo’s intestines had some problems. One part of it had folded onto other parts and needed a surgery to rectify. Ha Ni didn’t know what to do at first, but she recalled what Seung Jo said " Ha Ni, I’m counting on you to take care of Eun Jo". With that in mind, she said okay with the surgery, which went well. Eun Jo was hospitalised with someone around his age called No Ri. Ha Ni didn’t know what to say and wanted to rush off with the excuse that she needed to call her dad, but Seung Jo stopped her.

He hugged her and she cried into his shoulders. She cried because she was so worried for Eun Jo, and " this is the first time that I’ve heard warm words from Seung Jo. I cried so much, it felt as if my heart and my eyes had melted away." [ Don’t you find the above screencap so… AHHHHHHHH:DDD]

The following days, Ha Ni always turned up at the hospital because she knew she could see Seung Jo.

Seung Jo asked " You again??" but he wore a smile as he walked in, which was quite cute lol.They [Seung Jo, Eun Jo and Ha Ni] became good friends with No Ri and always tried to fun things to brighten up his life. Seung Jo and Eun Jo were [cutely] very doubtful when Ha Ni offered to tutor him. They pushed Eun Jo and No Ri around on wheelchairs, and had cushion fights. They even celebrated his birthday.

Don’t they look like they are one big loving family?<33 Yet, I wonder, where are his parents? They didn’t say that he’s an orphan or anything, so I was just wondering if he had any family members.

Of course, all good things have to come to an end, and Eun Jo was discharged. Seung Jo told No Ri to call him anytime he needed to ask something and Ha Ni went to hug him. Eun Jo cried and told No Ri that he would go back to visit him. When they left in the car, Ha Ni told Seung Jo that No Ri had held in his tears very well. Seung Jo said " He must have said goodbye to a good friend who was discharged first before… " which made me sad, cos that sentence really highlights how long No Ri had been in hospital..

And…it made me sad to see that No Ri was crying in his room as he watched them leaving…

Ha Ni and Seung Jo brought Eun Jo home [ I didn’t know that Seung Jo can drive!] and Ha Ni’s dad sprung a surprise — that he had decided to let her move back in to Seung Jo’s house. Actually, while Eun Jo was in hospital, Seung Jo’s mum told Dad that Seung Jo and Ha Ni had already kissed. Thinking that they were together happily like a couple, Dad decided to let her move back. Ha Ni was very happy, while Eun Jo complained that he didn’t want to give up his room again. 

While Ha Ni was clearing the plates, Eun Jo came in and said " This time, you have done a lot of good things….. Thank you!" and ran out of the kitchen. AWW so cute! He resembled Seung Jo in many ways eh? Later, Ha Ni found Seung Jo sitting on the step and joined him.

and thus, they spent the time altenating between looking at the sky and looking at each other smiling… ahhhhh~~~

Ha Ni and Dad went back to the shop while Joon Gu was making dumplings. They couldn’t bring themselves to tell him that Ha Ni had moved back to Seung Jo’s house,

but Dad told him in the end, while saying " Aigoo, I feel like I’m getting permission from you". Joon Gu hid his sadness and told them to eat the dumplings. He walked into the kitchen and looked so dejected, my heart sort of went a little out for him. Ha Ni felt so bad " I feel so bad because of Joon Gu, but I’m happy too that I’m back here by Seung Jo’s side…I hope I can do a good job" while she was bathing. Then she realised that she didn’t bring her undergarments in, so she tried to creep into her bedroom, when Seung Jo appeared.

Seung Jo teased her " Which girl still wears this kind of childish panty" Ha Ni " I only wear them sometimes……… I always wear those with laces" Seung Jo " you must be A cup eh? Have you stop growing after elementary school?"  Ha Ni *in shock/dejection/sadness* Seung Jo " It must be a problem that I don’t feel anything while looking at you like that.." Ha Ni " why do you always grumpily tease people??" Seung Jo " Grumpily? when I see you I always want to tease you"

Seung Jo’s dad came up and observed that while it’s good to be getting closer, it’s always better to be careful before marriage. Ha Ni fled into her bedroom in embarrassment and then, Seung Jo smiled!! I mean if I put myself in Ha Ni’s shoes I can totally imagine why she’s so mortified, but ahhh when you are watching it onscreen, somehow I just found his teasing oddly amusing and cute! I mean, from his smile you could tell that he didn’t like mean anything evil already… but fine, that’s not a very nice way to tease a girl… unless the girl doesn’t mind which then will be a little weird eh?

Seung Jo’s dad pressed him to decide his major and asked him if he wanted to go into business. That got Seung Jo a little pissed as he replied that he’s not interested. When Ha Ni met him later on and waved hi, he didn’t reply and just walked past her. She lamented to the two friends and asked them if they had any methods that could test if Seung Jo was really interested in her. Min Ah suggested " How about the yawning method?" So Ha Ni decided to try it out during that English lecture. She yawned, and if what Min Ah said was true, then Seung Jo would yawn too! She watched carefully, and he did yawn! [ the method is that yawning is contagious, so if you yawn and that person yawns too, that means that he must be looking at you, and if he’s looking at you, it means that he likes you!] She was so ecstatic but realised few seconds later that everyone was yawning, which meant that Seung Jo could have yawn without looking at her. aww. 

He Ra very happily told Seung Jo that they had a lot of similarities… but Seung Jo commented " Then one day, Ha Ni came to our house. She changed my view of the world, that it may be right, and I was wrong." He Ra smiled sadly while Seung Jo said " Thank you, at least I could tell you about this". I guess, he viewed He Ra as a kindred spirit, as someone like a best friend…

Ha Ni tried to find Seung Jo during tennis prac but was asked by Kyung So to demonstrate the kissing scene again. He told her that to say " Try forgetting me if you can, after this" is too long, it’s 4.3 seconds long and what if He Ra walked away before then? Ha Ni refused, because she was scared that more rumours would appear, and the club leader came to her rescue by offering to demonstrate. [Does he like Ha Ni or sth?].

I was so stunned when Kyung So said that sentence and wanted to move in for a "kiss" when the leader suddenly just kissed him back. ACK much? Kyung So spat on the ground and told Ha Ni " See! It’s too long! Before I finished, he came in for the kiss". Ha Ni muttered that Seung Jo did it very well and suggested that Kyung So should hold his racquet. He did, and suddenly he was brimming with confidence. The leader ran, and Kyung So chased after him shouting " HE RA~"

At home, while Ha Ni took Eun Jo’s clothes from his bedroom, she saw that Seung Jo still kept the couple t-shirt in his closet. She drew a heart shape on the mirror and smiled sweetly. Upon seeing a newspaper on his bed, she read and found ads like " A room for rent", "Part time jobs" circled out. Seung Jo came into the room and asked her what was she doing reading other people’s things and she jokingly said that it couldn’t be possible that he’s moving out of the house right? To which he answered " Yes, I’m moving out of the house". His mum heard and asked him what’s going on. Seung Jo explained to them that from now on, he wanted to go on the path by himself, he wanted to find out what kind of man he was, and what future he wanted. Grudgingly, his parents accepted and Ha Ni who heard from the kitchen was very depressed. 

-the end-

I have no idea if I said this in a comment or something, but anyway I think I have a thing for characters who say something but smile behind the girls’ back. Like Seung Jo in this episode, he kept smiling when Ha Ni couldn’t see him and I thought that was so sweet! Even though I foresee that might be some problems later on in the drama because he couldn’t properly voice out how he feels, but right now, I thought it was really nice, like how he teased Ha Ni but had no real mean intentions to hurt her or anything.

I have no idea what’s my favourite scene in this episode, there are so many! I can say for sure though, it is always a fangirling worth moment whenever Seung Jo smiled. I’m pretty sure there will be guys who watch for Ha Ni and think she’s so cute. I think she’s cute too!

Though I was a bit stunned when it came to realising that they were together. I think I must be even denser than Ha Ni then, because it didn’t seem like even half a confession when Seung Jo said all those things to Ha Ni… it just felt like he was saying okay last time I hate you, but now I don’t kinda thing… Ah whatever, as long as they are together I’m happy:D

Doesn’t Ha Ni just make you feel lots of envy?:P

   – shall do recap of episode 10 tonight!:D-
     Happiness depends on yourself 


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    thank you for the recep
    just wondering where do you watch the episode with english subtitles…
    let me know please


  2. Anonymous says

    hey… it’s v.
    Seems like my comments as Anonymous can’t seem to load or something so I finally got my lazy butt to log in for once. XD

    Hm… I don’t have a problem with that with my posts.. but all my posts are personal and not public, or even for friends so maybe that’s why I dont have a problem?
    Don’t worry about spelling mistakes (at least for myself)… XD
    I’m adverse to change as well.. I’m thinking of choosing a blog for myself (besides LJ) but I don’t want to change it after I start it so I’m taking FOREVER to choose one because I want it to be ideal enough i won’t have to change it. Ah… my meaningful troubles in life. XD


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